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"You count sheep. I count cows."

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Status Updates posted by Camo

  1. I setup a little road-stop in 5 minutes. I was surprised by how many people showed up as they passed by.




    1. Eagles


      Gotta get that dank campfire RP from you Trent, you know this. Nothing people like more then a nice campfire 😂

    2. Camo


      @Eagles Yeah, I need that "Master CampfireRPer" forum title. 😉 

  2. tumblr_mv2ynqMV7a1rsyukao1_500.gif.225c194a87b49a8642c3860807dc0328.gif

    Hey everyone,

    I am resigning from staff, and taking a long break from DayZ. I know I make these statuses from time to time stating I am taking a break and then shortly seen a week later. But I am decided I am taking a break for a good while. I doubt I will, but I might pop on during the weekends briefly, but that's about it. We'll see. 😉 

    I need to focus on school, and frankly need to get my life in order. I mean I have played 100+ hours in the last two weeks, like holy shit. But to be honest, I have slowly been losing my heart into playing the game lately, as well as attending to my position in staff.  It's time for me to move onto other things for now because there's more to life than playing video games and bantering on the forums all the time. So, I have decided to do said "other things".  🙂 

    I appreciated the support and feedback from the community while I was in staff. I've always had positive feedback, so my decision to join back then definitely made an impression on people and that was enough to have kept me wanting to remain on-staff for the time that I was. I should say, that if I have plans to stick around long-term again, that I may consider returning to staff at a later time. Perhaps next year. 🤔

    To my fellow staff members: 

    I wanted to thank everyone who accepted me into staff, and it was a honor to work with you all! It's truly amazing to connect with individuals from all over the world, and work along beside them. To me it doesn't matter that it's a video game community, I see it as more than that. I genuinely think we have a good team. Now, it goes without saying, there's room for improvements, but there's no such thing as a perfect staff team. That being said, it's fair to me to say, that this is one of the best staff teams I have seen since I joined this community in 2017. Thanks for that, keep striving forward and work together, push the bad blood aside. We can't all be 100% right, and it wouldn't be human if we all agreed on something. In the end, we should always treat our fellow human beings with respect, by setting emotions aside, and coming to logical conclusions. I haven't encountered any issues, while I was in staff like that, but it's just my word of advice. I wish you all the best of luck! 😛 

    I'll stop editing my status now. 😉 Peace out ya'll! 🤠✌️


    1. ZeroRP


      Yeah this place can be pretty fun but addicting. I know where you are coming from. I've decided to only play on days I have off (Friday night and Saturday night).

    2. Ruan


      you do what you got to do cowboy...

    3. Scarlett


      You go out there and enjoy yourself and take your break and enjoy it, but yeah dayz is addicting and sometimes you don't realize how much lol, enjoy yourself sad to see you go but will msg you for a chat every now and then 😊

    4. Hofer


      Enjoy Camo. Sad I didn't get to know you better, but glad we had that talk the other night 🙂

    5. Rover


      o7 I'll see on the roads again good buddy. Have a good one, Trent will be a name remembered for a while.

    6. Saunders


      Enjoy your break and thank you for all your time, work and effort put into the community as a staff member. It's a shame you have to go so soon.. But real life comes before anything. Best of luck with your future endeavours mate.

  3. Oh dear god! I have played 90 hours of DayZ in the last 2 weeks and the weekend isn't even over! 😱


  4. I drove the hell out of dodge when I heard that 17 armed people were jogging towards the checkpoint from Stary Sobor. I tell'yah it sounded like the Fourth of July fireworks for a good hour there... Just in time for the toxic gas cloud to start hovering over in that direction.


    Sounded like everyone had a fun time. Glad to see that players can get along within the community. It's what we need here...

  5. Hey, um, @BandsRP ... 

    I guess that man didn't want to get a gun license...


    Longer Video



  6. "Back in my day sonny, groups traveled to settlements to dispute a conflict or to trade within them. 

    Nowadays, they mostly just remain behind their own set of walls.

    It was a time to live in, my dear boy!"


    "New Grishno"

    October 25th, 2018

    Notable Groups within the Photo: Kamenchi, The Saviors, The House, A New Moon, District, Free Medics

    Check out my contest submission!

