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  1. When you take a nap and all your friends are offline when you get back.


  2. Definitely left my car running for 11 hours yesterday because the ice-cream man showed up.

    1. Joules


      Aint no shame!


      At one point, my father was an ice cream man. He got sick of the shitty music so he fucked with the music player and had this play instead as he drove by. 

    2. ApronedCrusader

      Not gonna lie, that's pretty awesome.

  3. Jasper Kelly

    "You need leave..." "They WANT you to die...." "If you leave you will die..." "Everything is fine..." "Don't look back..." "Something is wrong..." "You can't forget them..." "You don't have enough time..." "You can't forget US..." "Get away..." "Quickly now, your life depends on this..." "Leave this place..." _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ April 20th, 2017. A missing person's report was filed by the Denver Police department this morning after a call about a man named Jasper Kelly. Mr. Kelly was reported to have been a "no-show" at work the previous week and had also been absent to his monthly therapy session. When DPD officers searched his place of residence, Mr. Kelly was nowhere to be found. Officer's claimed that there appeared to be no sign of foul play, however it was noted that there was no clothing left in the house suggesting Mr. Kelly had packed for some sort of trip. The Denver Police Department request that anyone with information to the disappearance of Mr. Kelly call 720-913-2000. UPDATE: Mr. Kelly was reported to have boarded an international flight to Helsinki, Finland on April 14th for unknown reasons. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Jasper wasn't certain about his own whereabouts, nor was he sure about where his final destination would be. All he knew was what they told him. That's all that mattered. They seemed to know what they were doing and where they going. He just did what they asked, with little to no thought. And why shouldn't he? They NEEDED him. At least that's what they told him. Every couple hours or so, they were sure to always let him know how IMPORTANT he was. They told him how they couldn't do it without him. They spoke of how without him, they could never accomplish their goal. He was different, he was better than everyone else. He OBEYED... They told him this was his best quality, the reason he was so SPECIAL. These words, they swirled around and gave meaning to everything Jasper had ever done and would ever do. He was special, he was different, and most importantly he was needed. A truck appeared on the horizon. Unlike the 23 other vehicles passing Jasper along the road, they told him that he needed this one. They were very particular about which vehicles to take. often claiming there was just "not enough room" for all of them. They assured Jasper that there would be plenty of space for all of them and it would take them much closer to their destination. Jasper stuck out a thumb and before the truck barreled past him it came to a stop. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ It had been just over two months since they had left and Jasper was beginning to lose count. Countless steps, and countless rides with strangers had nearly brought them to the destination they had told Jasper about. He asked them about it on occasion, but each occasion was only met with either a soft shush or a "You'll see soon enough.". But now they were about a dozen miles from it. Jasper grinned from ear to ear. He was finally going to see it. He would know his purpose. As night fell Jasper had to take shelter in an old barn. A terrifying storm swelled over the region and forced Jasper to hide in a corner, covering himself with an old blanket. They shouted at him. They told him he needed to keep moving, but the storm made it impossible. 'Why are they yelling?' 'Why are they so angry with me?'. When the storm cleared in the morning, Jasper left. He hadn't had a bit of sleep that night, but he needed to move. He didn't want to make them any angrier. They insisted that Jasper go to the old farm house to let the owners of the barn know he had stayed there the night before. The old farmer stood on the porch and stared out at nothing as Jasper approached. Getting closer and closer to the man, Jasper began to believe the man may just have poor eyesight. Jasper called out and suddenly the farmer's eyes locked with his. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ He was in shock... Jasper had done things for them before, but this was all new to him. They applauded him for what he had done. It NEEDED to be done. Jasper had performed well. Jasper removed the pitchfork from the farmer's chest and threw it to the side...
  4. Really smoky outside my house today. hopefully all these fires in the area quit pretty soon.


    1. ToeZ


      that's smoke? looks just like heavy rain/fog...


    2. ApronedCrusader

      Nope it's smoke. And here's a picture of my car from my driveway facing the same direction for comparison.


  5. *Goodnight kisses* @Classic @Walnuts @Nathan Osbourne


    1. ToeZ



  6. Real life picture Thread

    Sometime's you just gotta make an angry face for no particular reason and post it for people you don't even know...
  7. Dillon Murray

    A flip-phone... A god-damned flip phone is what got me into this shit. I was really excited after winning those ticket. Caller #100 and I just had to go see the world didn't I? Oh and my dad is gonna be pissed too. "Why the hell would you take a cruise to god damned eastern Europe? Isn't it cold there? You know that damned Titanic movie was about a cruise somewhere cold and then everyone DIED!!!". Well I guess he wasn't wrong. Now I'm stuck on a little raft. Food is running out and I'm not even sure where the hell I am at this point. Well, I guess I'll just make these Cheeto's last as long as I can.
  8. A toast to the citizens of Gorka.


  9. I was a little hesitant on how to portray an 83 year old man in the apocalypse, especially one with Alzheimer's. I originally assumed that it would be a complete pain in my bum, but the more I played I realized this is gonna be a pretty fun character to play. 

    1. Max

      We need more characters like this !! :P

  10. Didn't have a chance to play today, hopefully tomorrow Alan and  Sam Hobbs will take to the streets. 

  11. For anyone interested in reading a bit about my new character, here ya go - https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-97/

    1. Red


      I read it and left you a comment :)

    2. Rory


      Love him!!

  12. If i had a nickel for every gun I saw in the new characters section, I could probably quit my job and play DayZ for a living.

    But for real, I understand that at the beginning of the outbreak there may be a large military presence, but damn... 

    1. Beni


      This is actually quite accurate. 

    2. Red


      Sorry to dissapoint :(

      I just hope I'll do the role of UN Peacekeeper justice.

    3. ApronedCrusader

      I'm sure you will. I'm not saying that I'm against militaristic characters, I just don't see a lot of variety when it comes to people playing them. It'd be interesting to see someone who's MOS is like plumbing or something like that. Instead of all these people who were just plain rifleman or officers. Maybe someone who perhaps takes the outbreak as a method of breaking away from their service in the military.

    4. Red


      I keep every possible direction open. It depends entirely on where the RP brings my character. I could imagine him deserting if high command ends up telling "Welp guys, ya'll not going anywhere. We're stuck and you can't go home." He has a wife and a child at home so yeah. That definitely wouldn't sit well with him.

    5. Law o7

      Law o7

      If I had a nickel for for every gun on the character page I could pay for Dayz to be finished 

  13. I hope you are all ready to meet Old Man Hobbs, the 83 year old with Alzheimer's. It's gonna be an interesting character to play.

    1. Stoobs


      I am more than ready.

    2. ApronedCrusader

      I'm sure he'd be ready to meet you as well, at least a time or two anyway haha.

    3. Stoobs


      I hope so. Sounds like a fun character :) good on ya.

  14. ApronedCrusader

    Photos from the adventures of Jimothy hibbard.
  15. Novocliff3

    From the album ApronedCrusader