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  1. My name is Robert Trusov, i was born in early 1993 in small town called Berezhki in northern coast of Chernarus. My parents, both of them was doctors. So that kinda lead me to Novodmitrovsk's academy of nursing, but there was bigger reason i will tell soon. I specialiced in paramedic..but i had to quit because my own ghosts was following me, it was 2013 when i quit the school and hit the road... Today i feel haunted, i've been feeling that way for a long time. I think i am badly traumatised because my dads drinking problem. First things i remember from my childhood are those when i was hiding my dad. He used to be such an asshole when he was drinking, and he drinked often. He justified his drinking with his hard work and long hours he was doing as a doctor. He used to be violent when he drinked, and i suffered every second of it. He beat me and my mom. When i grew up i started to hear voices, voices telling me to do bad things to him. I tried not to listen them and i knew these sound's was coming from "outside" i newer did anything they told, but it was close so thats why i left Berezhiki in first place. Of course i was interested in nursing but voices got harder and harder as my dad kept drinking and being narcissist asshole to me and mom. I never told anyone about the sounds, till 2014. I had to leave. Voices kept telling me to kill my dad and i was SURE i will do it some day, i was afraid of myself and also for my mom who has chosen to live with my dad. My mothers flame of life was vanished far too early, she was basically robot. Working and just surviving from day to next. I think she knew at some level why i left. Well...just when i was leaving my dad get little better. I dont know if it was his fear of losing me, i had not been myself for a long time but i had to keep the scene up for others. When i settled down in Novo and started school my ghosts didnt gave up. I studied hard as i could and did not take contact to my family, not even mom. But the voices kept coming, worst and worst every day. I was in a second grade of the school in autumn 2014. At December i hit the road. Infection has spread all over and i wasnt feeling bad. I was happy. I knew my dad is dead. He got what he reserved, i wasn't sorry for my mom. I think it is because she had chosen to live with him and best part of it? Voices, they were completely gone. I felt like i was free first time of my life. Also i knew how to survive in wilderness, i knew something about infections and how they spread. I pretty much had nothing to lose. I went back to coast, wandered around and started to feel some kind of responsibility of others. I wanted to help other survivors to live. Nowdays i am doing my best to...well not find the cure but create hope. Hope for better tomorrow. Help others and live without my ghosts and past. I was given change to be free, and i am using it. But clouds are rising inside my head. Voices. I've started to hear them again..
  2. Bamsed

    Safe zone discussion

    How about changing the place of the safezone like once a month? I understad the issue with the borders but still, there is many building complexes etc.
  3. Bamsed

    Safe zone discussion

    I find this great way to encourage players to PVERP and find tons of lines for great rp situations and adventures. I have always enjoyed safezones in other rp communities and cant find reasons why it wouldnt work here too. Many seems to be bothered about possibility of lack of hostile RP. I can guarantee safezone wont kill it.
  4. Nah thats not bullshit, i've got it recorded. I dont really mind about losing my gun, it does not even fit my character at all. But anyways, looking to meet people in north! Sorry for offtopic but it is allowed to ask for "can you bandage me" and while using bandage animation pull your gun and start to rob you? Cannot really do anything while in animation.
  5. I've been playing in dayzrp for like an 4 hours or something, at this time I've met only one guy who RP:d with me telling me to count 1000 or i am fucking dead and running away after robbing me. Haven't seen anyone else since then.. Heading now to Vybor because in this thread many of you tell there would be people in "bandit triangle" hopefully i'll meet someone there! Is there any specific places in northern cities where people interact?
  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Admin ban for wrong ingame name. Why the verdict is not fair: Because i think it was really pure human error with the name. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I got whitelisted about 2 hours ago, and started to play. I installed DayZ again, because i've been getting "referenced memory at 0x00000000"- error lately. Well, i kept getting it afer i joined to DayZRP. I tried to find solution to it, reinstalled again, removed launch parameters, verifiy game files, re-install gpu drivers etc.. At some point i apparently "reseted" my game and had to change all the settings also, my characters name Robert Trusov changed back to my steam name. I made a mistake, i admit that. I should have checked it before joining. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To get unbanned so i can enjoy RP:ing in DayZRP. What could you have done better?: Checked my characters name after messing up when trying to get the "referenced memory at 0x00000000" problem solved. Well at least it looks like i am not getting the error anymore.