  7. The server tried murdering me again today. 🙄

    Twice... 😟



  8. A picture of @Ruan trying the Zeroy's Fishing Mod for the first time.


    1. Ruan


      Awww, thats a cute pic of me bae


    2. Camo
  9. I'm prepared! Bring it on toxicity!


  10. This fishing mod is probably one of the best external mods DayZRP community added! I love it!


     Had a lot of fun learning it beside  @perry , a tradesman I ran into. 🙂 

  11. I decided to hop back on after two weeks, to try out the new mods! One of the most fun game experiences I had in a while! We entered the Toxic Zone, and it was suspenseful because we didn't know how soon our suits would deteriorate, or how quickly we would die if something went wrong!



    1. Camo
    2. Milo


      it definitely was bro, we got to do it again definitely learned from last time 

    3. Hofer


      Looks awesome 🙂

  12. Probably won't be in-game anymore for a while. But I will be active on the forums if someone wants to message me.

  13. Oh my god! My car!!! Aaaaaahhhh!!! 😱

    I don't know how, but this is somehow your fault @Fae!!!

    1. Fae



  14. Must be one of those special Chernarussian pool parties, right @RussianPotato?



  15. @Samti Thank you for the profile change... Looks and sounds better than yours... 


  16. Fuck me... my luck this week... 🙄

    Note: I was not KOS'd in this video, it was purely an edit for the sake of comedic purpose. 

    1. McLeranth


      But we didn't shoot you.. also why did you delete the comment on the youtube video were we said we didn't. A few people contacted me thinking that we RDM'd you... I hope you understand taht it's a bit bad to have this on the outside with no context to those viewing it. Maybe I am lacking context

    2. DookieCS


      Funny thing is, we never shot you, as far as I remember you invited us to get a drink? Seems a little scummy. But like I said on the Youtube comment you deleted, good edit +1

    3. Camo


      @McLeranth & @DookieCS - I apologize, I didn't realize I edited the video so well. The video was meant to be a "Curb Your Enthusiasm (Ending Credits)" meme. I went ahead and edited the status to reflect that I was not KOS'd. 

      In regards to Youtube comment, I am unaware of any Youtube comment, I have been sleeping for the last few hours, not sure how I could of deleted it. Also, the video is unlisted, so I am not even sure if you're able to leave comments, or they may need approval? Not sure how that works.

    4. DookieCS


      As long as things are cleared up I'm fine with it, I was 100% sure the the comment was deleted, it turns out Unlisted videos work differently. Still, atleast make it obvious that it's a joke next time. 🙂

    5. Camo


      @DookieCS I thought the "Curb Your Enthusiasm (Ending Credits)"  meme, was what indicated it as a joke, I apologize for the confusion. I also did another video earlier that day, you may find amusing... 



      Again, no idea what happend to your Youtube comment, I just opened up my 9+ notifications, and I see it, but it doesn't appear on the video. Not sure what happend. I swear I never even saw it until now. Nor did I delete it. 





    Thanks @Fae... For jinxing me...  😭😭😭

    1. Fae


      coffee lol GIF

  18. Camo

    • Camo
    • Psycho

    Hey you! You should start The Killers back up. It will likely be more-so accepted noawdays, as it wasn't back then.

  19. Holy shit! Trent Jaegar finally killed someone! 😱 OH MY GOD! 


    Well, that's not entirely true, it's the first time though in over a year. This unfortunate man, was the fourth person he's killed since the Lore began in 2017. Trent doesn't fuck around when people point guns at him, whether he surrenders or he chooses to blast his opposers away; it doesn't matter, someone's gonna die at some point once the initiations drop.

  20. Enjoyed your roleplay today. Kept me entertained.

    I really don't understand why that guy wouldn't just brawl out with you.

    As for you getting shot, ye... I heard you sneaking up behind me. 😛  

    You're the first player I have killed in over a year, so congratulations, on being #4.

    1. FalkRP



  21. Found this old'charm... from the "New Grishno" days...


  22. Camo

    • Camo
    • Ruan

    Trent Jaegar radioed, he wants his traveling companion back... 🤠

  23. Camo

    • Camo
    • Watchman

    I'm still here, anticipating for the return of the purple cowboy hat... 👀


    1. Watchman



  24. Boosted myself into someone's base with my car. Found myself stuck when I fell in. I had to improvise. 🤔




  25. Always entertaining to watch videos produced by Cyriak... 

    Source: http://cyriak.co.uk/animation/

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