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  1. That's what the lore wipe did. It brought variety. But over time because we lost those group dynamics because UN, VDV, and CDF dissolved. the variety diminished.
  2. you know what that means bois EDIT: I do not do drugs, nor do I endorse doing drugs. But we can RP fat doinks
  3. Combatsmithen

    Lore poll

    Time to run around screaming 2012 memes like last year after the lore wipe we ran around screaming 2017 memes during the first few weeks of the wipe. Someone say gangnam style?
  4. Combatsmithen

    Why don't you get in game?

    I'm gonna try and get into game today for a little while. Have to go to the dentist first and do some school shit+ learn guitar
  5. Combatsmithen

    Why don't you get in game?

    Well, I've had that not be the case many times. Also, regardless people should be slower to just kill as soon as they are provided the ability to do so unless the person who is not complying is actively threatening their life with something. Makes for more interesting RP when there is a standoff.
  6. Combatsmithen

    Why don't you get in game?

    The goal of all RPers should be to minimize the killing of others, even if you are hostile RPing. When someone gets killed, and they get killed again and again by hostile RPers, they will avoid people and RP and much as possible. Eventually they will get bored, and leave. Getting killed over and over again is just not fun, its the reason we had the restrictive rules because people were sick of it, then hostile RPers got tired of barely being able to do anything for fear of a report, so now the rules have swung the total other direction. Hopefully people won't be shit and it will work it. It became so much of "oh he initiated I'm gonna kill him and have some short term fun" and people looking for any reason to kill someone.
  7. Combatsmithen

    Why don't you get in game?

    I think they shouldn't be KOS zones, but if a group wants to control it, they have to man it and defend it, and when people come their way, send them away and if they do not comply within guidelines of good RP they can deal with them as necessary
  8. Combatsmithen

    Why don't you get in game?

    I feel like automatic weapons wouldn't be hard to find, even the ammo. There is so much surplus ammo that just sits around, + millions and millions of rifles made, that it really shouldn't be too hard to find one considering the global population has probably been reduced 10 fold.
  9. Combatsmithen

    New rules draft

    the only problem is if you don't perm your character, others remember those events and by you being there and not having a clue its awkward. Its like time travelers saying you died in XYZ way at XYZ time but you have not a clue what they are talking about. Also you'd have no clue of any altercations that took place between your character and someone else's character, thus they could be like hey you were the guy who did "insert something here" and you would have no idea who that person was. If bandits were less eager to just kill for anything it would be much better because that makes better RP and then you don't have to regear and run all the way back to popular spots. But also the bandits shouldn't just fill it with *RP* aka just torture RP so they have something not just drop weps 10 secs
  10. Combatsmithen

    Why don't you get in game?

    Yo if we could get new lore with .63 it would bring a lot of people back I bet
  11. Combatsmithen

    Why don't you get in game?

    then you die, losing all your gear and have to spend 2+ hours working your way back to player hotspots just to get some interaction.
  12. Combatsmithen

    Why don't you get in game?

    1.) No friends to play with 2.) RP got stale 3.) new rules are bleh 4.) Real life got me first 5.) Waiting for .63 6.) Nobody plays 7.) Time-consuming just for some shitty RP. At least months ago, haven't played with the new rules but when I used to play you'd spend time getting gear just to get everything taken by some bad guy "who you should know the name of and teaches you a 'lesson'." 8.) No dynamics anymore like VDV, CDF, UN, etc. 9.) Other games I can have a lot more fun with much less effort and time required. I had the most fun for the first 3 months post lore wipe, after that, any time I try to play its just shit.
  13. Combatsmithen

    All of us

    Yeah, there needs to be a bad group and a good group. But instead of a generic "bad guy" story they need something different other than "i think im important so you should to but because you don't know me im going to torture you and rob you and maybe kill a couple of your friends" instead of gaining the respect of players that its just business and "we do what we gotta do". It's like everyone wants to become a fucking Neegan.
  14. Combatsmithen

    All of us

    The most fun I had was after the lore wipe, the RP was fresh, there was actual dynamics in play between the UN, CDF, VDV, and other groups. Then within a few months starting with the VDV leaving and then the UN. It went back to same old same old bandit groups generic group plot etc. And it has become more difficult to make a group, shying people away from it when there is real benefits in PVP by having a group as people in the group can help each other while people who became friends through roleplay in game a big clusterfuck. Honestly I want another lore wipe with .63 I want a fresh start, I want large groups like the UN, VDV, and CDF vying for power, ones that don't bother the average civilian, ones that roleplay with the civilian and don't be like "I am XYZ bad guy have you heard of me?" me- "no" them- "HOW HAVE YOU NEVER HEARD OF ME IM THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THIS LAND" *procedes to torture me and take my shit, then basically leave me for dead*