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"2 genders and 1 god. Deus Lo Vult."

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  1. @NorwayRP Thank you for the wonderful Roleplay Montage brother. I hope many more are in our future.
  2. Deus Vult brothers.

  3. Oh yes Juan from the DEA is back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2vuMLg6BHE
  4. "Kill them all, let god sort them out"

  5. Holy shit I have never seen more of a yikes.
  6. *Blake would compress the ptt on his radio* Why won't you monkeys just come and ask for us personally? We are down for a scrap any time. Or just talk it out like normal people. And get free permits for your weapons. *He would release the ptt*
  7. Indeed there is! Not only I, but many members of anarchy played in both the "house" and "The Time".
  8. Thanks for the feedback lamp! I had a great time with our interaction tonight at your camp, and I love the meals on wheels idea. Keep it cool brother.
  9. Only 2 genders lad, Unless your an Apache Helicopter. I respect that.
  10. Camo's Brings back to many memorys not to choose.
  11. *Blake would compress the ptt* Here's the crazy thing brother, joey and his lads had an alliance with us, but no part in enforcing the permits Maybe if you stopped by the checkpoint you would have had a better time Quite indifferent to me however, when you only wound 3 of our lads to what, the 11, 14 of yours? Good luck in you sitzkrieg friend *he would release the ptt*
  12. *Blake would compress the ptt* You guys really don't get it do you All you need is a weapons permit, and your not a problem to us We clapped you when we attacked, and you got clapped when you attacked How many more of your people have to die before you get smart? *he would release the ptt*
  13. *Blake would compress His ptt* Man you guys are tough. Robbing women for there weapons... Lucky for her the good members of anarchy were there to save them. Seems like they slaughtered you all, and freed the poor lady. And do think you people were the supposed "good guys" *He would let the ptt go*
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