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  1. this is a great idea, the firing range at the new mill area would be great for this.
  2. Blizzard

    Brightness/Gamma problem.

    i fixed this by resetting all settings to default, then changing them back to what i wanted em at. the update seems to have broke changing settings right away.
  3. Id say stolen since my car, bags on ground ,campfire, and crop plots are still there for me from yesterday with the dead plants inside still. all from yesterday and there 24 hours later.
  4. almost my 5th year here, God I love this place.
  5. I have yet to die randomly, also ive noticed its mostly when people sprint. I feel like its the server trying to catch up so it desync you into an object, then the game cant decide if you should be there or not and just goes fuck it your dead. either that or the one responsible for enterable buildings is getting lazy and not doing hitboxes right on certain homes and buildings
  6. Blizzard

    Avoiding RP

    See Ive been here quite awhile and honestly I would have done the same thing if a large group of people started to run towards me, I mean there's a ton of factors going into this tho. If they didnt look well armed I'd still be spooked by numbers but id give them a chance andwould see what they wanted, But if they were armred to the teeth I would get away quickly and watch them a bit too see if they were a threat or a friendly group. It's very situational , I mean ive always thought of avoiding rp as something along the lines of being in the middle of rp and ignoring/running from them without reason.
  7. Blizzard

    DayZRP 3rd anniversary

    happy bday, wow i cant believe its been that long since dayzrp started off. I sometimes miss the good ole mod days tho
  8. ive been looking for a pair of pants for awhile now, so far only jeans and tracksuits for me.
  9. im hoping persistence get put on with this update, the only thing keeping me semi- interested in dayz is roleplay till that happens
  10. yea just log into the EU server, I think s2 is just disconnected from the dayzrp hive cause i can log into that and my current char is fine altho rubber banded back an hour or 2. Im sure all it needs is an extra restart or something.
  11. if its s2 im having the same issue, just wait it out or try the other server. see if that makes a difference
  12. for now ill just jump on the EU one, little bit of lag but that dosnt bother me much
  13. so today at Server time: 20-07-2015, 16:31 when s2 had I logged in to find my char deleted, I quickly hit exit and went to the eu server to find my char fine. my first thought was maby i just got in too soon, no i tried s2 yet again to find me as a fresh spawn so i toyed with this and gatherd some things for like 10 mins then logged out and back in to find it reset again. out of curiosity i logged into eu to see my main char still alive and well. Something must be wrong with the database atm, it also rubber banded me back a good 1-2 hours.
  14. thank you, its nice to be back. working on my 4 page journal for my new character, I still gotta see how much the rules and lore has changed tho before actually playing.
  15. Well Some of you my know me , most will not. But After giving dayz the chance to get a Lil further in progress I'm ready to play again. I will probably write up a new story , my last one feel stale to me.I cant wait to meet new people the community probably has changed quite a bit since i last played, New adventures await me with so many stories to tell people ingame of days long gone.