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  1. Erich Vad is born and raised in Germany (Munich). After the university-entrance diploma Erich went to the "Offizierschule des Heeres" (Military Officer School) which is located in Dresden. After the School he graduated as a "Leutnant" in the german "Bundeswehr" (Nato-Code OF-1). He took courses in political science and military history. From 2005 – 2006 he served as a Military Officer during the EUFOR Operation in Bosnien – Herzegowina. The United Nation Security Council aproved the Peacekeeping-Mission in Dafur (United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur).The values for that the United Nations stand for had always been great inspiration to Erich. He passed the exam for the United Nations and was enlisted as a U.N Officer. From now on he served as a Observer, later as a Intelligence specialist on different UN- Missions. During chernarus outbreak Erich was dispatched to Chernarus as a U.N - Officer to intermediate his assistance with the ongoing U.N Peackeeping Mission (3.RD Battalion / 8th Regiment)