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  1. *Transmission begins although the audio is a little distorted* Hey, Jayce. This radio is badly damaged, but me and Shaun have just had an encounter with the PAU. Shaun is critically injured, and they are now looking for you. Before they attacked, I was talking to one of them about narcotics, and then they attacked asking who we supplied. I wanted to let you know they are looking for you first as I hope we can develop a friendship of sorts. *Transmission ends*
  2. *Transmission begins* Are you on your way? *Transmission ends*
  3. *Transmission begins* Fair enough, we shall see you there. *Transmission ends*
  4. *Transmission begins* What are you willing to give for the product? As i remember you saying that if we supplied you would offer some things back? Food? Ammo? etc. *Transmission ends*
  5. *Transmission begins* So 6:30 GMT? *Transmission ends*
  6. *Transmission begins* We, the Gentlemen have moved from Lopatino now. However I will meet with you there, if you give me a time I will do my best to be there. *Transmission ends*
  7. *Transmission begins* Hey Jayce, its been a long time, sorry for the wait. I am now able to comply with your deal, I have made a full recovery. I hope to be able to meet up with you soon, we shall agree to a time and place to meet I assume? I apologize as i am unable to meet up and supply, I just thought that you would appreciate it if we had more than the bare minimum of what you want. *Transmission ends*
  8. *Transmission begins, Jacks voice is riddled with coughs and what sounds like blood caught in his throat* I am not going to be around the clubhouse for a day or two my dear. I will do my best to supply, I was involved in a rather troublesome interaction the other day, I unfortunately did not make it out unscathed and I am still recovering. *Begins coughing* I shall do my best to supply you as soon as possible. *Transmission ends*
  9. *As Jack Brown is casually sitting on a bed, recovering from previous injuries, in an unidentified house in Lopatino, he pulls the radio out of his breast pocket* *Transmission begins* Jayce, yeah of course I remember you. How could I not, I apologize for not getting back to you sooner, I seem to have landed myself in a bit of bother and have found myself rather injured, I am unsure about whether I will be able to recover fully for a day or two. But yes, the deal is still on. Do not fear, Jack Brown will supply. *Transmission ends*
  10. I'd like to close this report, we have talked this out over team speak.
  11. As i said i was being immature, as to what i was saying, it was something my friend used to sing as a joke a while ago, i only knew the first 4 or so words and then was just making noises afterwards. I did not know the name of the song of what i was singing, only that it used to be a joke between friends.
  12. I have answered your question as best I can. I apologize for the entire ordeal.
  13. I just watched the video, i had no reasoning behind it, i was being childish/immature. I apologize. P.S I did not realise my microphone was that loud to be honest.
  14. Oh okay, i guess i was just being immature, i apologize for that, it won't happen again.
  15. The bit where i was against the wall was not meant to be "roaring" into the microphone, I had been having issues with my microphone that night (could have been the reason as to why it sounded distorted as seen in the video (Kitsunicans can support me with that as he heard in teamspeak before this occurred earlier in the night and I had attempted to fix it). As it was late-ish in the night for me, my parents would not have appreciated me literally yelling at someone, so to compensate I moved the microphone closer to my mouth to say "We are not with the fucking Cavaliers!", i said it once, the microphone was not "inside my mouth". I did not tell the leader of our group to say i had "throat cancer", it is something he says as a joke that my character has because the voice is rough. That is the reason for my character yelling.
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