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  1. I was going to perma death my character way before the situation , Before the whole situation, I knew this was the way I was going to perma death my character. @Jade
  2. Oh , sorry . Its just that you said "They will be temp banned"
  3. I will be temp banned , But I answered the question ? @Dusty I answered for Ben , he did NOT perma death his character.
  4. No , just me that perma deathed my character
  5. Thanks for your time I guess then.
  6. I shot myself , and my friend followed me. And you are saying you were going to RP with us after , when at the previous meeting of you at the camp , you said if I murdered anyone , and you found out about it , you would line me up at the wall and fire squad me. I really don't understand what you are trying to get out of this report to be honest. You could have just come to team speak room 8 with me and Ben and resolve this instead of going straight to a report because you are upset about the situation. I understand why you thought we did something wrong , but in my eyes NO rules were broken , as killing our selves was just our way of perma deathing and role playing the death of our characters.
  7. Ending my teammate? And also , i was not the one that said "Suicide Mission"
  8. Actually ... when I was captured . You guys specifically said if I murdered some one I would be executed , so I was dying anyway.
  9. So . Earlier in the day , I was looking through some of the CDF tents , and they took my gun away , and some of my two other guns. So as this happened I went to pick up Ben in my truck that I parked in the woods behind Cherno. After I picked up Ben, We came back , And I saw the same men with the berets . So me and Ben opened fire , I knew I was going to die so I shot myself. The reason I know why I was going to die , is because when they took my gun away previously, they said if I ever attempted/did kill one of the CDF of murdered ANYONE in Chernarus infront of them, They would fire me down with fire squad. And that is the reason I shot myself.
  10. If you guys were storming us with fully automatic rifles, we were 100% going to die anyway , so i don't understand what point you are trying to make about us breaking rules? If you can find where it states in the rules "You CANNOT kill yourself when you are going to die anyway" then ban me. IF I did something wrong , I can apologize and come talk to you on teamspeak as I really like this server.
  11. Ryan Flint

    Ryan Flint is a boxer ages 16 from Leeds in Britain. He fought his way up from Britain , all the way til his end of the boxing career when the ship that he was on sunk when there was a harsh storm. And Ryan was thrown over board into the black sea. The next day he was washed up on Chernarus not knowing where he is. Finding a map further up the shore , he figured himself that he was in Chernarus. Then a "zombie" came and Ryan had to use his boxing skills to knock the already dead creature to death.
  12. That was my way of perma deathing my character , We knew we were going into there to die. Ever since CDF took my gun we spent about an hour re looting preparing to kill them , then the time came. And like i said , That was me perma deathing my character. It was way within the time frame of two hours may I add.
  13. If we knew we were gonna get shot anyway , whats wrong with shooting our selves?
  14. @Vito Did an amazing job with the RP
  15. Just wondering where people chill , don't know the map that well but I love roleplay. Where do I find people?