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  1. Former Italian mafia. Got caught up after a bank robbery of 5 Million USD at the Bank of America in Boston Massachusetts. Five people robbed the bank, four people fled to Chernarus. Two survived the outbreak. The other survivor is Joe Gallo. Joe and Silvio grew up in the same Italian neighborhood, and joined the mafia through inheritance. Silvio survived the bank robbery with a bullet wound to the chest and arm, having his wounds healed by Joe. After losing one of the team members to a police raid on his separate hotel room, the team decided that they would need to flee the states. The remaining four robbers fled in a regular passenger airline using fake ID's and the works. Shortly after arriving in Chernarus, the fellowship started revving up their money laundering operations. After eight months of laundering operations, Joe and Silvio called up the other two in the gang in order to set up a discussion about the events going on in chernarus, and whether they should relocate their operations. After no response from the other two, Joe and Silvio found that they were either dead or infected, with one missing from his apartment, and the other having been admitted to hospital, but concluded dead. Desperately trying to round up the rest of the money, the remaining two rounded up their money to be stashed in their safehouse, and began their struggle to stay alive. A year later, the apocalypse is raging in chernarus, and Joe and Silvio have reverted to relying on the skills they learned from their days in the mafia in order to survive. With the cash now near useless, Joe and Silvio hope they can find a way out of the hellhole known as chernarus, and start new lives with their large fortune from their past life.