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Status Updates posted by Camo

  1. I am truly saddened to see players that have been around for a while now; to be smacked with the ban hammer or given warning points over a rule violation such as NLR. They should have known better. A rule is a rule. There's no lesser penalty between them all, and I do not appreciate the "socially acceptable" mentality that I perceive from players in this community thinking it's okay for them abide by the rules when it suits them. I say follow ALL the god damn rules or get the fuck out of here. Seriously go somewhere else, we don't want you here!

    1. Eagle


      I should just nuked myself then...

    2. Camo


      @Eagle I wrote this status update when I was agitated. I kinda just blew up onto a rant rampage.

      The point to be made is, that I am just frustrated about the many players that get away with crap and thinks okay to keep doing what they do and not eventually expect consequences. I've also been tired of hearing different groups bitching left and right about what the other is doing when they do the same shit as the other group does, which is completely hypocritical. Worse part is, the said shit starts involving harassment on a group pages' feed, or malicious reports just out of spite.

    3. Eagle


      We're not a police state people do dumb shit that could be considered a rule break but if it doesn't effect anyone who cares.
      Posting stuff like this makes yourself look like a hypocrite because it can be seen as you going after certain people with some weird moral high ground.
      Next time take a breather and keep your thoughts to yourself since stirring the pot never helps.

  2. I miss hosting a proper trade shop...


    1. FalkRP


      I miss running my big trade shops to.

    2. Camo


      @FalkRP Same, I miss stealing all those free guns & ammo and then stashing them around the map... 🤣

    3. Camo


      We had a lot of good times in Tortuga back in '17... I miss those players too..




    4. PhoenyxxRP


      Miss things like that too, to bad the mentality of the community has dwindled and gone into the dark depths. 

    5. Camo


      @PhoenyxxRP Yeah, even if I had the manpower to set one up, it may very well end up like how @YAKMOUTH did these days. Most of the players I had OOC agreements with to protect or not harass it with their groups have left or been banned from the community; so no one reliable.

  3. I've had a pretty bad day playing DayZRP today. Hopefully it will get better...

  4. Encountered my first bear attack on Livonia. I think my heart skipped a few beats...






    1. Rover


      It took me two shots from a blazer, then 13 from a Saiga shotgun to drop one. Mind you I spammed the other 7 from the drum mag into its corpse, and probably missed more then a few out of the panic of that wall of angry fur and teeth bearing down on me.

      adult swim crying GIF by Rick and Morty

  5. I've been on vacation the past week. What did I miss? 🤔

  6. Well, I had an entertaining day with the Wolfpack.

    My character hasn't seen them around much since Chernogorsk a while back.

    I was happy to give them a lift to various locations. 🤠






    1. Eagles


      Where are @FalkRP guns at Trent?

    2. FalkRP


      Been asking that for 2 years 

  7. Well... I haven't had much luck playing on Livonia. I just keep dying...

    @YAKMOUTH happened to stumble across my corpse after I had gotten gangbanged by a dozen zombies earlier.

    One man's unfortunate circumstances helped another at least.


    1. Eagle


      Wow NSFW

    2. Rover


      Git Gud @Camo, still haven't died on Livonia 😄


      Honestly though, infected density is ridiculous. Stay far, far, far away until you've found some dex.

  8. Ayy! I won Livonia DLC on @RiZ's Twitch stream! I guess I will be on this map for a little while. 🤠

    Y'all should check him out! 


    1. RiZ


      Enjoy, brother!

    2. Cherryfeather


      Nice! You always have a home with us, bud.

  9. 3jhghy.jpg.43728e5820aad86ec2edb97cdde5e4ed.jpg

    1. Cherryfeather


      Come join us in Zapadlisko, we're building a hunting town!

    2. Cherryfeather
  10. I had an eventful evening... 









    I was parking the truck I recently found, at the Soup Kitchen, when three random guys walk in and hold me up. Unfortunately as they were looting through my gear three more people came in and were held up as well. They eventually left, driving off with my truck. However they made one fateful mistake. Not knocking out with the other hostages, and allowing me to remain armed with my trusty bolt-action rifle. They regretted that decision shortly after...









