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  1. Crazychimp

    DayZ RPuppy Thread

  2. Ah ok. Thank you very much
  3. If I put gasoline in my water bottle, then someone robs me, drinks it and dies, is it my fault/an offense on me? What if I give it to someone intentionally?
  4. Named after Marshall Ney, Michel was born in Amiens in the Picardie region. He grew up with an American father and a Belgian mother. He grew up learning English as his premier language and French as the secondary. He lived a mundane life in Paris. Same old routine. Wake up. Attend school. Go home. Sleep. Rinse and repeat. Michele was attending Sorbonne when he heard about Chernarus on the news. Bored with his life, he decided to visit the country during the summer. Then shit hits the fan. At first, he did not know during the chaos. Then there were reports of violent attacks. Then an virus outbreak. WHAT? Within the chaos, he and others were told to stay indoor. Then the military came and gunfire can be heard multiple times throughout the week. One night, Michel was woken to loud explosions and gunfire. There was fire in the streets and people running and screaming. A window in the house he was staying in was broken and he and the family that hosted him barricaded themselves in a kitchen. There was pounding on the door and what sounded like a dog growl and screams. Terrified, they armed themselves with whatever they had. Knives, pots and pans. When the door broke down and Michel saw was the most horrific thing in his life. It was a person. But not really. The skin was taut and red and bloody. The eyes were sunken and swollen and there was blood everywhere. The person ran at the man and his wife while Michel stood in the corner, petrified, and looked on in horror as the person sunk their teeth into the woman's face while the man screamed in horror. He tried to stab the person but to no avail as he was soon attacked. Michel soon came to his senses and ran out the door. He saw other people like the invader running, growling, and tackling down civilians and soldiers alike. Michel did the only thing he could do. Run.
  5. Crazychimp

    The Establishment of a Community [CLOSED]

    *A man picks up his radio.* "Hello Mr... eh, David. Is there anybody else in this... eh... this community of yours." *He pauses. There is a long silence. In the background, the growl of an infected can be heard. Moments later, the man up his radio and spoke in a quieter voice* "I am interested. Where we meet for interview?"
  6. I think I read or watched somewhere that a form of base building will be coming with .63. Probably a form of building basic wooden walls from chopping trees or building sandbags from burlap sacks and collect sand on the beaches. I don't think we will see something advance like watchtowers
  7. Well its just that the character movements and interaction is a bit shit right now and the demo seems to run a lot smoother. If they show off base building or teased it, that would perk a lot of people's interests.
  8. Crazychimp

    Is it possible to make a currency?

    Aye, Kovars are using books. Before them, the Hobos [pre-lore wipe] was using duct tape.
  9. Crazychimp

    Where's everybody gone?

    My only issue with the area is that there's too many trigger happy people and poor RP that goes on around there. But otherwise yeah, I agree, the pub is great and seems to be the go-to spot for a lot of people.
  10. To the threat that "leave the area or get shot", I did leave the area. The apartment that the hostage was in and where I assumed the threat was originated from was a good 100 metres away from the CDF camp. In addition, I was inside the CDF camp. In cover. In a building. When I heard that the hostage taker was shot and killed, I assume the threat was over. I think most people assumed it was over. So I went outside. Literally 1 minute later, I see Tayrn get shot at for literally no reason. I saw Izaak run away so I went over to her body to see if she was alive and needed CPR or bandaging. The reason I raised my gun was partially panic and reflexes. However, I did not fire at him. There was no clear initation from Izaak towards me that I knew of. When I went to check if Tayrn was alive, I was shot.
  11. I'd like to add, from the angle that Izaak shot Taryn and ran away, if I were to run in opposite direction of him[as one would when a shooting starts, you run in other direction], it would lead me towards the apartment building that I was warned not to go towards.
  12. I did not Rambo and grabbed Taryn's gun. It was my gun. I went over to check if she was dead and was shot. As for the warning to leave area or be shot, I was outside of the CDF base and a good 100 metres+ from the apartment by Izaak. Not a threat to anyone. My gun was not pulled out until Taryn was killed. Izaak never even told me to move out of the area. He said the situation with the hostage died down and I heard from others that the criminal was killed so I assumed the situation was defused.
  13. I am sorry but what exactly was the initiation? That you shot someone seemingly out of nowhere? How was that an initiation towards me? I aimed by gun at you because you just shot this woman out of nowhere. So you expect me to just stand there and do nothing after you just shot someone? Edit: I'd also like to note that I did not even fire at you. Not once.
  14. Server and location: S2 Chernogorsk Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Roughly 2h30 Your in game name: Julien Bonnet Names of allies involved: Name of suspect/s: Unknown. Izaak something I think Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I just logged back into the game at Cherno. I was making my way out of town when I heard a hostage situation happening at an apartment. After 10 or so minutes the situation was defused. I was talking to a man by the name of Izaak I think. A lady walked up to him and asked if he had seen a man by the name of Winston. Izaak opened fire on her and ran away. I ran to her body to check if she was alive [She wasn't]. Then about 2 seconds later, I was shot presumably by the same person and killed. I don't exactly know why I was killed. There was no reason whatsoever. The man just killed this woman randomly and then [I assume] killed me. I could be wrong. Maybe it was someone else, maybe it was him. I don't know. All I know was, I ran to her body and then was shot.