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  1. Darnell Da II (or as his birthname would suggest, Darnell Lestor Michaels) was born to Darnell Da I, or better known as Darnell Senior. Darnell Senior was part of a gang and wanted to escape the gang life. He was pursued by federal agents across the country before he fled to europe. There he raised his son up by himself, teaching Darnell Da II how to fend for himself, how to use a gun, and how to kill. When the outbreak broke out, Darnell Senior died to the infected. His last act was to sacrifice himself so that his son could escape through the top floor of their apartment, and jumping on a plethora of pillows. Darnell Da II was alone and lost in the strange country of Norway. He raided a police station and found some guns to defend himself with. From there he set out to survive.
  2. i really don't see the need for rpgs to be added back to the server but i 100% support satchels being re added am not a fan of bases people don't need to be hoarding that type of stuff is kinda kinda wack ok
  3. as a vanilla gamer i do not enjoy the overabundance of military vests that the equipment systems mod gave to everyone i agree with misky i like the current mod list ha
  4. hello this would be really cool would be awesome if days 2.0 could have a new engine this one can't seem to handle the most basic physics
  5. hello some tips i would say is to get acquainted with the keybinds like what you press for both hands up or 1 hand up also do not get attached to your gear hope to see you in game havent played on an arma rp server for years
  6. i enjoyed the role play tonight @Eagles @[email protected] @Kase as dartanious da 4th totally not lestor mikey bonnet things got hectic in the city but i thought it played out in well i thought firefighters are scary to me now good thing i live ha ha props to everyone role playing in the city it was a difficult confusing situation but i thought it turned out fine in the end sorry i dont know your @'s its been a long time
  7. i personally do not mind while darker nights are more immersive it makes it a pain in the buttocks to navigate around the map nvgs are hard to find and no one really carries a flashlight around and it gets annoying in an area with like 10 flashlights around
  8. i greatly enjoyed our role play today members of stray dog and plikt at the meeting and in nyheim city it was very fun @ImKrullixam glad to see you guys in game again habibi it has been too long sorry i shooted you
  9. zoo wee mama i enjoyed your role play the other day at the cabin bar congratz on getting approved cant wait to role play some more ha ha
  10. wow i really i appreciated the hard work you are putting into this map i cannot wait for this to be implemented 2022 is looking very bright
  11. this was awesome picture getting that role play to explore outside the city today i cannot wait to interact with people as a large group again
  12. hello i just joined the group today and i had a great time and a lot of interesting role play from the people while on patrol and learning about relations between the different groups i especially like the early hour role play from @Konowith the helicopter i cannot wait to role play further with the group
  13. +1 having seen seen this mod on in action on another server i think it would be great addition and would have many uses and needed my only issue is that sometimes it can tank fps for 20 30 fps and i would assume in more populated areas it would hit people a lot harder
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