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  1. Ok my POV starts when Sam drops dead from Hypothermia, and extremely similar to @Anouk 's POV up until she had to go AFK. Starting from "PUT YOUR HANDS UP" The 4 or 5 'italian mafia' told us from Gorka to put our hands up and walk into the house. @Anouk goes AFK and the rest of us are inside the house on our knees with our hands up in the air dropping our weapons when all of a sudden a friend named Ryan (im not sure what his @ name is) pulls out a suppressed pistol and shoots their 'Leader' in the head and crossfire shoots one of our men I think named Hunter? So Brody starts shooting at Ryan (killing him and crossfire-kills Hunter). Brody goes uncon and the other 2 'italian mafia' members rush in to see what happened. At this point, Anouk is handcuffed and breaking out, while one of our medics, Moxxi and I are still on our knees inside the house. The (im just gonna call them enemies at this point instead of Italian mafia) enemies inform us that they do not know what to do now when out of no where "GET ON THE GROUND" yells Anoku. The 2 enemies scatter around the room and end up running up stairs and taking cover. Thats when I grab an M4 and aim at the door to get in the room me and Maxxi are in. Finally Aldo runs back in our room to keep Maxxi and I from getting guns but it was too late, as soon as he entered I sprayed my M4, killing him instantly. (By now, Anouk is running in the woods far away) I run outside and secure the perimeter just incase more enemies stroll up. I yell to Maxxi to grab a gun and assist me, so she does. Both of us are outside the house looking in waiting to see him come downstairs so we can shoot him. Maxxi tells me she is gonna run and hide because she didnt want to die, I stayed and defended our town and members, risking my life to kill their final member. (roughly 15-25 minutes go by). I run back inside, shutting the rooms door behind me to gather as much loot as I could before I gave up and ran for the woods, when the door opens and im looking down a barrel of a gun. Once again I spray my M4, killing the final member, ending this long hostage situation. Edit: ''However, I would like to add that Johnny Stone stated 4 different VOCAL ooc that I can recall. 3 of them saying verbally "She is afk, don't kill her." (referring to Anouk/Eden when she had to go afk before the hold up occurred) Then one saying something about logging.'' - Hunter My response: I am new to this whole Role Play stuff on DayZ and the forums does say they welcome new and old role players. I am so used to just verbally talking about in game actions that most of the time if not all, it just comes out without me even noticing. For example, "3 of them saying verbally "she is afk, don't kill her." . . ." I was saying verbally because the 'mafia' were saying if she doesn't comply she will be shot, and I just wanted to let them know she was AFK. And was not 3 times. It was once. It does take some time getting to learn the 'skills' of role playing such as the // chat and *. I have only been playing this server for a few days now, and its just the start of me learning new techniques of how to properly role play. However there is no way my very few words ruined your "IMMERSION", and when you say ''extremely consistent throughout the entire RP..." is extremely false, that entire situation I've only said about 10 words, and most of which include the verbal ooc (she is afk) and the rest were simple yes/no answers to their questions. Like I said it takes time to learn the aspects of roleplay especially when you are brand new to it. And FYI, I am in fact 16 years old. I was born March 24th 2001, making me a Junior in High School this upcoming year. It may not sound like it because my voice does slightly get high pitched when im excited , and who wouldn't get excited on their first Role Play hostage situation. Hopefully many more are to come, and hopefully I can learn some better ways to Role Play overtime, and get a better understanding of the differences between the ooc, /, and * chat. P.S. You are not the only one who pulled an all nighter, I did too and im perfectly fine typing my POV right now.
  2. 12:02:49 | Chat("Johnny Stone"): //I JUST sharted --- Me being a dumbass and I thought that ooc was required chat over just normal /. 12:04:52 | Chat("Johnny Stone"): // he cant look in his inventory, his hands are up. , ---They asked about something in his inventory when his hands were up, so I let them know he cant access his backpack with F2 equiped. Chat("Johnny Stone"): // can i put my hands down and see my cold level? ---- Me being serious in a hostage scenario, letting them know to take care of me 12:06:50 | Chat("Johnny Stone"): // im freezing Chat("Johnny Stone"): // how many people are dead? I saw 4 get shot, but only 3 bodies ------ A dead Body was invisible for me and I was asking my friend if she saw it. Chat("Johnny Stone"): // u better not go in that glitch spot thats known in this house ----- There is a well known wall glitch in the house that this took place in, and I told one of them not to go in it to kill us.
