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  1. Brent Winston

    Brent Winston was no average boy, no stud, and no conversationalist, but he can shoot... Ever since Brent was 10 years old his dad taught him everything there is to know about shooting, he wasn't the best at aiming due to the rifles weight, he managed though. Brent was only taught how to use guns because his dad was lonely and had nothing better to do... He lived in Chernaraus before Brent was born. Ron (Brent's Dad) was having a beer in his home when he saw a reporter from the United States and he immediately went out to investigate. little did he know she was going to become his wife. fast forward 1 year and Ron is living in Denver, Colorado with his fiance. fast forward another year Brent was born, Brent's dad said that his mother couldn't take her eyes off him... one year later she was shot in a gas station while there was an armed robbery going on... Ron broke down and resorted to shooting squirrels in the backyard and heavy drinking... Luckily Brent was never beat instead taught to be a man. Everything was going "smooth" for Brent until his dad came home covered in sweat started packing his own bag and completely ignoring his sons questions... "dad what's happening! Don't go!" Ron fled from the state when he punched a hobo asking for a dollar, and shot at the cops when they got there... Ron was drunk and high off of cocaine, nothing was going to stop him. At age 16 Brent was alone and had to go live with his uncle Josh in Chernaraus, this was only two days before the small little country was going to be consumed by the walking dead... When Brent got to Chernaraus he was told to go to the international hotel to meet up with his uncle, it's now the day of the apocalypse. When Brent was in between Elektro and Cherno the dead made their appearance and Brent had no choice but to run.
  2. Jay Hughs

    Jay was an average kid curious, obnoxious, but he was happy and so were his parents! He got a's and b's sometimes a c, overall Jay was the role model. fast forward 3 years Jay's 14 and his friends dad is out for the weekend so, like all teens would they through a party and there was going to be a lot of drinks and a bit of drugs as well, Jay and his friend through one of the greatest parties in his home town! That knight Jay drank a lot and smoked a bit of the Marry Jane and he realized, he fucking loved to party so he did.... a lot, so much to the point where his a's, and b's, turned to c's, and e's, with the occasional f and his parents started getting pissed... on Jay's 15th birthday his mother died, she left out of fury when Jay refused to do the dishes because he was baked she was so angry she didn't see the dodge and, she was gone. After we were 7 months into the grieving process his dad decides we should go on vacation! He picked a quiet but beautiful country called Chernaraus and they flew. When they got to Chernaraus they took a bus to there hotel and went to bed buy the next day the streets were filled with the walking dead, Jay and his dad tried to escape to the hotel roof but his father sacrificed his life to let him get to the elavator. Jay stayed up there for about a day, then ventured down the side of the building on a bunch of poles, now he has to survive.
  3. Dennis Phillips

    Born in Flint, Michigan Dennis Phillips hardly human with a very dark past... Dennis never knew his father, he knew a drunk old bastard with a belt in his hand and his mother... his mother was a drug addict, meth.... However in his younger years Dennis knew how to make a terrible situation great that soon faded though. When Dennis turned 15 he didn't have a party and he didn't have a family, a few days before his birthday his mother and father got into a car accident running away from the police, just like that everything was gone and he wasn't about to live the rest of his live in an orphanage, Dennis researched a cheap flight grabbed his parents cash and left for a small country named Chernarus what waited for him there was hell on earth.