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  1. Journal of Private First Class Evan Eisenfaust

    *Evan sits down and turns on some more 1960s rock music as he begins to write his experiences of last night's patrol to Kabanino, and about someone his comrades picked up a few days ago, a man named Michael Smith...* "Well, it is August 1st now, new month. It is about 8:30 in the evening, still fairly light out as usual. Made my way back to FOB Patton after going to sleep down at Novy Sobor from a long night of hiking and patrolling. Yesterday's patrol to Stary/Kabanino proved to be successful, as we met more of the locals and some of the Russians. Our patrol first ran into a 10 year old kid, a kid, out here in the middle of nowhere, with these infected stalking us for our blood and guts. His parents were gone, and he met with strangers, but weirdly we haven't ran into him since. Sadly, we ran into panicking next civilians whos' friend who just got shot by a small caliber bullet, I do not know much, but a UN doctor came to help. I do not know about his condition or even if he made it out alive. By the time we went to Stary, we met up with some locals, who gave us their input of the VDV, saying they took peoples' guns and such." "I also met another guy again, named Michael Smith, a Sergeant in the 'Yorkshire Regiment' for Great Britain. What I have heard is that some of our guys picked him up on a patrol and he is with U.N. First hand experience though, this guy's mind is screwed. He has seen a lot of crap recently I can tell, kept telling me 'I had to shoot women and children, my CO ordered us to!' or 'The images, I can't get them out of my head!' and so on. He got help last night from a U.N. psychologist and started putting him on meds. We share a lot of experiences, and I try to help him out when I can. He drew his pistol on us more than once, a Mauser C96 to be exact, but did not intend to do any harm. I hope he gets better soon, god bless him." "Later last night, we went on a patrol to Kabanino, trying to have a small meet and greet with the locals, and negotiate with the Russians. They seemed alright, glad we are working together to solve this thing. I hope we can figure out some solution to this thing, as it doesn't seem like it has gone full global effect yet. Other forces I am sure are fighting on other fronts, with multiple coalitions, and hopefully many governments or health organizations are working on a way to solve this thing, whether with a cure or firepower, at this point, along with my comrades, the outside world is unknown. Hopefully we hear a broadcast soon, but it has been dead silence since the bombs fell. The borders are quarantined, so there is no way of getting out alive, unless you wanna get shot like an animal. The patrol to Kabanino was smooth, charming, and I met a lot of good people, it is always nice to get in contact with the locals, and to boost morale of both sides, and to get that sense of humanity again. God bless us all, and a saying I know well that could do some good for these days, "GOTT MIT UNS", or 'God is With Us' the motto of the Wehrmacht, one of the armies I have studied throughout my years, hope it can be of good use to us. *Evan notices a patrol is heading out soon, and one of his comrades looking out to the distance, so he decides to pack up and prepare to move out on whatever mission his comrades and his men are put upon. He hopes things will get better soon, but if not, then he doesn't know what he will do with himself...*
  2. Alrighty, every thing looks good. Blacklist removed. 

    1. Evan Eisenfaust

      Evan Eisenfaust

      Alright, thank you.

  3. Supposedly Underage Appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I am in fact 16 and not lying about my age. I went through my life story about my voice and sent picture proof via email. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Basically accused for being underage in game due to the poor microphone quality either on my end or the VOIP in DayZ. Sent confirmation photos of my license and myself via email. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal from blacklist for supposedly being underage to play in the community. Clearing things up with the admins. What could you have done better?: Try and improve my microphone quality in game.
    • Mexi
    • Evan Eisenfaust

    The condition you had fucking sucks and so does the outcome of that report, get that shit posted in and get back in game.

    You aight.

    1. Evan Eisenfaust

      Evan Eisenfaust

      Thanks man, just sent the email and hope to be back in game tonight.

    2. Mexi


      Fingers crossed man.

    3. Evan Eisenfaust
  4. S1, Stary Sobor, Underage, 2017-07-31, 9:00-10:00

    Thanks man for understanding.
  5. S1, Stary Sobor, Underage, 2017-07-31, 9:00-10:00

