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  1. Mick Giovani

    The Butcher of Brooklyn, Micky Giovani, born in Sicily in '77 to an unmarried couple. Bastard son of a famer's daughter. Micky got taken to the 'States back in '80, didnt even remember Italy, too young to capisci? Well he grew up in Brooklyn see, hard times for a young kid like him, Ma was a broke drunk, fucken stepdad beat on him too much, kid was angry, pent up with that fucken anger. Micky was fifteen when he figured he'd take that shit elsewhere, move out of his Ma's flat, started working as a truck driver out on Long Island with all them Hollywood type folks. Well Micky, see, he didnt like them folks, not one bit. And Micky wasnt no dumb shmuck like other clowns his age. Fucken kid worked his ass off till he could afford his own car, flat, and a mothafucken pound of coke. Micky went back to see his Ma after three years, and had the wherewithal to deal that pound of dope down to nothing right out from under her nose, framed her for the drug deals after the pigs caught on, and then stabbed her and the drunk stapdad, then ditched across town to Manhattan. And so the fucken legend began. By age thirty four, little Micky had earned the name: "The Butcher of Brooklyn". Guy had a fucking empire of organized crime. weapons smuggling, dope smuggling, insurance fraud, proper alibi's, the whole gambit. Guys one smart fucken greaser you ask me...
  2. Dmitri Ilyanov

    The outbreak saved Dmitri's life, in a way, For thirteen years he had been on that island, the consequence of a crime committed for which he was to be punished. for thirteen years he waited for the day, Dmitri knew he would get his revenge, if not in this life then the next, but he could not wait. the outbreak set him free, no more laws, no rule of man, only that which he chose to live by. Dmitri Ilyanov felt death around him in this new world, and walked into it proudly, he would make his own law, own order. Dmitri would become Judge, Jury, and Sole Citizen of his empire. Yet as the days progressed outside of the prison, without his medication, the episodes began again, flashbacks of the murder, the emergence of his other selves, separate personalities caged within his mind by medical science let loose by lack of said medication.
  3. Former Military Men Unite to Survive