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  1. Group map of Chernarus. (WIP)

    Like said above, there is no need for this thread. It is better to find out where people are set up in-game, and like Spartan said, I don't think many people would just give out that information publicly.
  2. Kicked out of game

    I created a character page and was able to play yesterday and all this morning but all of a sudden, I got kicked from the game. Same message/ <<No active character>> I created a character on the character page, I just checked, it says it is active. But whenever I go in-game, I just get kicked out.
  3. Julien Bonnet

    Born on May 26, 1994, Julien grew up and spends the majority of his life in Seattle, Washington [United States]. At the age of 20, he enlisted in the Marines. Stationed in Chernarus as part of the NATO's Chernarus Force [CFOR]. Their mission is that of a peace keeping operation and to provide stability within the region. When reports of a breakout had reached CFOR, American troops where deployed to Chernogorsk and Elektrovodsk [the latter of which Julien and his platoon where sent to]. Despite their best efforts and heavy military equipment, the city is overrun by the infected. His unit is scattered all over the city and the city outskirts. His manages to find his CO Cpt. David Banks and they attempt to find the rest of their unit however, a massive storm leaves them isolated with no means of communications to the CFOR HQ. Using only short range radios, they roam the region looking for remnants of the Chernarus Force.
  4. Kicked out of game

    Ah ok. Thank you very much. I was waiting until the new lore and full website was implemented but I guess I will just do it now.
  5. Kicked out of game

    Kicked out of game "Not whitelisted". Then when I tried to join again, it kicked me out again but this time, with the display text "You have no active character". For both S1 Eu and S2 US. Is this prt of maintenance?
  6. Ads on the website

    I honestly don't see the fuss with ads. Ads pay for the server that we play on...
  7. Where are popular hangout places? I want to meet some people, join a group or faction. Experience some quality RP and whatnot. I've swept Cherno and Elecktro and went to Starry and Novy but found no one. Are these no longer popular areas? Should I go further North/Northwest? _______ Edit Heard some shots in Gorka. When I went there, no one was there. Seems like people are skeptical or afraid to RP or interact. Or maybe I'm not looking in the right places.
  8. Lopatino's Church Massacre Comic

    Fuck mate, you have got to do more of these.