    Hey, just to clear things up. 1. I am 16 years old, born on January 18, 2001. Put down 16 on my application and got accepted. 2. My raspy voice is a bit complex to explain, especially everything went down when I was born. Basically, I was born with Esophageal Atresia, here is an article here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esophageal_atresia, and it basically screwed me when I was born. Put into emergency surgery the afternoon of my birthday. Doctors had to fix the condition pronto by taking cartilage from my rib-cage and such to put the cartilage into my windpipe and put it back together and separate the puzzle of the condition. Had many more surgeries and repairs throughout my lifetime, latest being a major surgery to expand my airway over the summer 2014 when I was about 13. The rasp in my vocal cords came from the doctors using breathing tubes or any other assistance in my airway/voicebox, so that kind of scarred my voice over time. For the last 16 years of my life, I have been through a lot, physical and mental scars, but I am just glad that I am basically alive and having no further issues with my health. This is my normal voice, I am using no changer, I am barely sick, this is just my normal voice that I have. I have to speak in public, online, and basically anywhere else I go so I get it a lot, sometimes made fun of for it whether by close friends or strangers, but I usually have fun with it too and keep moving forward. Here is a sample video where I explain my voice that I made about a year ago when I started video commentating just to kind of hear it better and myself explaining my condition to the best of my ability. 3. For my RP character, I put my condition in the game by saying that I got shot in the neck while on tour in Iraq with the Army. 4. I understand that the DayZRP VOIP can do some work, and I after watching the video I totally understand the confusion and such, as I usually talk with my full voice with no interruptions as I have a Snowball Microphone, a nice quality one. I sound a lot better on TS if you would rather hear me on there. I have always wondered what I sound like on DayZRP to see what I could do about it with my settings or use more of my voice, so, thanks I guess for your concerns..
  6. *Evan sits down on the roof of FOB Patton and stares up at the sky. He pulls out his notebook and starts writing down his experiences, thoughts, and opinions. He puts on his old iPod and begins to listen to his favorite band, The Beatles, for old times sake.* "Well, um, I doubt anyone will be reading this, unless I die at some point. It is currently July 31, approximately 2:00 PM over here, and it has been three weeks after this whole thing went down. A lot has gone down here and throughout the world in these last three weeks. Hell has literally broken loose, and the devil's army walks the Earth to forcibly repent our sins, in an evil and brutal way. Since the outbreak, wars have broken out and smaller outbreaks spread from Ground Zero. Humans against the damned, and hell, some humans against humans. What is the point, going against others, killing us off quicker with the guns we bear, and not even trying to contain the damned. I fought and almost died through it all, I did not think I was going to survive the firefights in the hell which was Chernogorsk." "I heard the nuke drop, scared the living hell out of me, I was outside, making my dinner, then boom, a flash. An explosion filled my ears, and ringing soon after. Now, the nukes on Japan were not the only ones used in war. I still do not know who dropped them, or dropped them on who. With radio signals still coming in and out once in awhile, I got information that Europe is in turmoil, and three smaller nukes dropped in the East. Thousands are dead, and the infected are spreading throughout Turkey, the Balkans, and through the Caucasus. I explored a little more throughout the region, trying to regroup with any more military personnel I could." "Over the weekend, I regrouped with NATO-CFOR, the unit I am deployed with. I finally regrouped with my unit, and had to get my proper equipment in which I bear now. They all seemed ok, many did not make it out. A week or so ago, I was fighting with these guys beside me, in hell, with fire, gunshots, and roars of infected all around us. Now, it is complete silence, all you hear are the crickets at night, the birds during the day, and the leaves at your feet, but, you hear the occasional gunshots, wondering, who the hell is shooting? What gun is he or she using? What is said person shooting at? Is it people versus people, or people versus the infected? It boggles your mind, makes you wonder for days. Today actually, I heard all of the above, and I decided to write down all of this. Hopefully I write again soon, waiting to be deployed on another patrol, but now I am just sitting here listening to "Chains" wondering how I will get through this as a whole. I expect to write soon, but I will see where this takes me." *Evan cracks open a cold one of Rasputin Kvass and starts munching on an apple, standing up and watching the horizon of his future overhead. He will go through hell, he will come out of it, these few days, weeks, or even months, will be a living hell on Earth, whether against the infected, or the survivors instinctively living through it with the same goal as him, survival.*
  7. NATO Contact Frequency 88.8Hz [UNSECURE]

    *The lone PFC. presses down his PTT* "This is PFC. E. Eisenfaust reporting in. It is just me out here for the time being, hope to regroup with any of you soon. Out." *The PFC. releases his PTT and gets some rest as he prepares to move out soon to try and regroup*
  8. Need Help, Medical Emergency [Open Freq.]

    *Evan presses down on his PTT* "If I had this "viral infection" I'd be dead and turned already, and I am showing no symptoms of this thing, just a simple bacterial wound. Nothing much..." *Evan releases the PTT*
  9. Need Help, Medical Emergency [Open Freq.]

    *Evan presses the PTT while in an army barrack.* "Hello, first transmission on this thing, my name is Sgt. Evan Eisenfaust of the U.S. Army, and I am holed up at the Northwest Airfield that was recently occupied by the Russian VDV. I was here before, but I sadly need to come back to see if I can receive medical treatment or any whereabouts of any NATO forces or UN whether from Russian troops or any other stragglers, does not really matter, as I ran into the supposed "NATO Camp" at Staroye and came across barely anything. I am immune to the virus but I just have a bacterial infection that has gotten really bad as time went on. My main objective is to try and regroup with any other military men of all sides but I just gotta get some antibiotics first. If anyone follows through with this, that'd be great. God bless..." *He presses off the PTT and proceeds to bandage his wound, but it does him no good.*
  10. Evan Eisenfaust

