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  1. Best spots to find friendly RP nowadays?

    Ah, remember when I accidentally hit you with the bus? Good times!
  2. Get out of jail card idea

    Can you tell me the story of chicken tendie the wise?
  3. Get out of jail card idea

    I'm all for second chances, but paying for a second chance really goes again'st my ideals. That's like a rich person being able to pay for the good lawyers and get away with murder, yet the poor guy who stole a pack of gum from the convenience store gets sent to jail because he has to use a public defense attorney and can't pay the bail/fine. Maybe 5 bucks or so. But not 100
  4. Haven't played in a month and haven't been keeping up with in game happenings but now the UN is gone and VDV is gone and the server seems to be going back to pre-lore wipe ways, so what are some of the best spots to find some friendly RP nowadays? The triangle is probably a gear whoring bandit fest as always.
  5. Baiting

    I think the problem is people who can't RP properly and need rules which hurts people who can do quality RP properly. It's sad that it has to be this way.
  6. Did the UN go to S1? Nobody plays on S2 anymore so I'm assuming you guys moved to S1?
  7. Intresting meeting...

    @rabcu @Keira @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] Was everyone that was there, that meeting was pretty pointless since we didn't act on it and stay together, also the VDV is gone now so It doesn't even matter lmao. Was fun regardless.
  8. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

    • Combatsmithen
    • FieJaxon

    We made our accounts. Exactly a year apart. Just realized that.

    1. FieJaxon



  9. Quarantine Status Update. [Open freq.]

    *Braxton Pushes the Transmitter* Why the hell would the VDV try and force out the UN! The UN is trying to find a cure for this virus and aid civilians! How could they do this! *Braxton Releases the transmitter in a fit of rage*
  10. Too early for bandit groups?

    For example. MS-13 only took my SKS and Glock and sent me on my way, while beating and killing my friend with a lug wrench for (allegedly, who knows if the claim was fabricated) wearing a red bandana (I have never seen him wear a red bandana, don't even know if he had one). It was good RP and I enjoyed it because they weren't like bandit groups that make you drop your stuff for the sake of dropping your stuff and tell you not to come back even though they didn't even take the stuff and it just despawns.
  11. Night time on the server

    I enjoy night time for about an hour or two. but after that it becomes annoying.
  12. VDV Quarantine zone?

    Guerilla warfare man. become the embodiment of the Viet Cong if you want
  13. @Law o7 Had some good RP with MS-13 yesterday. taking our shit and killing one friend. Happened literally 100 meters away from UN base too. @Chief UN gotta step up their game, put patrols out there or something. Gotta patrol Krasnostav. Also east down the road to the south of the airfield, and continuing on that road up to the blunt rocks-black lake area. P.S. MS-13 maid is hilarious
  14. Too early for bandit groups?