    I wiggled out of my cuffs, whipped out my Winchester rifle blowing off two of their tires. They ended up crashing in the treeline and fleeing west. I took one out, tagged the other two, and eventually I lost track of them. I circled back to the Soup Kitchen and as expected they returned 30 minutes later. Unfortunately I was outmatched, they took the other armed hostages by surprised. I managed to pop them both in the chest at least once, before I died by a riddle of bullets.

    Video Playback [EDITED]




    1. Cherryfeather


      Good try bud, make 'em regret their villainy.

    2. Camo


      I tried. 😛 

  11. Anyone else get that sense of when you're about to be initiated upon?

    I'm trying a new method, initiate on them first. 


    1. Fae


      DayzRP's version of "You cant fire me, I quit!"

    2. RiZ


      I usually always know when the yeet is about to happen. The ones that take me by surprise are the best.

    3. Cherryfeather


      It's usually something uncreative like instantly asking your name and affiliation, then their squeaker in all black with a skull mask draws their gun. It hasn't changed in nearly 7 years

    4. Camo


      Yeah. That has been a common one. That's generally when I reply "Well, then, that's a rather unusual and abrupt question to ask." and I just find ways to continue deflecting the question, because I want them to keep guessing if I am with someone or not. 

      When I do travel with someone, I don't give them up, if they see that I am surrounded by people. I just play it out and say that "my guys" are nearby. If I feel tension is building up in the conversation.

    5. Cherryfeather


      Truth, been trying my hand at this travelling butcher thing and so far I've gotten positive roleplay from what basically chalks up to "WANT SOME MEAT?" Been taking my tripod and cooking pot and setting up near towns to let people come and cook their own food and such. No robberies yet but a few close ones.

    6. Camo


      Yeah, I am kinda doing the hunter/scavenger kind of ordeal with this character right now... 


    7. Camo


      Running around with a sword and metal armor against a horde of Infected right now feels so bad ass! Haha! 😎

    8. Cherryfeather


      i wanna do that! Let me be your squire holy shit!

    9. Camo


      You need 2 hacksaws, 2 rolls of ducttape, and 8 parts of Sheet Metal.

    10. Camo


      And of course a sword. Heheh. 🙂 

    11. Cherryfeather


      I don't think I've seen a saw in days, woof.


    12. Camo


      I managed to stumble upon 2 hacksaws, 2 rolls of ducttape and 10 parts of Sheet Metal in Chernogorsk in the span of 5 minutes, I was like "DayZ, you clearly want me to create metal armor, don't you? Why can't you just give me a radiator when I need one, but noooooo!"

    13. Cherryfeather


      You have BECOME the radiator.

  12. "Woah! I think I will take my chances up here..."


    ~Balancing Upon Death~

  13. Well, I wasn't expecting to get shot twice in the same day. My death was a relief though, tired of hoarding gear. 🤠

    (Just want to clarify, I did not mean "PK", when I say death.)



    I almost feel bad for ruining a perfectly good Hawaiian shirt.

  14. I setup a little road-stop in 5 minutes. I was surprised by how many people showed up as they passed by.




    1. Eagles


      Gotta get that dank campfire RP from you Trent, you know this. Nothing people like more then a nice campfire 😂

    2. Camo


      @Eagles Yeah, I need that "Master CampfireRPer" forum title. 😉 

  15. tumblr_mv2ynqMV7a1rsyukao1_500.gif.225c194a87b49a8642c3860807dc0328.gif

    Hey everyone,

    I am resigning from staff, and taking a long break from DayZ. I know I make these statuses from time to time stating I am taking a break and then shortly seen a week later. But I am decided I am taking a break for a good while. I doubt I will, but I might pop on during the weekends briefly, but that's about it. We'll see. 😉 

    I need to focus on school, and frankly need to get my life in order. I mean I have played 100+ hours in the last two weeks, like holy shit. But to be honest, I have slowly been losing my heart into playing the game lately, as well as attending to my position in staff.  It's time for me to move onto other things for now because there's more to life than playing video games and bantering on the forums all the time. So, I have decided to do said "other things".  🙂 

