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  1. Augustin "August" DuVall A 24 year old Frenchman who left his families home in Vesoul France in 2010. He comes from a family of wealthy landowners and in an attempt to prove to his father he could manage the families business he took a risky investment which ended in failure. Augustin was banished from the DuVall family. To Augustin however the last name is to important for him to lose so he took it and tried to rebuild, just somewhere cheaper. Augustin mistakenly saw a profit from Chernarus's civil conflict and invested in land. Augustin now broke was living with his new love a reporter for a French News Network Emmy, west of Lopatino in a small cabin. Outbreak When news of the outbreak first came to him it was of little concern as they stayed indoors to avoid what was called a flu. Augustin realized the danger once he saw an older fellow he befriended from Lopatino torn apart by an infected, after this incident the two packed their bags and tried to flee to the airfield. Unfortunately he was not aware of the true intentions of the military as him and his lover were fired on killing Emmy. This incident left Augustin heartbroken and filled with hatred for all military/government members. Augustin sets out now focused on the survival of himself and those with him. He avoids confrontations with those involved with local Military but does his best not to harm others.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://gyazo.com/aab6d7b88701d133ca0ccc4b737594ad like this? Why the verdict is not fair: I'm 16 bruh Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I sent the photo's subject "ReidMachineLG - Ban Appeal". I will be gone for the next two weeks so I cannot reply until then. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Get back to playing, I was on a server today chilling at green mountain and 3 guys without talking killed me and it made me realize I miss how DayZ is meant to be played... What could you have done better?: Be older.