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  1. Pyotr Loktev Early Life Pyotr was born in Volgograd to a poor family. His father wasn’t there to see him birthed, or at all for that matter. It seemed to him having a child to burden him down was a bit too much. Regardless his druggy of a mother kept him alive until he was 8, which he then fended for himself. He got into the local gopniks, and began spending his days squatting around local bars, or stores, with his comrades. It was a simple life, however only things of the such can stay the same for too long. His Twenties He never held a job and only worked if he was hungry or needed cigarettes. He had done very little for most of his life, until one day wan he was squatting with his comrades, a banditi approached their circle with an offer of work. They needed someone to drive some shit down south. Although Pyotr had never driven before, he offered, and they showed him some of the shit on how to drive. He was driving a Ural transport truck full of shit that he wasn't allowed to know what it was. The payment was a healthy 30,000 Rubles, more money then he has made his whole life. Which isn't saying much since he never worked really hard, but you get the point. Instead of asking any more questions, he took the truck around the block a couple of times and then headed south.There was armed banditi’s in the back of the truck watching whatever was in the truck. He put in his slavic hardbass cd into his portable radio, and began to play it. He heard some banging on the back of the truck, and gopniks yelling to turn it up. Seeing that it was well received, he cranked it up and soon the whole truck was rocking and slavs danced in the back of the truck. After stopping for gas, he got to see some of his fellow gopniks in the back, and deciding to stop for lunch, they bonded well. This was about the halfway point of their trip. After about another 6 hours of driving, they reached a border, of which he was told they were going to chernarus. There was no one at the stop, so we continued on threw the border into the country. We were heading to a place called Miroslav, to drop of our shipment. Chernarus After entering Miroslav, the man in the passenger seat told me to turn down my music, as strangely there was more police around then normal. He tuned the onboard long-range radio into the operator back in volgograd, who said there was an outbreak of some kind in the province of south zagoria, to our east. He then told him after we got the stuff dropped off, to ditch the truck then hang low. After dropping the shit off, he gave me what i was owed. He must have known something was up as he sent me away, and after I got around the corner, the warehouse exploded. Now what would I do. I wasn't even sure where I was geographically. I stuffed the money into my pockets, and went to see if I could find some local gopniks.
  2. SeversonRP

    Nerf Zombies Please

    The only thing I hate is having my clothes get one shot by em. If they did way less damage to clothes is the only thing I'd change.
  3. Naw fat no from me. Just complicates things even more and will probs end up with some people butthurt at the end of it.
  4. SeversonRP

    Radiation Sickness Emergency Broadcast (Open Frequency)

    *Hearing this, Ivan would compress his ptt* Just have yourself some vodka comrade. The natural cleaner of radiation. Try it some time, It cleans you right out! *Having helped the man, Ivan would decompress the ptt*
  5. SeversonRP


    Thanks for having me! Its an honor!
  6. I had a whole thread on it, but as far as I remember it was shot down.
  7. Sophie I might say you are much more forgiving then I am. That is the true indicator of you charecter, and the best possible expample of why they are wrong. Kudos to you!
  8. SeversonRP

    A way out [OPEN FREQ.]

    *hearing this, bud would compress his ptt* Just to quote you brewski. You just stated you will burn everyone in a set area, including civis, and the UN personal in that area? Wack my dude. *bud would let go of the ptt, wondering if his crop would be destroyed*
  9. Prays going your way. I hope the best for you in the surgery and beyond. on a side note however, There is no place for that in our community. Definatly a +1 to Jim and Mak on that one.
  10. *Ivan hearing the message would compresses the ptt* You looking for some explosive help? I might be able to help you. Contact me on a private frequency. *after saying this, Ivan would go back to his work*
  11. SeversonRP

    A Communist in the Mist [Open Frequency]

    *Ivan hearing tobys response feels rather proud, seeing that he has truly overcome the idea of morality. He compresses the ptt and says* I always did that work before I joined you fellows, and after some of our friends commited diplomatic suicide I hopped off the boat. You on the other hand, joined the saviors. Do I need to detail what they have done previous and what they do do now? I my friend, am simply a lesser evil, not to be confused with scum such as yourself. Funny quote that is isn't it. Not quite the same context but you get the jist. *feeling satisfied, ivan releases the ptt, still marveled at what drove him off so quickly*
  12. SeversonRP

    A Communist in the Mist [Open Frequency]

    *hearing a familiar voice, Ivan would press down the ptt on his radio* Is that you Toby? Still with the kiddie peddlers? I figured you got the message of that and ran for the hills. Oh well, I guess your less moral then I thought. *ivan would release the ptt, and reminisce on his life, wondering what would cause Toby to lead himself down such a dark path*
  13. Sorry man but I’m pretty sure WIP arnt allowed. Good luck anyways tho.
  14. *Bud turns to his radio, wondering why more people can’t talk in person. After putting down his hoe, he compressed the ptt to speak to the trader man who previously spoke* Man I don’t think you got the gist man. That’s unfortunate. That’s just not how this works. Think of it like the mafia. We do what’s we can to protect you, and in return you are alive and get to trade. All we ask is for a piece or plate here and their. See, that is how mafia works. *after addressing the man on the radio, bud would release the ptt and restart hoeing the land*
  15. *Bud would here the chatter on the radio and would stop rolling his blunt* Who are you fellows? No need to swing your dick on the radio, act like normal people and contact who you need to contact. *after finishing what he has to say, bud would go back to his profession and passion*
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