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  1. DonnieSeverson

    Item Shop Discussion

    You don't have to donate at all. Soon everything will be in the loot table (if it isn't already) and you can find it on your own.
  2. Hello, These are my accounts and experiences fixing the TEC summer camp dam. Whoever finds these please enjoy. This is Ivan Petrenkov. Day 1: Was hanging out today at the house when Kolya got restless. Said he was sick of sitting around and wanted to stretch his legs. I could not blame him, we have been sitting eating semechki for about 4 hours now, a stretch wouldn't hurt us none. I casually suggested we head towards kab, to see if we could find anyone to converse with. We hit up VMC, then moved towards the town. We came across 3 folks, who I now know one to be named Doc Brandon. Nice fellows. An offer was made from the doctor to come visit their home/clinic, and looking at Kolya we said fuck it, what's the worst that could happen? We traveled west following doc and eventually came upon a small lake with a dam on one end, and summer camp on the other. We visited with the doctor and his comrades for awhile, and I must have casually brought up that I Have some technical expertise on fixing shit. They offered to show me the dam, and explained they would like to get it running to help power some of their equipment. I don't know what I felt at that time. Why did I have a want or even need to help this folk? It was unlike me indeed. I told them in the morning I would take a better look at the innards of the dam, and see what I could do. Kolya said he would assist me, with the computer shit at least. What adventure have I set out upon now? I guess only time would tell. (end of day 1 log) Day 2: Woke up today and stepped out into the fresh air of the lake. A very refreshing experience. Kolya was already awake and made some coffee and offered me some Semechki. We got up and walked over to the dam. The first thing I noticed was the 3 input holes. There was only one decent way to check these, So I stripped down and swam down. Looking at them only one turbine on them was in any working order. The other 2 are repairable but we would need a lot of new parts for the gearing on the system. I swam backup and gave kolya the report. We went down to the output wires an checked them out. They were in good shape considering the circumstances. As we were looking at them Vasily stumbled down and ran into one of the transducers. He was sober and not feeling well. Luckily Kolya had a bottle for him and he was back to new in no time. He had a nasty bump on his head so we brought him back over to the doctors and called it a day. Tomorrow I hope to contact Grisha, I hope he can get me some schematics of the dam. (end of day 2 log)
  3. DonnieSeverson

    Item shop descriptions

    Oh ok! that makes much more sense. all those images looked so legit lol. Thanks for the help.
  4. DonnieSeverson

    Item shop descriptions

    I can only see a limited amount of stuff for some reason... not nearly as much as being discussed on the thread.
  5. DonnieSeverson

    Item shop descriptions

    Are all of these in the shop? Am I just blind?
  6. DonnieSeverson

    Item Shop Discussion

    I would like to suggest hunting gear aswell, like the jackets/panst, aswell as the hunting backpack if we are doing backpacks. Another cool bean would be flat caps.
  7. DonnieSeverson

    [FM] Free Medics

    If need be Comrade Kolya could definatly help with the logistics. That's kind of his cup of tea.
  8. DonnieSeverson

    Item shop descriptions

    Oh it seems to be. Sorry about that, was looking up everything reguarding this and I seem to be on the wrong tab.
  9. DonnieSeverson

    Item shop descriptions

    I don't know how you feel about backpacks, but considering their rarity when looking for a hunting backpack I would purchase them. Aswell as flatcaps/Ushankas.
  10. DonnieSeverson

    [FM] Free Medics

    Howdy their! Spoke to Doc Brandon about maybe adding an engineering corp? Would love to in an RP sense get the damn working and have power.
  11. Good to hear! Was the main thing I kicked myself in the ass for after that all.
  12. Hey I Know that guy in the second picture! Cool fellow he is! Lol, did that lady ever make it out of their? Felt like an ass if she suffered from my attempt at escape.
  13. DonnieSeverson

    Official Lore event - VIP extraction - 13/10/2018

    Just to state I filled up an alice and a assualt backpack full off weapons and ammo in case anyone needs it. Would be great if someone could do the same with food and water!
  14. DonnieSeverson

    The House

    I'm a fan! Would love to meet you guys in-game, it seems your premises and Ivan's are quite similar! Best of luck with the group.
  15. DonnieSeverson

    Official Lore event - VIP extraction - 13/10/2018

    Ivan Petrenkov