    Evan was from the United States and was any other average kid. Had friends, went to school, and received excellent grades. He graduated high school at an early age of 17 and joined up in the army when he was 18 in 2013. He served in Iraq where he got shot in the neck by a stray bullet. He served in Iraq till 2016. Nothing much matters before the outbreak, but during and after, you need to know everything. He went through Basic Combat Training and was deployed to Iraq for three years. He was deployed to Chernarus with the NATO expedition to suppress the prior outbreak. The division he was in was garrisoned in Utes along with several elite and prestigious Army and Marine combat units that have fought many enemies throughout the years. Evan was apart of the 82nd Airborne Division, 505th IR, 2nd Battalion, Echo Company. They were deployed on July 17th when the outbreak was getting bad around Chernogorsk. They went in to reinforce the front lines with the Chernarussian Defense Force. All was well until the infected broke the line of defense and the CDF as well as NATO forces retreated to the shore as stragglers were left in the gaps of the frontline. Evan and his company were holed up while all of Chernogorsk was burning and being overran by the undead. Undead broke through their final line of defense and started attacking and causing casualties from bites and scratches. Evan and his company were left behind and during the fighting, he was promoted to PFC. on the field as men in his company were depleting. Evan went AWOL as his company was mauled and presumed dead, and moved north-west with the cover of darkness to find answers. He and his company were left behind to rot, and he saw many get gnawed by the undead as he escaped on his own. He barely made it out and went to the northwest mountains and foothills of the north which he gathered his army equipment and hiked up into the wilderness for the next few days and looted a CDF garrison to help with his survival. He found a railroad track and began the lone hike to find answers of what happened - or even any of civilization. Evan was transferred from the Intervention force at NATO with his CO's permission and worked with his former commanding officer as well as a man in the Air Force and another in the Airborne like he was. Them four were tasked with helping doctors over at the World Health Organization as a Field Security Officer and to work with them so they have an easier time finding a cure and doing more research on the specimens. He is also slightly trained with medical training from his time in the army, so he can help with gunshot wounds, and other natural wounds, but not infected bites or scratches. Overall, his team's goal is to help, serve, and protect the U.N. and W.H.O. via independent contracting, as well as helping civilians in need against infected or any other natural or human threats they may run into in the current world. As of August 5th, 2017, upon repairs of the radio tower at COP Rollo, Captain Banks of the United States Marine Corps would get approval from his commander to transfer to the United Nations, working as a World Health Organization Field Security Officer. He would also get approval to bring along Sergeant Evan Eisenfaust of the US Army, as well as Senior Airman Mark Daniels, and fellow US Army Airborne paratrooper Sergeant First Class Fred Dimock. They are the independent four man team staging as Field Security Officers.
  11. shall we mod the server?

    Ah yeah true, haven't played it yet but I am checking it out now. Looks very good! Definitely would not mind seeing JSRS and Blastcore in the server! Love those mods!
  12. shall we mod the server?

    If you could somehow use Kurt's Survival Mod or configure ACE that would be awesome. RHS wouldn't be that bad either for more weapons/vehicles, but they would be super rare.
  13. @SexyJuicyBacon @Mike Eisenfaust Had a good times with my boys tonight. Mike and I got taken hostage in the Stary church by crazy religious people trying to baptize us. Then out of nowhere five people come and a firefight ensues with us in the middle of it. It was very adrenaline rushing and intense, but I loved every second of it. We were legit getting shot at and I came out unscathed with my life with people dead around me. It was awesome. I do not know who were my saviors, but they had military gear with orange armbands, if that sounds like you then lemme know cause you guys were awesome! I got one of you was named Tracy. Still had an awesome time! *Here is a picture of the shootout, the bandit getting mowed down. Shook me to the core.*
  14. Where is Everyone? [Open Freq]

    *Evan presses his PTT while setting up a campfire with his cousin and family friend.* "Well, today was a very screwed up interesting day. My cousin was kidnapped by religious baptists who took him hostage and baptized him in the Stary church. He contacts me on radio before it is taken away from him, so I started running down towards the church as I start to hear gospel and screaming. I attempt to break the door down and finally lose it and use my axe to break the lock. Then these psycho people tell me to put my hands up and I walk in and they take me hostage too. The people told us to get in the middle of the church out in the open. Out of nowhere, five to eight people come and start negotiations and my cousin and I are then in the middle of crossfire. Bullets are whizzing next to us and we were dodging every one. My cousin decided to make a run for it but the bandit shot him in the back, but he is okay and healing now. They rescued him and it was just me in the middle. One of the bandits, who was defending the church with his "life" charged out saying "CHARGE FOR AFRICA" and killed himself by being mowed down in front of my eyes. Then one of my rescuers run in and turn the corner and kill the other bandit with a shotgun AT POINT BLANK RANGE! Blood, brain matter, and limbs were everywhere, and I was freed by my saviors. They let me have whatever and let me be. It was hard to comprehend and I am suffering little PTSD from the incident. This was my first hand experience of what this world is like. This is insane, but I am thankful my cousin and I got out with our life." *Evan releases the PTT and starts cooking some beef steak whilst talking with his cousin and friend on plans to do in the morning.*