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  1. In addition to my previous comment about the UN. I believe official sanctioned safezones were tried on here at one point after the UN left. It didn't work too well if I remember correctly
  2. -User has been warned for this post-
  3. We actually did have this for like a month or so after the lore wipe. The UN established a safe zone down south, before moving to Kabanino where they spent a lot of time. Before giving up to the VDV and packing their bags and abandoning the place. I still remember going along the road between Stary and Kabanino watching the UN Convoy head east. Must have been 20 of em running carrying all kinds of tents and equipment. They wouldn't tell us where they were going, so from that point we knew we were on our own in this world and that the governments of the world were finished. The days after the lore wipe were fun times and had interesting group dynamics where it wasn't just hostile RP getting robbed 24/7. I haven't played much since August 2017, school and everything else had gotten in the way, but it was good times. I do say that we're in need of another lore wipe though. Its been over 2 years. And when they did the 2017 wipe it was over 2 years since the one before that.
  4. Problem is its kicking me saying it's not my active character before i can even kill myself
  5. Ok, so I haven't played in over a year and my old Character didn't work despite renaming it to my character's name that's on the website and active. When I load into the world it spits me out as a black women, which my character is not. So i made a new character with my characters name and it still spits me out in the world as a black women. I'm at a loss on what to do here. After a time as the black women it then kicks me saying it's not my active character. What gives? Any help?
  6. That's what the lore wipe did. It brought variety. But over time because we lost those group dynamics because UN, VDV, and CDF dissolved. the variety diminished.
  7. you know what that means bois EDIT: I do not do drugs, nor do I endorse doing drugs. But we can RP fat doinks
  8. Time to run around screaming 2012 memes like last year after the lore wipe we ran around screaming 2017 memes during the first few weeks of the wipe. Someone say gangnam style?
  9. I'm gonna try and get into game today for a little while. Have to go to the dentist first and do some school shit+ learn guitar
  10. Well, I've had that not be the case many times. Also, regardless people should be slower to just kill as soon as they are provided the ability to do so unless the person who is not complying is actively threatening their life with something. Makes for more interesting RP when there is a standoff.
  11. The goal of all RPers should be to minimize the killing of others, even if you are hostile RPing. When someone gets killed, and they get killed again and again by hostile RPers, they will avoid people and RP and much as possible. Eventually they will get bored, and leave. Getting killed over and over again is just not fun, its the reason we had the restrictive rules because people were sick of it, then hostile RPers got tired of barely being able to do anything for fear of a report, so now the rules have swung the total other direction. Hopefully people won't be shit and it will work it. It became so much of "oh he initiated I'm gonna kill him and have some short term fun" and people looking for any reason to kill someone.
  12. I think they shouldn't be KOS zones, but if a group wants to control it, they have to man it and defend it, and when people come their way, send them away and if they do not comply within guidelines of good RP they can deal with them as necessary
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