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  1. I’m... Baden Haider, Lion to most. I guess you could call me a freedom fighter, you Westerners wouldn’t call me that though... you prefer terms such as ‘Insurgent’ or ‘Terrorist’ I guess you would, damn hypocrites. That was before the outbreak, I must say though Afghanistan is a very mountainous place, transportation was difficult and many cities isolated due to war... The problem wasn’t the infection no, no it was the refugees. Millions from the East, Millions! Streaming across the country throwing plans into disarray. So many areas became infected before we knew it our country was consumed, border guards overwhelmed meaning no way to close the borders as well as deal with the rising infected population. I knew that the leaders made threats to the Pakistan and Indian governments but were simply told “They were doing all they could” it was so crystal clear that they were lying. Perhaps if we combined our militias the nation could have dealt with it... but no, in our time of true crisis we still squabbled. The first time I saw one? I shot it of course! The thing ran towards me out in the open as we were patrolling. It scared me shitless... What kind of man runs at you with no concern for his life? Well it turns out no man at all, those *things* are not man... at least not anymore. That was the first taste of the infected for me, although it wouldn’t be the last. We kept getting reports of outbreaks and eventually our command snapped. We splintered and fragmented, I was not going to waste my life on fighting my own people anymore... there was a bigger threat. I gathered a group and left in a truck packed with enough supplies to last awhile. We had an incident down a week later, slowly we too broke apart. A man named Abdul thought it was pointless and argued to return, I told him he could do what he want as I was to desperate and tired to fight... he took his followers and left. They argued for the truck but I stayed firm on that, it was *my* fucking truck. Those that stayed with me slowly fell into boredom and depression as we hadn’t seen an alive soul in awhile, until that day, that one day... We were ambushed, a bandit group of Russians, Iranians and others found us and met with us, we explained how we simply were just moving around when they demanded the truck. I said no as sternly as I could muster, the man put a gun to my head and told me to reconsider... looking around it was clear what was about to occur. The fight ensued, I was shot in my leg after tackling the man who pointed his firearm at me... it lasted long into the night when we finally lost. They managed to steal the truck and took off into the night leaving us in the cold dust... some of the survivors just laid down and prepared to die, I heard a few gunshots but assuming the worst I just... didn’t look. carrying on, trudging alone through the desert wilderness which slowly turned to mountains and finally green. I felt the verge of death grip my shoulder but still moved forward... surviving and living off what I could find... now I just got to make it day by day. The rest of the story? I’ll tell you later, if I’m honest I don’t think life has its full ride of me yet.
  2. Hi, this Is Dante Hazard Replying to the incident mentioned above. As stated by Curtis Rook most of the group and I had split into two cells to do some loot runs as we were running low on a lot of equipment. Nearing the end of our loot run Tony Meretti - also known as ‘Fat Tony’ - Radioed us about being taken hostage and raised by a group who had not made their intentions clear, Tony stated that they said to him that the group was part of “New Hope Federation” and even asked if he wanted to join. It seems their intentions was to find a man named Chris but this was figured out afterwards. Leaving him alive for some reason and moving off after stealing half of our guns and ammunition Tony Radioed us about the raid. Looking for the assailants who attacked our base we knew that we were well within the 2 hour specified time limit for retaliation. Tyrone went to the gas station and I headed with him, As Tyrone went to the gas station I provide overwatch in the nearby tree-line. He stated that he saw a man in black but Tyrone stated: The man asked us what we were doing which Tyrone replied - “just out looking for gear” and we asked him back and he said “just looking for my anarchy brothers here in town.” We waited in cover assuming our attackers to be on high alert after raiding our base probably not even 20 minutes ago. Daegon then left the base and wandered around looking for supplies when he was greeted by two men with weapons draw, Daegon knowing that we were still within the timer immediately put his hands up and went silent on radio to talk to the men. Most of us were panicking indecisively, unsure what to do when Daegon began to walk with the two men. I assumed he had been captured, and acted accordingly. Our base had been raided and looted, these were clearly the people that raided as we described their looks to Tony and he confirmed it was them. I took the chance and open fired on a man now known as Lakota Fairchild. Instantly the fight began with shots ringing out across the tree line. I had some other pot shots but didn’t hit anyone. As I remained in the tree line I was unable to hit anyone else and merely tried my best to commentate possible positions of the enemy. This is all the information I have on the incident.
