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  1. uwu

    1. UwU Monke

      UwU Monke

      uwu cub

  2. congrats on evolving from whitename ❤️

  3. Only wins from here on out boys 😛

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  4. UwU Monke

    I got called edgy

    well whoever called you edgy, aint wrong
  5. well that's 1000 hours im never gonna get back

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      welcome to the loser club

      we have beanz

      And no dignity

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  6. The OG Knights of Olsha @edgy Maverick
  7. Feels like we've had winter chernarus for a year. I forgot what green chernarus looks like

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      Cant wait for it to end

    2. Lord Seal

      Lord Seal

      Wait Chernarus was green ?

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      pls early normal Chernarus

  8. Born in the town of Olsha, Kolar was desperate to leave the country. He hated living in poverty and constantly struggling for food and money. When his mother and father had gathered enough money, they sent him to the United Kingdom when he was 4 where they hope he might be raised in better circumstances than in Chernarus. There, he was adopted by 2 Londoners. There he was raised with a western diet and education, barely remembering his homeland. In his teenage years, with the advent of the internet, Kolar became learning more about his country and where he came from. He became extremely involved in nationalist groups online, with the echo chambers of the internet, reinforcing his identity and pride as a Chernarussian and distaste towards western countries like the United States of America and those in the European Union. He became allied with the Chernarussian nationalist movement. He was heavily opposed to the integration of Chernarus to Russia. In 2016, he moved back into Chernarus to physically partake in nationalist activities. He lived in Svetlojarsk, right next to his home town of Olsha. He secretly participated in illegal black market arms trading. When the outbreak broke, he and a few others had gone into hiding near Bereziki with a few guns to fend for themselves. After a few months in hiding, Kolar emerged from Bereziki and started making his way west. Along the way, he met Cetar Roman Simanek. Roman helped guide and protect Kolar and introduced him to a group of other nationalists. Indebted to Roman, Kolar became his personal assistant and bitch.
  9. When real life becomes more interesting than in game 👀

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      as it should

  10. I just want to chill in my capri's again and t-shirt again

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      Same bro, same.

  11. I do not like fighting zombies, I much prefer farming so this would be a great addition
  12. Hello. A person named Debbie is missing and it would be nice if he showed up.
  13. Me when I see more than 3 zombies coming at me 

  14. i cant believe 2014 is just a year ago away

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      you confusing me monkeeee

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