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  1. FRIENDSHIP? Chapter I I finally made it out towards the urban centers... After months if not a year hiding in the woods feeding on mother nature. Not a human face seen besides my own while drinking from the ponds along my way towards the first city I could get my eyes on. Elektro, a big sign greeting me as I step along gently parallel to the train tracks. Left, right, axe, left right, through the city buildings. I turn, I kill, rinse, repeat. But what happens next is so surrealistic and hard for my brain to comprehend after being away from civilization for so long, let alone other human beings. A person. He stands there for a second waving, "Hi". He says. "Hi". I remember standing frozen for what could be an eternity before I manage to access my vocabulary which I haven't been required to use for decades it feels like. "Hi" I manage to copy before my brain realizes that my body language is currently expressing madness. my body twitching all around, and.. boom. Normal function. I approach the person, noticing the long pipe sticking out from behind his back, two barrels.. Swiftly, instinct. I place my hand om my chest holster, onto the weapon residing within the leather straps ready to kill, yet on stand by. So.. I remember asking; "this is awkward?" And all it takes is 10 minutes fast forwarding, and we are suddenly sitting inside a cabin together in front of a neatly lit campfire. Jimothy I believe his name was. My name was Andrew, his name was.. Jimothy? Jim something. Jim-something was okay. We traveled together along the coast looking for food. Food, a constant issue I never really had within the woods. Why did I leave its comfort I keep asking myself? Well if it isn't for the wolfs, it's the need for medical supplies, tools. I took my chance, and I'm still alive. Jim-something was some kind of scientist or nature-guy studying the wolfs in Chernarus. But he said his supplies ran out, looking for more in the urban areas. Lucky for me I guess since he seems to know how things work. We walk, talk. Jim-something likes KFC, I tell him that, KFC isn't something we had in Sweden. Neither do we have Taco-bell, but I did tell him that I love tacos. Stupid, idiotic me mentioning it. Fucking dumb shit that I am... Tacos, we see a sign. "CTAKOPOS" Jim says, Tacos I say. It sounds like tacos. Alright then tacopopos it is. It later appears that Tacoland is actually CTAPOE, or.. according to the map that I found "Staroye". We enter the town, and the next thing I know Jimothy is gone. In panic I start screaming for him, I withdraw my firearm, raising it above my head firing a shot. Zombies. Everywhere. Trapped within a building I start unleashing my arsenal killing everything I see, more and more and more, they kept coming. Eventually silence, and as I force the door open, it shoving bodies away during the process I realize that Jim is no where to be found. I'm alone. Again.
  2. ANDREW DAHLGREN Andrew born and raised in Sweden at an age of 27 when first setting his foot on Chernarus soil. His previous life completely devoted to Information Technology, never really enjoyed nor were interested in the outside world. He tend to stay home while his friends were out partying, preferring a slow and calm day by his fathers porch drinking a couple of beers. Even though he had his own apartment, he always found himself staying with his dad at his house for long periods, his father and brother along with his sister being the only social life. Enjoying the calm setting of the beautiful nature, being able to disconnect himself from his work life of the constant flickering LED monitors, and without a significant other nor any friends he really depended on nor interacted with if not necessary he could simply pull the cord and enjoy life with his Father. Years passed, and after a traumatic event having him burn out due to his work condition he lost his job, apartment and spirit to live sober. He permanently moved in with his father continuing the cycle of not caring. He took interest in watching survival videos on the internet, how to find and catch food, build shelter and what not, however he never gave in and actually put the new traits into effect, staying inside not bothering to experience life outside the house perimeters besides when the alcohol stock run out. Enough was enough, his father finally confronted his son Andrew, after numerous attempts to get his life together. He gave him an ultimatum, which ended with Andrew in rage, leave the quiet world within the small Swedish town marching on. He eventually got words of the ongoing conflicts within Chernarus, four days after the infection he decided to do something he would never even dream of; taking a risk. Changing his life for the better. He train jumped, his destination set towards Chernarus. After his arrival to the outskirts of the previous USSR territory, now 6 days into the infection he seeked out the local United Nations recruitment office. With little to no experience at all besides hours and hours behind the screen watching Australian kids hunting toads, turtles and what not using primitive