  3. Nox An Victorum! I'm a member of the order!
  4. Broken Walking Simulator (official release) 2018.
  5. Although I have no stand in this conversation at all I would love to say: Shouting BLUE ON BLUE is great and then turning a corner and murdering whoever is there, dick move of course. Still funny as hell tho.
  6. Hey man. I feel my character may work quite well here (He’s an electrician) I would be interested in joining your group. If it’s possible get in contact with me and I’ll see if I can meet up and RP with you P.S amazing job and love the theme, hope you do well in the apocalypse friend.
  7. To be honest, I've fired a shot in some of the larger towns (Shotguns and rifles) Just to see how many zombies come looking. In my opinion, we should add more, it makes stealth more of a habit and less of a second thought once you are geared. I do have to add to the fact though in larger cities such as Cherno, Electro, and Zelenogorsk. There are SO many zombies. I had to fight at least 20-30 off a fire-station! Was a blast but my god there was quite a lot of them. In conclusion, I do agree that there should be more zombies, just don't go overboard
  8. My character's name is Dante Hazard, before the outbreak, I used to be a simple electrician although I am quite good at my job, never been fired just moved from company to company because of my skills. Funny thing... I was actually on a job when it all started. Some higher up sent me and a bunch of other guys from different companies around the globe to this place called 'Chernarus' to fix a bunch of downed power lines, I was coming all the way from Australia! Imagine that, going to a place where you can't even speak the language and be expected to fix power lines? Sounds stupid as hell doesn't it? I never really knew much about this place but they gave me a crash course, This is what I know. Turns out after the civil war Chernarus was heavily rebuilding its lands. There was some amazing investment in the place so I can guess that's why an international amount of electricians were sent. There was also coal, mining, and gas along with some others that I couldn't name because I hate lists but you get it. Chernarus was a growing powerhouse of a tiny country and we were sent to fix it up for them. They actually gave me a choice on this one job which I found a bit weird but a job was a job and I like work so I took it, there was quite a lot of money in the rebuilding the place surprisingly! I would have been paid quite handsomely if not for this outbreak. The first time I saw one of those things they started just moaning at us... it was the early morning around the town which the locals called 'Kameka' so none of us couldn't see it clearly. Most of us were busy working but the few of us off-duty noticed him and kept telling him to get away from the fence, a guy named Gregory went to 'remove him' in his words. Although The minute he left the safety of the fence he got jumped by the thing. Next, we see a bunch of different cars and trucks just zooming past us from the other side of town. There were so many of those monsters. A guy called Freddie said they were zombies! A bunch of the 'zombies' came screaming down the street chasing civilians, that when I booked it out of there with a couple of the others. The local police tried to fight them off but I think they got overwhelming because the shooting stopped soon after. A few of us got into the truck that we were using to get up to the power-lines. A Chinese guy called Zhao and A French one called Bastien. Anyway, Zhao was the driver and he actually managed to get us out of the mess but the problem came next. A bunch of the fuckers exploded out of a restaurant window, the horde flipped the friggin' car! I saw Bastien trying his best to punch them off him but Zhao and I just ran, nearly got there too. We got split up during the chaos when a bunch of APC's showed up with some military looking guys and just started shooting everyone. I dived down an alleyway and ran for my life. I'm still hoping in my heart of hearts that the others that we left behind at the transformer are alive... I doubt it though. Turns out those military blokes did their job. Most of the zombies were dead and they started directing survivors away from the town towards the bigger cities. I went into a sort of refugee camp, nothing special just mainly felt scared as hell. Made some friends although they were more like: 'If someone stabs me you handle them and if I stab someone we both handle them' situations. A few gangs formed inside the supposed safety of the tents. It was quite you could say, in-tents haha... sorry. Anyway, we awoke one morning to a loud siren and people running. Turns out the zombies had breached the defensive line or something similar to that, there was a quick evacuation but I honestly didn't know if I was going to make it. To many people, it would have been a bloodbath had a single one of those fuckers made it through to us. From there I tried like many to escape, a lot good that did me. The roads were packed! The second I saw it I left, that was a meal just sitting there waiting for the infected to come along in my opinion. So like many others, I dipped away into the countryside and tried my best to make it on my own. I do know I made the right choice. That bottleneck at the checkpoint didn't last very long, the already failing military presence had just crumbled against the waves, or so I heard. Oh, what am I trying to accomplish? Nothing really... I'm not a heavy person who believes in remaking society or anything, I don't have a problem with the people who do but, I like the new world if I'm being honest. Let's just say... I want to keep it that way.
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