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  1. Hi, I am looking for a pristine condition brown hunting pants but im not sure on the best places to find deer stands/ hunting stands are. If anyone has an image of a map with all locations or where the best places to look are that would be really appreciated. cheers in advance.
  2. Character Backstory paragraphs not working?

    Thanks its working now.
  3. Edward Stone

    -Backstory Born to Merek and Isabella Stone, Edward was born into a rich and respected family in London England and due to his family's wealth he was able to get the finest education his family could get for him. Thanks to his fathers well respected name Edward was able to get a position in British Intelligence working his way onto the scientific research team. Edward displays a keen intellect and quick wit which worked well enough to allow him to advance to chief of artifactual research and was responsible for recovering and researching historic and alien artifacts. Edward is a genius when it comes to historic and scientific knowledge. As a member of the confidential parts of British intelligence Edward has led a life of secrecy and does not divulge any information, Edward has also been trained in many skills both physical and mental and is able to defend himself with both strength and wit. Edward is a quiet and secretive man not telling people much about himself or his past. Outside of work life Edward is a keen fan of hunting and is a avid collector of antiques and artifacts. Edward is both a fan of the British monarch and nationalistic pride since he was raised into a patriotic family and working for a confidential group who use their knowledge for the glory of the British Empire. Edward was exploring in Germany at the time of the outbreak but has continued to take his job very seriously and still continues to search for artifacts to this day, Edward has managed to make his way to Chernarus as he believes it is a good places to search for artifacts of alien or paranormal origin.
  4. When I edit my character Backstory the layout is the way I want it to be but when i save it and take a look at the character page is all appears as a giant blob of text and the paragraphs have disappeared, but this problem only appear today as on other characters I have previously made I dont have this problem (hopefully the image will explain it better than I can)
  5. Connectivity problems

    I've only ever played on Server 1, do server 1 and 2 use the same character save (im guessing they do im just asking)
  6. Connectivity problems

  7. Connectivity problems

    Hi, im just asking if there are server issues going on as im having trouble connecting, Im able to connect to other servers fine but not Dayzrp.
  8. hi, (I dont really know what part of the forums to put this in) I recently died on one of my characters for stupid lag reasons and it really demotivated me, So I decided to create a new character but I have never played a character like this at all in any situation not just RP and was wondering if a few people could read the backstory and give me some feedback, I feel like I really went heavy on some parts. the characters name is ''Edward Morton'' I really want this character to be long term but I feel like I might just abandon it as it might be hard to RP as. Cheers in advance.
  9. Question about making a group

    Hi, I was attempting to make a group but I require a group thread, my question is how do I make a group thread? (It's probably right in front of me, if so then im an idiot)
  10. I found out what I did wrong I forgot to put the . in the name.
  11. Hi, I keep getting kicked for not being on my active character but my character is active? and my in-game name is correct.
  12. Yeah I didn't last very long after then, I was scaling the walls of devils castle (looking for helm or sword) and fell threw the world and died.
  13. I'm so mad, I'm playing a difference server while waiting for character swap cool down and found a great helm...
  14. As the title says does anyone know good places where the Great Helm and Sword spawn? I've looked around devils castle and many other castle around the map but cant find them, I've heard they are rare but im not sure about that, As I really think they would suit my character well as they work well with my RP. Thanks in advance.