    I appreciated the support and feedback from the community while I was in staff. I've always had positive feedback, so my decision to join back then definitely made an impression on people and that was enough to have kept me wanting to remain on-staff for the time that I was. I should say, that if I have plans to stick around long-term again, that I may consider returning to staff at a later time. Perhaps next year. 🤔

    To my fellow staff members: 

    I wanted to thank everyone who accepted me into staff, and it was a honor to work with you all! It's truly amazing to connect with individuals from all over the world, and work along beside them. To me it doesn't matter that it's a video game community, I see it as more than that. I genuinely think we have a good team. Now, it goes without saying, there's room for improvements, but there's no such thing as a perfect staff team. That being said, it's fair to me to say, that this is one of the best staff teams I have seen since I joined this community in 2017. Thanks for that, keep striving forward and work together, push the bad blood aside. We can't all be 100% right, and it wouldn't be human if we all agreed on something. In the end, we should always treat our fellow human beings with respect, by setting emotions aside, and coming to logical conclusions. I haven't encountered any issues, while I was in staff like that, but it's just my word of advice. I wish you all the best of luck! 😛 

    I'll stop editing my status now. 😉 Peace out ya'll! 🤠✌️


    1. Zero


      Yeah this place can be pretty fun but addicting. I know where you are coming from. I've decided to only play on days I have off (Friday night and Saturday night).

    2. Ruan


      you do what you got to do cowboy...

    3. Scarlett


      You go out there and enjoy yourself and take your break and enjoy it, but yeah dayz is addicting and sometimes you don't realize how much lol, enjoy yourself sad to see you go but will msg you for a chat every now and then 😊

    4. Hofer


      Enjoy Camo. Sad I didn't get to know you better, but glad we had that talk the other night 🙂

    5. Rover


      o7 I'll see on the roads again good buddy. Have a good one, Trent will be a name remembered for a while.

    6. Saunders


      Enjoy your break and thank you for all your time, work and effort put into the community as a staff member. It's a shame you have to go so soon.. But real life comes before anything. Best of luck with your future endeavours mate.

  16. Oh dear god! I have played 90 hours of DayZ in the last 2 weeks and the weekend isn't even over! 😱


  17. I drove the hell out of dodge when I heard that 17 armed people were jogging towards the checkpoint from Stary Sobor. I tell'yah it sounded like the Fourth of July fireworks for a good hour there... Just in time for the toxic gas cloud to start hovering over in that direction.


    Sounded like everyone had a fun time. Glad to see that players can get along within the community. It's what we need here...

  18. Hey, um, @BandsRP ... 

    I guess that man didn't want to get a gun license...


    Longer Video



  19. "Back in my day sonny, groups traveled to settlements to dispute a conflict or to trade within them. 

    Nowadays, they mostly just remain behind their own set of walls.

    It was a time to live in, my dear boy!"


    "New Grishno"

    October 25th, 2018

    Notable Groups within the Photo: Kamenchi, The Saviors, The House, A New Moon, District, Free Medics

    Check out my contest submission!

  20. The server tried murdering me again today. 🙄

    Twice... 😟



  21. A picture of @Ruan trying the Zeroy's Fishing Mod for the first time.


    1. Ruan


      Awww, thats a cute pic of me bae


    2. Camo
  22. I'm prepared! Bring it on toxicity!


  23. This fishing mod is probably one of the best external mods DayZRP community added! I love it!


     Had a lot of fun learning it beside  @perry , a tradesman I ran into. 🙂 

  24. I decided to hop back on after two weeks, to try out the new mods! One of the most fun game experiences I had in a while! We entered the Toxic Zone, and it was suspenseful because we didn't know how soon our suits would deteriorate, or how quickly we would die if something went wrong!



    1. Camo
    2. Milo


      it definitely was bro, we got to do it again definitely learned from last time 

    3. Hofer


      Looks awesome 🙂

  25. Probably won't be in-game anymore for a while. But I will be active on the forums if someone wants to message me.

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