tools, he was accepted and assigned a ticket to Chernarus as an official worker under the jurisdiction of the United Nations. Quickly Andrew realized his mistake. The infection and the current state being nothing as seen on television and video games. Constant fear of the working class teams tried to assist anything still breathing being overrun by a pack of mindless monsters. The constant fear of not being able to even sleep during the nights without the occasional gunshots right outside the workers tents. He simply lost it one night ran away, not looking back. A bold move. Now alone, with nothing but his backpack and a hard helmet. He wanders the countryside staying close to the forest, in belief of less activity. The sun-rays are dancing, kissing Andrews face as he lies still on his back with his eyes closed. His arms are stretched out like an angel, and his fingers are playing with the green grass beneath him. After resting for a while, he forces himself up, sitting straight as he slowly dusts himself off before opening his orange mountain backpack that were currently resting next to him. He slowly moves his hand about inside the backpack before finally slowly withdrawing a small empty magazine and a re-used paper box which appears to be stamped with '9mm'. He sighs as he begins to feed the magazine with the re-loaded 9 millimeter rounds, one after another still letting himself enjoy the weather closing his eyes from time to time momentarily to let the sun-rays once again dance on his face. - That's it. Andrew manages to utter, while the cracks on his sore and dried out lips are slowly getting worse due to the dehydration. "Two full Magazines, a first aid kit, an empty water bottle and a-" Andrew is suddenly interrupted by a scream echoing, it source appears to be coming from the forest lying a good 200 meters from the field he is currently resting on. Andrew while a few minutes ago moved like a beached whale to conserve his energy, swiftly pushes himself of the ground with one slick movement. Zombies. The creatures have already gained on Andrew before he released how close they were, he lets go of the bag he is currently holding, almost like a reflex, leaving the bag behind as he fanatically empties his pistol aimed towards the figures as he attempts to run away. A loud bang, and suddenly darkness. Andrew wakes up, his head feels like it's about to call it quits and simply detach itself running away. It's dark, it is cold. Yet his eyes not yet being accustomed to the dark lit area, still finds themselves locking into a small fireplace a few meters away from him. - You're awake. An old and rusty voice utters from behind the fireplace. The voice is granted a body as Andrew notices something behind the fireplace suddenly arises approaching him. "I'm sorry about your head, but you did /almost/ blind my mates eye with those sticks you were throwing about on the field, I had to take you down before you'd hurt us or yourself". Andrew looks up, his eyes squinting focused on the old man. "What do you mea-.. sticks? what, no I were chased by zombies and I shot at the-" The old man interrupts Andrew as he attempts to finish his sentence; "Look buddy, when we found you, you were heavily dehydrated, whatever you think you saw isn't what you actually saw, you get me?.. " he pauses, chuckling before opening his mouth again; "You ran as soon as you heard my mate Uri approach you asking you if you'd want some water, throwing sticks at him as you tried to keep yourself from not fumbling over falling down..."" Quite the show" he finishes. - Damn... It was that bad huh? Andrew manages to utter embarrassed, his cheeks slowly turning pink. "Don't worry lad" the old man whispers before handing Andrew his bag back. "I took the liberty of refilling your rations, water food and a new knife, seeing it got busted during the uh.. /heist/ haha" *** Andrew stayed the night, shared a meal with the old man and his crew before he departed from them during the sunrise, heading towards the northwest airfields.
  3. Like @SGT_Maverick I enjoy the post-apocalyptic feeling of the game, however I prefer the immersion of survival rather than the common PVP shooting ground. That's why I took interest in this community, and after the review process if I pass I believe I made the right choice after watching a lot of the threads around here, and talking to one of the Community representatives @Chewy I just love the immersion, constantly looking for food to survive, just chilling, reading a book in character. I don't know I just love it.
  4. thanks a lot! hopefully my character story is sufficient.
  5. Thank you all for your warm welcome I'm currently reading the FAQ, rules etc over and over while I wait for approval! Community seems quite friendly, I like that
  6. Hi! Been playing DayZ SA since launch, however stopped playing after the implementation of animals, since I simply got fed up with getting shot at 24/7. So this is why I'm joining this community due to its role-play focus! App currently pending, but I hope to meet some interesting people soon! I've role-played a lot before but never via voice, so I can't wait to try it out!