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  1. I've always been a fan of the fedoras
  2. Since we are on the topic of prom clothing.... My gear for this year
  3. DonnieSeverson

    Anarcho Delanda Est (Anarchy must be destroyed)

    Pushes in PTT " don't kid yourself Felix, these jokes of what they consider to be "men" are only strong as their is never not one of them sniffing the others asshole. Maybe if they had balls they would do something alone, but I'd suppose then the coulden't call an entire fucking army to help them..." Releases PTT
  4. DonnieSeverson

    Anarcho Delanda Est (Anarchy must be destroyed)

    Pressing in the PTT " Me and billy will offer catering services if you want a peace conference. We got plenty of fresh meat to cook and share." releases PTT
  5. Hearing the return Blake picks up the radio, "We have some in our stock but try to use them to cook. if you could locate some spices we could definatly make a deal" Releases the ptt.
  6. Holds in ptt "Howdy guys, Blake here. Me and Billy have pots, pans, and lots of meat. We are looking to provide freshly cooked meat at any place or settlment who needs it. We are trying to get the canned food reliance off of everyone and bring a little bit of home back to everyone. We are netural and will cook for anyone. We are also willing to trade for spices and vegetables (Salt, pepper, Garlic, and paprika). Hope we can provide some good food for our fellow wastelanders. Thanks. " Releases ptt, wondering if anyone will radio back....
  7. @Lady In Blue No problem was still lots of fun sorry if I passed out!
  8. DonnieSeverson

    Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Squirrel and potatoe. Whats your favorite Nam Movie quote.
  9. Although it was not a long amount of time, meeting the legendary King and Queen for the first time was quite enjoyable. Unique roleplay and lots of other fun companions they had proved for an intresting 1-1.5 hours of fun. Thanks to all those involved.
  10. DonnieSeverson

    The Last Light Media Thread

    In that first picture I was right outside your tent while you medical text rped the litteraly shit out of that. Not my cup of tea but gota good laugh on it!
  11. Young, “happy”, and full of opportunity. The chances were endless. But I chose this instead....... At 17 I found a true love in life, and it only went down from their. I lived that 17 years of my life coping with the dick I had of a dad, and lack of a mother. I knew how to hunt and survive, but I was in America. You don't need that there. I found that at the bottom of my cup. Some people decide to turn to family but what did I have their? I never took a liking to school, and got shit grades. Not to say I didn't know what they were teaching. I just didn't have time for that shit. It didn't help “expand my knowledge”. I can solve problems, and that's what I liked doing. Not writing about “Civil rights” and shit like that. All the stupidity I saw, there and on the internet, I couldn't fucking stand it. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. After I started drinking it was perfect for me. I Couldn't remember what I thought the night before and that made me happy. I didn't want to remember the fucked up shit I thought of. After I started it only got worse, if that's what you would call it. I played football my whole life before and 2 games into my senior the season I was kicked out for violating the code. After that all of my "Friends" decided they didn't know me anymore. It was just me and my alcohol. I wanted to get away from all this shit. Stop whatever causes me to drink it. At 19 after getting into enough trouble where the next time a fucked up I was going to jail. I had enough for a ticket so I spun the globe and picked this shithole. Don't get me wrong I love it here, just me and the fresh air. Not so many dumbasses to get in the way of what I enjoy. I hope to start something new here and make a name for myself. I don't oppose anyone or anything, nor do I support the "Government" bullshit. That is all.
  12. DonnieSeverson

    COMPLIMENT the person above you

    Don't know you but you seem like a pretty chill dude based on your forum post.