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  1. John or Johnny was born in Michigan's capitol, and he wasn't expecting his life to take a turn like this... When Johnny was 15 he ended with a bad groups of kids who smoked cigarettes, drank beer, and smoked weed, John stayed far away from ciggs and alcohol but the guy loved himself a good blunt he would smoke almost any time he had the chance. that being said things were going bad Johns grades got so bad that Johns parents had to move him out of Michigan and brought him to Rochester, Minnesota. John hated it there the kids were boring and no one really did anything, John wanted a break so he asked his parents if he could go on vacation to his uncle Blake's, angrily he parents said "When you can bring those b's to a's" so, John did just that 95s or above in every class except for chemistry, and like his parents said they let him go visit his uncle in Elektrozavodsk, Chernarus. things just went downhill from there...