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  1. Post-Outbreak/Middle of Summer 2014. "I was born in the United States Of America, In a small town just North of Los Angeles California to be exact. Growing up was simple, I had a small group of friends that grew up with me. I never went to collage and was on and off with jobs. I was lonely looking for any type of love around every possible corner. My Family was getting tired of me doing nothing with my life so they insisted to me on joining the military, I had no intention to do so. but I did think about it a lot, looking back now I regret not joining the navy but oh well. One passion I had was Photography, all I did was take photos where ever i went. Documenting Peoples life and landscapes where my favorites. I knew I wanted to get into the art but since we where a poor family I was not able to attend collage, So I looked into the Peace Corps. I always had a love for giving back to the Kids. working with children was my heaven, it was my bliss. so I joined and I was given many country to be placed in. South America was going to be my choice but I prayed that night and I saw a vision from god. I Was in a forest filled with tall pine trees and flowing rivers, with the sound of school children in the back ground. But at the end of the vision there was a helicopter smoking and plummeting to the floor and then it ended. I had no idea where I was or what it meant but I re examined my list of place to go. the only place that resembled it was Chernarus. Next thing I was packing my bag to head to this small Country to help children and to document the area. I was places in a well sized town called "Zelenogorsk". I Shared a Dorm with another Workers. one of them a native of Chernarus. She was a Translator to the kids. Her name was Anya Bochkareva. We spent countless hours with each other. it seemed like everyday we where at each others side, we dated for over that year and I fell head over heels in love with that Girl and she did with me. Even though we where young at the time, me being (18) and her around the same, we knew we would be together. or so we thought." Outbreak/October 7th of 2014. "We Herd that day that a man was brought into the hospital in our town that morning who was "Bitten" all along his arm and neck. back then we thought that was horrendous but now that is the normal. later on that day we herd sirens racing down the road towards the hospital. Turns out the man had escaped, we all thought it was bizarre that a man that injured would just walk away from that. A day goes by and people around town are coming down with some sort of flue.Me and Anya did not feel good about this so we decided to head to North East to gather medical supply's for the children, since Zelenogorsk Hospital was filled with the sick. We went town after town with no luck. It had been a Day since we left and we realized we would not be heading back. the town we once Loved was gone. We had no idea why Our town was in lock down, until we saw the news. Violence and death was all we saw, all we could think about where the Kids, and now they are all gone. Soon After evacuations took place, Me and Anya had no where to go, but we saw how the infection Spread and decided not to travel the main roads. We made it to "Svetlojarsk" one of the northern most city. We lived together there for a few days, it seemed safe enough for us. until the mass migration of survivors overpowered the UN's Military presence. We stared in the forest just outside of town. we herd the shots of the Russian Military. we knew we had no where to go. so we tried to sneak across the border. all that i can remember is looking off into the East, Watching the Trees sway in the wind and the Flow of the river. It was Beautiful. then i saw a helicopter Fall to the ground, and it hit me, this is my destiny. I was supposed to be here. I turned around and I saw the most Beautiful ting in the world, and she was looking back at me. then my life forever changed. A man dressed in camo took my Anya out of my life. they put her in the back of a Truck and as they drove off she told me she loved me. I yelled as loud as I could back to her "Ya Lyublyu Tyebya" (I Love You). soon i could no longer see her and the other men looked at me and told me to head back or they would shoot. I had nothing to live for anyways. My love was gone so i walked towards them and a pain shot all across my body and i hit the floor and it all faded to black. Aftermath/June 16th 2017 Before they took Anya she gave me a letter, I take it where ever my path may go and read it everyday. My goal you can say is to find my Anya and tell her how much she means to me, But for Now I'm a nobody just some California Boy doing what I love, Taking pictures of this wonderful Country. So one day I can hang them up in mine and Anya's home.
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