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  1. SeversonRP

    NHF Broadcast

    *Blake would compress the ptt* Here's the crazy thing brother, joey and his lads had an alliance with us, but no part in enforcing the permits Maybe if you stopped by the checkpoint you would have had a better time Quite indifferent to me however, when you only wound 3 of our lads to what, the 11, 14 of yours? Good luck in you sitzkrieg friend *he would release the ptt*
  2. SeversonRP

    NHF Broadcast

    *Blake would compress the ptt* You guys really don't get it do you All you need is a weapons permit, and your not a problem to us We clapped you when we attacked, and you got clapped when you attacked How many more of your people have to die before you get smart? *he would release the ptt*
  3. SeversonRP

    NHF Broadcast

    *Blake would compress His ptt* Man you guys are tough. Robbing women for there weapons... Lucky for her the good members of anarchy were there to save them. Seems like they slaughtered you all, and freed the poor lady. And do think you people were the supposed "good guys" *He would let the ptt go*
  4. SeversonRP

    *Open Frequency* A Quiet Night at Kab Crossroads

    *Blake would cut in* We most definatly need sandbags. Please bring all you find. Thank you. *He would release the ptt*
  5. SeversonRP

    S1 Invalid Execution/Rule play/BadRP Near Vybor? around Server time (UTC): 2019-10-04, 22:04

    All Good here lads
  6. SeversonRP

    S1-Vybor-Metagaming/NVFL- 2019-10-06, 04:54

    POV: I wake up to take a pisser and as I walk out of my tent I hear people sawing our locks and stealing shit in our base. I proceed to hop out of the base and move a bit away. At this point they initate on me and I proceed to gun 2 down, and then I fall back to call for reinforcments. I moved north down the river out of there sightline before I called the lads in. I would like to make a counter report on everyone in the channel that was IG, for meta gaming. It is quite clear some of them talked after there deaths, aswell as not double mic'ing IG when talking in discord. I am also curious to why this would be NVFL, or Meta Gaming, since everything I said in TS was double Mic'ed IG. No video evidence from me.
  7. SeversonRP

    S1-Vybor-Metagaming/NVFL- 2019-10-06, 04:54

    No Thank you sir, I would like to keep this report open to clear up Anarchys name a bit from some of the false Accusations many folks provide. POV coming in a moment.
  8. SeversonRP

    Open Radio Broadcast from Andy the Arms Dealer

    *Blake compresses the ptt* Didn't we most literally slaughter the entire monkey goon squad that you brought with you to our checkpoint? Be smart about this mr arms dealer man *He would let the ptt go*
  9. SeversonRP

    S1 Invalid Execution/Rule play/BadRP Near Vybor? around Server time (UTC): 2019-10-04, 22:04

    POV: I wake up over by vybor and run over to the checkpoint. I see the man and wish to hit him with my fish, which I proceed to do so. Also does the fish do any damage. I see you have a tag for his fist but not my fish. Im not really sure what else you want me to say, I wasn't really part of the rp and am only here because of the logs of my fish. I have nothing to do with his death/yeeting off the tower. The situation I viewed lasted no longer then 2 minutes long in total, from when I see him to when he dies. @Phoenix
  10. SeversonRP

    Anarchy [Open Recruitment]

    One way you can get a licenses is buy contacting us via the radio, in that case, the forums. People can PM one of our higher ups and get that sorted. Otherwise if we need to contact someone via the radio for something private, we can more easily find them and contact them.
  11. SeversonRP

    The Runners, The Messengers, Legacy, 503

    *Blake would compress the PTT* Hey Joey I get paid dead or alive right? The monkeys listed come to us to die quite often it seems I hope they visit soon again if its Bmers your offering *he would realease the ptt*
  12. SeversonRP

    S1 - BadRP

    POV: We provide these two lads with some fine rp, giving them the shite they need to not get bothered by us. After they leave the checkpoint theY proceed to call both us retarded, which I take quite the offense too. We chase them down and tell them to run it, as they had left our good graces. Afterwards we give him a couple of hits so he can learn his place, and durning this he provides aboslutly no rp. After we beat him up a bit and run his pockets, I buttstocked him to get him moving considering he was quite unresponsive to everything else that we said to him. I would also like to note as jim stated, he was barely limping when this happened. We also had no indication of what his health bar was at. He wasn't roleplaying any injury's or hits we made on him. I would also like to point out the video is clearly cut, unless your shadowplay is really wack. @Realize.
  13. SeversonRP

    S1 / Kabanino / Invalid KOS

    Pov: I went up and intitated on the barn. Lagged for a solid 2 minutres, and then died.
  14. Anton was born in the year of 2000. He was born too his mother, anya, and his father, Ivan. Being born to a poor family in Ljubijana, Slovenia his father showed him many nationalistic ways of his country. He and his father attend many rallies pushing for a closed immagration policy in Slovenia. At the age of 16, he went to his first militia training and received highest honors for his pride for the country, as well as marksmanship. Before coming home he decorating himself with what many considered the highest honor in Slovenian nationalism, the Slavic Swastika. After getting it and returning home, he learned his mother was killed by a dirty paki that had invaded his country. Seeing this as a true call to serve not only Slovenia, but the Balkans and even the world in the fight against the undesirables. He would travel cleansing areas with his brothers. After some time they had arrived in chernarus, considering it was so close to takistan, and rest. They were resting when news of the outbreak ran rampant across the streets and they even saw it themselves. Being well trained with firearms they were in no danger, however, saw this as a push to insure chernarus was cleansed, as it must be the undesirables trying to cause this panic and problems. He now travels ensuring the world will be both safer and a better place to live.
  15. SeversonRP

    S1 - Invalid Kill x12 and Invalid Initiation

    POV: I arrived late to the fight. Soon after we pushed the prison and I got tapped.
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