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  1. Sylus

    Allow the robbery for items once again.

    New player here, but I'll toss in my two cents. I think the rules should be reverted to allow more room for hostile RP. Currently as it is, I have had little encounters with RP over the few days I've been playing. However what little I have had makes the scene feel a little less like a zombie outbreak and a little more like a sunday stroll through a slightly sketchy part of town. I'll continue RPing a cautious survivor who is weary of strangers, however it would be nice if there was a reason for my character to be cautious around strangers. As it stands I haven't felt like my character was ever any real danger of other players, even the ones I could tell wanted to rob me but couldn't due to OOC rules. To be taken with a grain of salt, as I said. I haven't had many encounters yet but there is my two cents. Also if anyone ever bumps into me in-game, feel free to try and hold me up or initiate on me. I'll appreciate the RP.
  2. Sylus Eorane was born in Kentucky, USA in the year 1995. At age nineteen he became employed at a private security firm named “Valkyrie Security Holdings” or V-SEC as a summer job to help pay for his college education as an Engineer. Midway through the summer in 2017, in early July when the Chernarussian conflicts began over the old USSR military base, the company was contracted by a Chernarussian business man who had fled the country as soon as reports of CDF forces moving on the old Russian base were reported, in what seemed like a paranoid action of panic. He contracted one team of nine men to go into Chernarus to secure various business related legal documents and bring them back to the United States to keep them secure, where the man was waiting for the tensions to die down. The job seemed easy, almost a little too easy. They should’ve know something was off about it. In the early hours of July 9th, the team shipped out to Chernarus, landing in the country well into the night. The following morning they made the long drive to Chernogorsk, the same morning that the Russians bombed the military base and the conflict between CDF and RUS forces began. The team reached their destination halfway through the day, with the only news coming from their increasingly concerned translator who was eagerly scanning the radio for news. By the evening of July 10th, the team secured the documents in Chernogorsk and began the trip back to the airport, hoping to flee the country before air traffic was restricted by one of the conflicting factions. Halfway to the airport, the three car convoy was stopped by CDF forces, and the team was forced back into Chernogorsk until emergency conditions were lifted. The time never came, and the team eventually retreated with the US Army forces which accepted the trained team as an auxiliary unit given the circumstances of the outbreak. In the following weeks, when the US forces scattered and the wave of infected invaded Chernogorsk the team attempted to flee with US Forces but was separated amongst the chaos. The following days were spent staying alive and out of the way of bombs and infected. The next week, they decided to attempt to reach the border. However they failed and their situation only degraded over time. Eventually the team lost their translator and team lead to the infected, leaving only seven men. Over the following weeks, seven became six, five, and eventually just three men were left. Sylus, the team’s primary driver, and the communications specialist. The three were split two months into the outbreak near Stary Sobor after a clash with an AWOL CDF fireteam and struggling survivors in the town broke out, likely over resources. The team got caught in a firefight and seperated. In the months since, Sylus has spent his time struggling to survive in the foreign country.
  3. Thanks for the replies, however I wasn't sure I would have the free time to be a regular member of the community to begin with. I was kind of excited to be a part of it but as it is I have spent upwards of three hours just trying to get through the initial application phase. I understand it is there somewhere, and I understand it is supposed to be very difficult to find, but I was reading off of this post again to find it only to find the text got snipped and I would have to start all over and I do not have another 3 hours to spend tonight on it. I honestly suggest making it somewhat easier to find, it makes this community seem very unwelcoming if three hours of reading text aloud is mandatory to get in. I don't think I am going to spend any more time looking for it, but thanks anyway, I understand you aren't allowed to help.
  4. @Lady In Blue Hey, thanks for the quick response. Pretty sure you didn't take the time to read my post like I read through the rules. I've already read the guide. I said it in the post. I did what the guide said. Still can't find it.
  5. I don't get a lot of free time do to university. However I kind of wanted to get into this community. I've spent 2 hours reading through the rules word for word, bottom to top then top to bottom looking for this passphrase. I read the FAQ, and the guides for finding the password saying explicitly not to make a post about not being able to find it. But it isn't there. I've tried to apply to the community before apparently about a year ago, but the passphrase probably discouraged me. I've done text to speech and listened to the whole thing. I've highlighted it and read it aloud word for word 5 times. Still can't find it. I'm giving up at this point, at this point I have spent too much of what little free time I have trying to find this password. Here's the text I've gone through. -Snipped for showing rules and passphrase- Please do not reply if you are simply going to to tell me to take a break and read through it again. I've done it five times. I could probably answer any quiz on it you give me. Any help would be appreciated as long as it isn't anything posted in the FAQ or any of the guides.