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  1. Are notes broken?

    As the title suggests are notes broken in Dayz Standalone because I attempted to write a note with both a pristine pen and paper, I was able to write the note but when I pressed ok nothing happened and the note did not save.
  2. Merek Howard

    Born in the historic city of York in England, Merek was fascinated with medieval history from an early age learning everything there was to know. Due to his fascination his social skills declined and his fascination became more of a obsession slowly breaking his mentality. As Merek grew his fascination with history grew and eventually became a history teacher at a local school and a medieval reenactment actor in his spare time. When the Outbreak arrived Merek left his home and went travelling across the remnants of europe to visit as many historic locations as he could, but this took a tole on him and he mentally broke to the point where Merek believes he is a reincarnated medieval king who as been sent to Chernarus to build a kingdom and return the world to the dark ages, though how he got to Chernarus is unknown he believes it his is destiny to rule.
  3. I'm new to dayrp and have been playing on the same character for around 4 hours and I have yet to run into anyone, Where do all the player go to/ which settlements have people at them?