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  2. Real life picture Thread

    Bro you must grow the flow
  3. Real life picture Thread

  4. Ivan Petrenkov

    Well *empties cup loudly* this is my story. Born in the year 1990, and the beautiful city of Moscow. Fuck that was so many years ago.... Anyways, I started life like every other toddler. Shit and eat, rinse and repeat. It wasn't until I grew too the ripe age of 15 when anything worthwhile happened to me. The Mafia came and killed my father. Now for many this would be they would say "scarring", but for me hell it was the best thing in a long time! That asshole was finally dead, the wife beating fuck. Had what he got coming to him for far too long. I saw the man who killed him, looked him in the eyes and had one thing to say. "If you don't take me with you kill me now, cause fuck this shit". He looked at me, shrugged his shoulders and thought why not? A kid with this attitude could be useful....... A year later I would finally get to do something other then fetch coffee and run around packages for the boss. My now guardian, Donnie was bringing me with him to experience my first collection. We had to go gather money from the people around the neighborhood for the bosses protection. We went from door to door, and were about to finish up on the last house. This man donnie told me had been rowdy before, so I should keep a firm grip on the makarov we kept under the lid of the collection box. As he went up to the door to knock, it swung open and a loud shot rang out. I ran over to donnie and looked at his chest. It was shredded by a shotgun blast. I thought he was dead, but he looked up at me one last time. He looked me in the eyes and told me "Go Kill that son of a bitch *cough* so....." and then he died. I knew that a dying mans wish was a honor to fulfill, and hell I fulfilled it. I looked through the window and shot him in the knee as he took a shot of vodka to celebrate. He thought he had killed the collector. I would explain in greater detail what happened inside but... It has made people natious so I will not do that. After I had finished I went back to boss with donnies body in the back of the car and the money he was owed in the front seat. I walked in the house and gave it to him, and he was surprised. He never expected such from such a young man. Ever since that day the men that died under my hand had kept piling up, more every day. 4 Year later: One of the bosses men came up to me and offered me a job. He said for this one their was a big payout. I was in when he said job. I was just told I was needed as an extra set of eyes, and that's what I was. But it was more than even I could handle. The boss wanted to kidnap 2 kids and burn their parents house down. In my line of work it is best just to do what is told and go with it, so that's what I did. I kept watch, and then shit broke lose. Shots and fire coming up from the house, and then a car snuck out from behind the house and roared down the street. I knew it must be the kids trying to escape, maybe a parent with them. I just about blew their escape when i said fuck it. I get paid either way. It was this day I had a change of heart. I realised what I was doing, hell it wasn't any better than what my dad did. Kidnapping to wee kids over money? I needed out of this as fast as I could. The next day I took my check, packed my shit and left. I knew they would look but not where I was going. Across the southern border to Chernarus. This country was even poorer than the motherland but hell they won't find me here. I lived here from then until now, and not much happened. I had a cabin out in the woods where I could live in peace and be away from the noise. 36 days before the present date: It had first come over my radio. all the news of death and the new virus here in chernarus. The russian bombing, the protest and people turning into the "living dead" many would call it. For many it changed their entire being, but for me, I simply adapted. I kept enjoying my life with my newfound freedom in this land. No government, or police, or general protesting snowflakes to get in my way. Just me, and chernarus. Me being the tuna and it my oyster. The only thing I ever thought would be bad if I ever ran into those kids again. Not that they were much younger then me. But what if whoever took them away had the same Idea as me? Come to this fuckplate of a country. I only ever wondered....
  5. Donnie Volkov

    Some people say when bad things happen they hurt you. They are wrong. They shape you, make you fight harder and only the people with the strongest minds will survive. Donnie Volkov grew up in Chernarus, and was “raised” by his father outside of krasnoe. He lived there till he was 14, when he killed his father. The authorities could never figure out why, and he wouldn't tell. This was 3 years before shit all hit the storm. The government didn't know what to do with him, so they sent him south for processing. After his first year being transferred from jail to jail they sent him to the only place they could think. He was boated out to the unnamed prison Island, and sentenced for life. Many inmates their tried to steal his rations. They believed at such a young age one would submit to such things. After the first year this no longer happened, and he had earned three more deaths to his name. At this time he was 16 years old. He spent most of his time in Solitary confinement, but eagerly waited his moment to escape. Watching the guards routes, who he could kill and who he could not. Finally the day struck when he had his chance. He heard first growling outside his cell, and then all the locks being released. He was on the 3rd floor solitary confinement, and peaked out of his cell to have a guard lunge at him. He took out his shiv he had fashioned from a small spoon he had to eat and stuck it in his head. He then noticed something different about this guard. He had blood on his teeth, and he only thought one thing. He sprinted down the hall to the tower stairs and heard the screams of death around him. People tearing eachother apart, some seemed to feel no pain, the others screaming in pain. He did what he knew best, and ran. Nothing stopped him till he seen the daylight once again. The hall where he was forced into this hell hole 3 years ago. Their was nothing in between him and his freedom. He ran, just to see the guards leaving on the last of the boats. Or what they thought was. Their was many rumors about a boat stored away in a cave on the south side of the island, near the rocks. He knew it would be his only chance out.He ran towards the south side, seeing no signs of whatever was in the prison or other prisoners. He finally stopped near the edge of the cliff, and saw the cave below. He jumped into the water with no fear of what was below, and found it was deep water. He looked into the cave and saw his saving grace. A boat about the size of a refrigerator, but It would have to work. I pulled it off into the water and found a little stash of gear nearby. A stachel bag, a proper knife, and a makarov similar to the one that… nevermind. He rowed toward the coast wondering what was to happen next in his life….
  6. Potatoes (Pre-Outbreak)

    Sorry about that, did not realise it would be so dark!
  7. Potatoes (Pre-Outbreak)

    Name: Donnie Resnov Age at time of event: 16 (Some Background Information Leading to this event) Donnie was moving through the lunch line, receiving his small amount of rations before it was back to their cells. A thief 7 years older than him makes a mistake. Potatoes It was 2 years since I had entered this prison. I have had to kill a man already, and today another had to die. Their was a thief who had repeatedly tried to steal my potatoes, and that would stop today. I was moving down the lunch line, getting my portions of food. I checked with the guard to be sure I didn't have too much, and walked to my designated table. He came up behind me and tried to scoop my potatoes of my plate. I was prepared for this, and dropped my tray and came around with my spoon and shoved it into his throat. It was over before it started, and he was laying on the ground shaking. It was after this people decided not to screw with me, and the beginning of my time in solitary. I was content with my life for the time being, and just waited as the days went by.