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"2 genders and 1 god. Deus Lo Vult."

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  1. SeversonRP

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    • SleepyRP

    Very cool name friend!

    1. CalRP


      issa good name

    2. SleepyRP


      thanks donnie!

    3. Aeryes



  2. SeversonRP


    @G19RP Welcome back!!!! 


  3. SeversonRP


    Im sorry to say hostile rp has gone to shit, but its complete bullshit. has a shop that basically gives everything away, complys with all demands to leave town, comes back to find they shot all of his nicely set up shit and ruined just befucking cause. End of rant.

    1. SleepyRP


      • 4.9 Despawning or damaging a camp, storage container, vehicles or their contents using OOC knowledge or ill intent is considered griefing.
    2. SeversonRP


      I know... I just dont have proof other then The table set up with all pristine gear, then I hear a bunch of shots after I was told I can come back into town, look at my shop and its ruined. I dont want to waste the admin teams time with reports I cant win. Unless I dont need visual proof.


    3. Nihoolious


      I heard about that and one of my guys saw it to confirm it happened. That fucking sucks dude

    4. SleepyRP


      if you want to put up a report you're welcome to, but we'd probably need video evidence + suspects for anything to happen

    5. SeversonRP


      Ah I know who it was, just the evidence is the problem. Even if the point got across that it was in terrible taste, I would be happy.


    6. Eagle


      Why would anyone allow someone to destroy something that has to do with a town that's being destroyed?
      @Sleepyhead that's for use off OOC hate taken IC which is not the case at all.

    7. SeversonRP


      Oh I'm sorry, a simple warning saying don't trade here or we will do this isn't enough. In all irony I was going to setup in Stary or vybor after today as for some reason it makes sense to fight in a town full of civillians... Every fucking day. Nothing run with what Kamenchi is doing, I just hate it can't be done elsewhere. 

    8. Eagle


      Along with abuse of game mechanics.

      Riddle me this mister... Who owns the town and controls it?
      Guns and ammo is not something people wish to be given to the enemy.

    9. SeversonRP


      Not to mention... Im not even part of the town. The only thing I do is profit off your seeminly constant need to wage war. 

    10. Eagle


      Doesn't matter you're supplying guns to the enemy.

    11. SeversonRP


      I also give kamenchi guns whenever they ask... In fact when you guys didnt fight in town I offered shit to better arm you. I constantly hoped after you killed all the new moon or whoever the fuck you would stay and give a decent goverment to the town. Thats not the case it seems however.

    12. Eagle


      The leader of New Moon owns the town.

    13. N-Tox


      doesnt break the rules in anyway. we had reason to do so, we didnt grief. simple.

    14. SeversonRP


      Ok? Rp take it for them. Do something other then come in kill and leave. 

    15. SleepyRP


      just gonna lock this since it's apparently getting out of hand, please take any issues or concerns to PMs or TS. we'll look over the report

  4. SeversonRP


    "Moral of story: The economic underpinning of Chernarus is the pear."  Credits to Kolya Vorona

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