  3. Johnny was born in America and lived on a small farm in upstate New York with his Mother, Father, and Grandparents. He was an only child at the time, not expecting any brothers or sisters anytime soon. During his High School years, he found a girl he truly loved, named Alyssa and wanted to bring her home to meet his family and check out his farm animals. Everything went swell with Johnny's family, and he even showed her his favorite cattle named Buck. When Johnny gained enough courage to ask to meet her parents, she refused his requests making him worrisome, she made excuses for them not to meet and would convince Johnny that everything was okay, and they were never home to see her anyways. After a while, Johnny found out that Alyssa was going through some rough times with her abusive parents and obnoxious uncle Joe, she told him she had thoughts of suicide a few times and even running away, as well as depression. He was not expecting things to be like this, so he thought of something to get her mind off things, Johnny asked his mom to plan a Cruise vacation that tours Brazil, South Africa, Australia, and Russia for him and his girlfriend at the time. His mother discusses with her husband about sending them together on a Cruise and if they will be alright in case of an emergency. A few weeks later on June 29th, Johnny finds Alyssa in the halls at school during the last couple days of class and lets her know hes going on a Cruise and has an extra 'ticket', wondering if she would want to go with him during summer. He said it will last about 3 weeks from July 3rd to July 25th, arriving home on the 26th. She said lemme think about it, and on the next day she told Johnny that she had already packed her things and is super excited for the trip. Eventually, July 3rd comes along and Johnny's parents are waving bye to them as they aboard the Ship called 'Costa Risacca'. Everything was going well. When they arrived at Brazil on the 5th they walked around and went into some gift shops and convenient stores, as well as some beaches but mainly they were just trying to enjoy the trip. On July 12th, South Africa was all about wildlife animals and meeting a man called Ziggo who was in charge of the lions and zebras at a local zoo. They planned to go to a 'football' (soccer) game in Australia and even went Kayaking and swimming. A couple days into the Australia part on July 19th, Johnny got a call from his mom telling him he may be having a little brother or sister in 9 months. Johnny was super anxious to get back home but he knew Alyssa really needed the vacation and continued to keep her as his main priority. On July 22nd, When they heading to Russia, the Cruise ship hit a huge storm and struck a rock not too far from the coast, killing most passengers instantly and started slowly sinking to rock bottom. After 15 minutes of struggling to stay afloat, the Ship sinks killing most of the passengers, including Alyssa. Johnny hears sirens and spots 3 Lifeboats quickly driving his way, he started waving his arms up in the air and shouting for rescue. He safely makes it to shore with a boat-full of bloody people and Russian-speaking men. He remembers he still has his phone in his pocket, but realizes it doesnt work because all the water. Johnny noticed that the town he was in looked a lot like an 'LA movie' scene, there were many burnt down buildings and there were broken cars and street lamps everywhere. Johnny then meets with a man named Roy who speaks English and Russian and informed Johnny that some kind infection outbreak is occurring in some parts of Russia and he will bring him to safety. A few days pass and its still storming badly, Roy lets johnny know they are living in a town called South Zagoria. As Roy began to inspect Johnny for any bite marks, he notices some blood dripping from underneath Johnny's pants, he lifts up the pants enough to spot a huge wound on Johnny's knee. Roy told Johnny about 3 men attacking and biting cows in a field, and Johnny instantly thought of his old friend 'Buck'. Roy brings Johnny to a local doctor to have him stitched up and back to good. When Johnny got back to walking on July 26th, he exits the Medical Center realizing Roy is no where to be found. He starts heading South along the coast to look for civilization or just simply a place to stay or a cellphone to reach his parents back at home. He doesn't find anyone for miles but does not give up, he starts heading West away from the coast to maybe find some inland civilization and stumbles across a group of men running along a road. Johnny gets their attention and speaks with them for a while, they tell him they are heading to a town named Gorka to fight against Communists, so Johnny tagged along. It was either go with them or be alone and most likely die of some kind of infection or starvation. When they arrive at Gorka, Johnny sees a much more coordinated group of survivors. He gets to meet a man named Samuel who was the mayor of the town, and a woman named Eden. The group of men eventually branch off, so Johnny got to know the town a little bit better and tells them he grew up on a farm and knows how to harvest all sorts of fruits and veggies, and is familiar with hunting and milking cows for milk. Johnny set up a fertilized little section and started growing some zucchini and tomatoes to offer the 'mayor' as a token of appreciation, Johnny finally adapts to the town a few days later, making him one of the members of a little town named Gorka.
  4. Hey im not sure how long until you will see this message, but I replied to the message you sent to Johnny Bones regarding the double account issue. Please check that out.


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