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  1. i did not enjoy your role! playing 

    1. Hofer


      I think it's time for you to take a break

    2. OkBuddySIMP



  2. tw: jokes and sarcasm shown below. I want to start a thread to shout out people's role play! I did not enjoy. So this shall be the first one @KonoSimpI did not like your role! play today because you led me on to believe Candace was in Pavlovo when it was in fact, just an impostor and your friends robbed me for my gear. I did not enjoy that. @JakovI was disappointed to find out your character was French as I believe those things are gross and should not exist. @PandaSimpI find that you ignoring all my messages was not very poggers. Is it not June? @DayNxckPlease
  3. going to leave feedback before the server switches and i must say it has been very fun role play! with you guys at the prison. the farming and the meth cooking was very cool and unique that i have not experienced in a long time. i hope to come back to the server to role! play with you guys again it was very pogchamp
  4. i think this would be a really interesting idea and would change the dynamic of the server for the better. people tried to push for this on Namalsk but got xp points which was kinda stinky tbh. i think this would be a poggers idea
  5. Wow thank you for the beanz and follow. Unfortunately you are French 🤮. But you are my French 🤮 friend 😊 

  6. Colar Novak was born on March 15, 1990 in Oslo, Norway. He had both chernarussian parents who had fled the civil war. He had a fascination with his homeland of Chernarus. Being a very handsome man, he began modeling to earn money and soon got enough money to buy a plane ticket to chernarus. When he arrived there, he settled in the town of Svetlojarsk where he became friends his Alexei Novak and his cousin Kolar Novak. When the outbreak hit, he became seperated and spent the next few months surviving and finding his friends
  7. Any interaction can teach people how to roleplay but that doesn't mean it's any good. Most 1 on 1 interaction I've had on this server has been the blandest "hey, how are you doing? do you need anything? no? ok bye". Hub RP allows for more long term interactions for characters to build storylines and then connect with people for a longer time than happening upon someone in the middle of fuck all nowhere. Also, no I cannot.
  8. epic amogus roleplay will resume in future maybe. is been very fun role playing! with you.
  9. - USER WAS WARNED FOR A PART OF THIS POST - f hubs don't work than its basically people roaming the map endlessly and then maybe encountering a random whitename outta nowhere. Hubs draw people together and help new players learn to roleplay which is why sometimes the RP can be kinda boohoo. Hubs help people learn to interact with others rather than seeing a group of like 3 people and then getting scared and running away. As for people crying about hubs being attacked, most of the time, I see it when a new group is made is the first thing they do is attack a hub with the bare minimum RP do
  10. any colour you like 

    a fine choice

  11. epic amogus roleplay @KonoSimp @Dank Ninja @BeanSimp @[email protected]@Millie
  12. "First off, I would like to say, I salute you for your service Frank. It is a great honor to meet a member of the boy scouts. However, you have associated yourself with some naughty fellas it seems like. Consequences"
  13. Kolar Novak Jr was born mysteriously in the lands of Chernarus. His father tragically died to a gas station. It affected him greatly growing up and he was very sad for most of his childhood. He developed a fear of moving vehicles and gas stations. It would trigger his trauma and the death of his father would play over and over again in his head. When he grew up, he fled away to the wonderful land of Norway where he met a lot of cool people. They hung out a lot and then he learned how to shoot a gun. It was a very cool experience for him and he enjoyed it very much. When he was older, he return
  14. i enjoyed your role play yesterday .very cool on the approval !
  15. I enjoyed the epic poggers roleplay to day @BeanSimp @PandaSimp
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