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  1. *Goodnight kisses* @Classic @Walnuts @Nathan Osbourne


    1. ToeZ



  2. Real life picture Thread

    Sometime's you just gotta make an angry face for no particular reason and post it for people you don't even know...
  3. Dillon Murray

    A flip-phone... A god-damned flip phone is what got me into this shit. I was really excited after winning those ticket. Caller #100 and I just had to go see the world didn't I? Oh and my dad is gonna be pissed too. "Why the hell would you take a cruise to god damned eastern Europe? Isn't it cold there? You know that damned Titanic movie was about a cruise somewhere cold and then everyone DIED!!!". Well I guess he wasn't wrong. Now I'm stuck on a little raft. Food is running out and I'm not even sure where the hell I am at this point. Well, I guess I'll just make these Cheeto's last as long as I can.
  4. A toast to the citizens of Gorka.


  5. I was a little hesitant on how to portray an 83 year old man in the apocalypse, especially one with Alzheimer's. I originally assumed that it would be a complete pain in my bum, but the more I played I realized this is gonna be a pretty fun character to play. 

    1. Max

      We need more characters like this !! :P

  6. Didn't have a chance to play today, hopefully tomorrow Alan and  Sam Hobbs will take to the streets. 

  7. For anyone interested in reading a bit about my new character, here ya go - https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-97/

    1. Red


      I read it and left you a comment :)

    2. Phoenix


      Love him!!

  8. If i had a nickel for every gun I saw in the new characters section, I could probably quit my job and play DayZ for a living.

    But for real, I understand that at the beginning of the outbreak there may be a large military presence, but damn... 

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    2. ApronedCrusader

      I'm sure you will. I'm not saying that I'm against militaristic characters, I just don't see a lot of variety when it comes to people playing them. It'd be interesting to see someone who's MOS is like plumbing or something like that. Instead of all these people who were just plain rifleman or officers. Maybe someone who perhaps takes the outbreak as a method of breaking away from their service in the military.

    3. Red


      I keep every possible direction open. It depends entirely on where the RP brings my character. I could imagine him deserting if high command ends up telling "Welp guys, ya'll not going anywhere. We're stuck and you can't go home." He has a wife and a child at home so yeah. That definitely wouldn't sit well with him.

    4. Law o7

      Law o7

      If I had a nickel for for every gun on the character page I could pay for Dayz to be finished 

  9. I hope you are all ready to meet Old Man Hobbs, the 83 year old with Alzheimer's. It's gonna be an interesting character to play.

    1. KinMurp


      I am more than ready.

    2. ApronedCrusader

      I'm sure he'd be ready to meet you as well, at least a time or two anyway haha.

    3. KinMurp


      I hope so. Sounds like a fun character :) good on ya.

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    Photos from the adventures of Jimothy hibbard.
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