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  1. Why can’t RP hubs be in a nice town in the middle of a field where I can maintain a nice juicy 120 FPS. Fuck cities.

    1. Para


      Because DayZ sucks 😄 

  2. Are you sure you want to do that.
  3. Come over. We'll let you run in the hallway.
  4. *A young man's voice would come over a radio* "ow.." *he would rub his shoulder, where a bullet had hit him* "hmm... you've been naughty. Don't like you." *he would smile as he thought of an idea. He would search his backpack* "ah ha" *the sound of pills in a bottle can be heard* "Bring his head to me! You will be my BEESTT FRIEND! Best friends of Francis gets presents! It makes you go zoom!"
  5. Don’t know if this will be allowed by LMs, but if it is, I genuinely can’t wait to meet y’all in game
  6. POV: Me and Elrod were chilling in town when someone came up to Elrod, I think he may of had his gun out, and i think I had heard him say something along the lines of "are you talking trash about my friend here?" (talking to SovietPJ). Due to the situation, i dipped out and went on radio to tell Jester, Fae and Jacob to come back to Berezino. When they arrived, the accused offered to trade me his defender for my plate carrier. I picked it up but since the Defender vest was 15kg, i decided not to trade because it was heavy. I declined but i took his radio out of his vest when i gave it back. Allies came up to him, and after some words were exchanged, he ran. We ran after him and caught up. It was 5v1 at this point. Initiations were dropped but he non complied and so we killed him. Not entirely sure why he would try to fight a 1 v 5 but that was how the situation played out. edit: I think logs will show accused because I am 99% sure he shot and killed jacob
  7. Server and location: S1, Berezino Bar Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 9/13/2020 03:50ish server time approx Your in game name: Freddy Stone Names of allies involved: @Elrod @Jacob Elmes, couple others from the bar witnessed this as well. Name of suspect/s: @DavidSwanson Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Would ask if I can send video to a staff member privately. Detailed description of the events: I was in Berezino just chilling, then a guy walks into town with no pants, then proceeds to say that he is a cowboy prostitute for Jeffrey Epstein, and then says he shot Jeffrey Epstein in "his weird shaped penis". We gave him some pants and then said that he can sleep under the gazebo. When he went to the gazebo and saw some gloves on the ground and was like "Oh boy i'm going to be raped here". He says his name was Jim Kelly so that's why I assume it is @DavidSwansonas he is the only Jim Kelly I can see. Overall this was just trolly and badrp. After this, was when I logged to look for a staff in help desk. Chat logs on discord and connection logs will show this. I waited around 20 minutes for a staff, but none arrived. After I logged back in, @SovietPjwalks into town and says that he hired Jim Kelly as his prostitute? I dont really remember entire what he said as this part wasn't recorded so I cant go back on watch it. Multiple people have video evidence on him but I do not know who. I will tag them once I know.
  8. *A young man's voice would come over through the radio" "PJ, you say you have group of friends! hehe. I wanna play with you guys. have some fun! hehe" *Radio clicks*
    1. UwU Monke

      UwU Monke

      These look very good and I think I will be keeping them

    2. nrmoser1992



    3. Rapid Steve

      Rapid Steve

      they look a bit silly without the high boots but feel free to keep them. These pantaloons are now a second option compared to what I have now

  9. @Elrod @The Jester @Faebloom @Jacob Elmes @Davos and everyone else that was trying to get the bag from the water at Svet, what an amazing experiment we tried. @TheLamp1You made me laugh so hard today with the fishing rod! XD @PosterNice to see some remnants of the Olsha peeps UwU
  10. Yes, I agree. If this cannot be added, maybe can create a similar backpack for the DayZRP mod?
  11. UwU Monke

    Francis & big friend

    yes. pp very smol
  12. UwU Monke

    Francis & big friend

    Pic creds to @Elrod
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