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  1. SeversonRP

    S1 / Kabanino / Invalid KOS

    Pov: I went up and intitated on the barn. Lagged for a solid 2 minutres, and then died.
  2. Anton was born in the year of 2000. He was born too his mother, anya, and his father, Ivan. Being born to a poor family in Ljubijana, Slovenia his father showed him many nationalistic ways of his country. He and his father attend many rallies pushing for a closed immagration policy in Slovenia. At the age of 16, he went to his first militia training and received highest honors for his pride for the country, as well as marksmanship. Before coming home he decorating himself with what many considered the highest honor in Slovenian nationalism, the Slavic Swastika. After getting it and returning home, he learned his mother was killed by a dirty paki that had invaded his country. Seeing this as a true call to serve not only Slovenia, but the Balkans and even the world in the fight against the undesirables. He would travel cleansing areas with his brothers. After some time they had arrived in chernarus, considering it was so close to takistan, and rest. They were resting when news of the outbreak ran rampant across the streets and they even saw it themselves. Being well trained with firearms they were in no danger, however, saw this as a push to insure chernarus was cleansed, as it must be the undesirables trying to cause this panic and problems. He now travels ensuring the world will be both safer and a better place to live.
  3. SeversonRP

    S1 - Invalid Kill x12 and Invalid Initiation

    POV: I arrived late to the fight. Soon after we pushed the prison and I got tapped.
  4. SeversonRP

    S1: NewLifeRule at Prison Island

    POV: I was logged out waiting for my nlr timer. At this time I made some dinner. After hanging out with my family for about 40 minutes, I heard over the radio that G19 had been RDM'ed, and that norway was pinned down. After hearing this and seeing that my NLR timer was indeed up, I logged in and went to assist norway. No video from me chief.
  5. SeversonRP

    Waking up asleep people.

    I would hate to inform you, but we have a entire official forum for this thing (https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/forum/285-dayz-radio/). Not to mention multiple other IC radio threads people have via discord. In fact if what you want to happen happens, all we would have is alot more "coincidental" wake ups. What you are trying to do his limit somebodys ability to help and RP just because they can't be IG 24/7?
  6. SeversonRP

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    Happy to be here, let’s getter done.
  7. SeversonRP

    PK/Delete Obvious Troll Characters

    If we want realistic charecters be prepared to have everyone run away from you, be hostile, or ignore you. Also Nice little jab chief.
  8. Blake was born in Wisconsin, he was an orphan. At 18 he joined the US marines, which he was deployed 2 times and was an expert soldier. After his second deployment he got out and worked in the private sector. The place he choice was legion corp. He so far has been deployed all over the world, and has made a reasonable amount of money. He is currently in Cheneraus performing (redacted) and (redacted) missions.
  9. SeversonRP

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      Thank you

  10. SeversonRP

    Knights Templar (Recruitment: Active)

    Deus lo Vult. Purge the non believers. Perhaps one day you'll meet the hand or the purge. Good luck brothers.
  11. I was born west of Novigrad on the takistani border. From a young age I was always interested in the way of the lord, and would study scripture often. I had a normal life until the apocalypse. We stayed safe through banding up with other towns nearby for protection. At the age of 21 a true horror struck me. Hordes of takis came running at us and pillaged our town. Strangely enough they seemed to be in a hurry as if they were fleeing. I was shot and wounded, as I watched them come through and massacre my family, friends, and livelihood. This did not last long however, as a man wearing a crusading helmet showed behind them in our gates. It was magic as I saw him mow down the takis without problem. 5 minutes later 246 dead takis lay on the ground, all killed by the man with the helmet. He came up to me, the last survivor of our town and said this "You are the future, Deus Lo Vult". After saying this my wounds were healed, and he bestowed upon me a helmet the same as his. He told me to take this and praise the lord, and to shoot down any heathens who deny him, particular pagans and non believers. With this I felt a rush through my body. I felt as I never needed to eat again, and that my stamina was limitless. He then walked away, back to do more work in the name of the lord.
  12. SeversonRP

    PvP Complaints are a Sign of the Times

    Everyone should always remember this. Pvp is not the choice of whoever initiated, the choice is on who is getting initiated on. If you want to bang it out, good for you. But if you want RP, chose RP. The things my char does should get him executed, but the problem with that is nobody try’s to do so. Hell if someone captures me and and request a perma, Id say yes any day of the week. The problem isn’t pvp, it’s he lack of will to swallow your pride and lose. This isn’t your neighborhood culdesac, it’s an apocalypse. Either be a winner or accept your defeat.
  13. JackZRP

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  14. SeversonRP

    Operatsiya Avrora (PAMYATI)

    I'm not sure if you pay attention to Major's but looking at the lore part of it might help you. The things we do are for the successful completion of what we were sent here to do. Make smart decisions IC or face the IC consequences. Regardless, thanks for the feedback!
  15. Kordruga

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    I like your profile 🙂

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      Deus Vult Bratr

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      @Kordruga pride months over, you can stop being gay now 😉

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