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  1. Just a quick question if anyone else is having constant lag spikes around the times 12-2 server time? When I play at any other time of the day its all fine, but when I play around 12-2 I get annoying spouts of lag. I dont believe its my own internet since its only a problem with dayz.
  2. Jackstral

    Mandatory Character Benching on Death

    Although im fully against this idea, if it was to be added I think it should wait till another lore-wipe and be added with the fresh start since people have already done a lot of fighting on there characters and built it into there play style. by adding a feature like this in the middle makes little sense to me and seems like something that should be in from the beginning. - P.S i haven't fully read all the comments so if someone else has said this im sorry.
  3. Jackstral

    Mandatory Character Benching on Death

    As a player who plays has only 1 character at a time, I dont like this idea. But for those who RP on multiple characters I can see the benefits but in my honest opinion I can only see this doing more harm than good.
  4. - Personality Alfred is a well mannered and intelligent person. A true believer in British Nationalism and Monarchism, Alfred will often help people who's ideals align with his own but not without reward. Alfred can often be heard mumbling to himself, Conversations with Alfred will often go off on a tangent due to his erratic mindset. Alfred Likes to keep his mind active and can often be found exploring the many medieval ruins of Chernarus. Alfred enjoys reading and learning up on a much as he can, Alfred has a distaste for those who scrutinize knowledge or mock history. Alfred believes that it is his duty to safeguard relics of the past from those who would see it destroyed. Alfred is a man of culture and a relic of the old ways of upper class gentleman-ship, Alfred though a kind man is often rude or belittling to those beneath him. Alfred is determined to find his wife and son even if he must travel to the end of the world, but with every passing day Alfred fears more and more that his quest is fruitless, the grief of loosing his family has taken its tole on Alfred causing a black spot on his heart and gaining a lack of empathy for the people around him. Alfred has taken to drinking to drowning his sorrows and can often be found intoxicated - Backstory A well mannered and respected professor of history and doctor of paleontology. Born to Isabella and George Mark on the 5th of may 1970 in his family home, Alfred's mother died due to the traumatic birth. From a young age Alfred was taught by his father to become the epitome of a upper class English gentleman. From politics to hunting, Alfred was taught many skills that a gentleman might need. But his father partially blamed Alfred for the death of his mother being fairly harsh on the young boy causing Alfred dislike his father and grow to despise the man. Alfred spent most of his younger years living in his fathers manor house in southern England along side his father and older sister. Alfred would enjoy listening to the tales and stories of his fathers friends which would inspire Alfred to one day go on the same adventures as them. Alfred was a very lonely child having few real friends are school, the only mother figure Alfred had being his older sister who was mostly away on business leaving Alfred to grow very isolationist in his views of others. Alfred's father soon died after his 18th birthday leaving Alfred with a large mass of wealth, Alfred used this money to attend university to study Alfred's passion of history and paleontology. the remaining wealth Alfred has amassed was to fund the many scientific adventures he would go on. After finishing university Alfred traveled the world exploring and documenting his experiences of his trips. at the age of 28 Alfred acquired a career at the oxford university as a lecturer of history, during this time he fell in love with his future wife Anna but this wasn't to last long as the two soon decided to pack up and travel across the world. Alfred and Anna traveled from Brazil to China and all across the world learning of ancient history and lost knowledge. Alfred and Anna soon settled in Novigrad, Alfred got a job as a lecturer at a local college. Alfred was to meet with a friend at the British Embassy in Novigrad on the day of the outbreak, managing to make his way home his wife Anna and there new born son James was missing.
  5. Hello, Many of you dont know me since I mostly kept myself out of the loop but after a few month away im returning. I kinda got bored of Dayz and went off to sort my life out, but I've thought about it for a while and I've come up with a brand new character. I want to get back involved with some of the best RP I've had in gaming. - Jack
  6. I plan on having him being a kind person, either a retired doctor or professor who cant let go of his past. Similar to professor Yana from Doctor who (before he becomes evil) if you know who that is.
  7. Recently I have been a little bored of playing my current character and decided that I wanted wanted to try something fresh after tossing a few ideas around in my head I came up with a character who I plan to age around the mid 60s. Just wondering if anyone who has played a older character in the past has any tips? Cheers in advance.
  8. This error appears randomly whist playing Dayz for me and it always occurs at the worst moments. Anyone know a fix?
  9. Is server 1 down? dont really know what else to say...
  10. I agree with Chow also my character's intentions are to also store knowledge and to preserve history so it makes sense for my character.
  11. My original idea was to sell Swords and Great Helms aswell as other items like that but I think im going to sell pretty much anything but make up some sort of story for the item (example: this pair of boots inst just a normal pair of boots it was the actual boots wore by some famous person).
  12. I well a bit of both RP and actual items but because its an antique shop the actual items I will be selling will have some sort of story I will add to them, For example the sword im selling turns out to be an actual sword from an medieval siege.
  13. I'm thinking of opening an antiques store in Svetlojarsk, but im completely stumped on how I would go about doing so. I'm just wondering how I would go about doing something like this and would a store be something viable or will I just be opening my self up for being robbed constantly.
  14. Hi, I am looking for a pristine condition brown hunting pants but im not sure on the best places to find deer stands/ hunting stands are. If anyone has an image of a map with all locations or where the best places to look are that would be really appreciated. cheers in advance.