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  1. Random Screenshots

    @dimitri U scared the shit out of me.
  2. Random Screenshots

    Goals... Oh wait ITS MEEEEEEEE @Josei
  3. Random Screenshots

    Agreed @Josei
  4. Random Screenshots

    I am guessing you know what happened to the car within 10 minutes.
  5. Random Screenshots

    PhYsIcS @RandyBiscuit
  6. Random Screenshots

    Maybe I should not drive the bus anymore... @Josei @benbongole
  7. Random Screenshots

    Oh no ahha @Josei
  8. KOS, 2018-02-14, 23:09 Server Time

    @Chewy No he wasnt. Ben initiated because we were saving @Felix Corten (Ling Long) from being took hostage. @KricketRP Why would you run outside , in an active combat situation clearly knowing there are gun shots going on with people being shot and holding a book? I was too far away to know it was a book.
  9. KOS, 2018-02-14, 23:09 Server Time

    So , Me and Ben Brass @benbongole were at Vybor trading post. When Anarchy role up and are having some business with the owners. I am not sure what was said with them but it led up to Ling Long shooting someone. Ling Long was taken inside and his fingers were to be surgically chopped off. Me and Ben Brass felt sorry for Ling Long , and decided to rebel against Anarchy. As of this Ben Brass @benbongole told everyone to put their hands up or they would be shot. We then waited a good 30 seconds and someone ran with a weapon outside. Ben Brass shot him. Unfortunately on this event , it was a civilian climbing up a ladder but @benbongole thought it was a member out of Anarchy and shot him.
  10. KOS, 2018-02-14, 23:09 Server Time

    Hi , I was Ryan Flint at the situation. We waited for people to comply , but then someone ran out with a gun , and that is where the combat began.
  11. Where is everyone.

    Thanks everyone @Lady In Blue @GaryCash - I shall start making my way to Vybor and hit up some other towns along the way. @Chris @Galaxy
  12. Where is everyone.

    Where are the hot spots to meet big groups of people. Ever since the US server got shut down , I did not play. But now I am back and seeking new friends! So where is everyone! Where are the hot spots for people and also for funny moments? Thanks for taking the time to read/reply to my question!
  13. I was going to perma death my character way before the situation , Before the whole situation, I knew this was the way I was going to perma death my character. @Jade
  14. Oh , sorry . Its just that you said "They will be temp banned"
  15. I will be temp banned , But I answered the question ? @Dusty I answered for Ben , he did NOT perma death his character.