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  1. Combatsmithen

    All of us

    Yeah, there needs to be a bad group and a good group. But instead of a generic "bad guy" story they need something different other than "i think im important so you should to but because you don't know me im going to torture you and rob you and maybe kill a couple of your friends" instead of gaining the respect of players that its just business and "we do what we gotta do". It's like everyone wants to become a fucking Neegan.
  2. Combatsmithen

    All of us

    The most fun I had was after the lore wipe, the RP was fresh, there was actual dynamics in play between the UN, CDF, VDV, and other groups. Then within a few months starting with the VDV leaving and then the UN. It went back to same old same old bandit groups generic group plot etc. And it has become more difficult to make a group, shying people away from it when there is real benefits in PVP by having a group as people in the group can help each other while people who became friends through roleplay in game a big clusterfuck. Honestly I want another lore wipe with .63 I want a fresh start, I want large groups like the UN, VDV, and CDF vying for power, ones that don't bother the average civilian, ones that roleplay with the civilian and don't be like "I am XYZ bad guy have you heard of me?" me- "no" them- "HOW HAVE YOU NEVER HEARD OF ME IM THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THIS LAND" *procedes to torture me and take my shit, then basically leave me for dead*
  3. Personally. I had the most fun the month after the lore wipe. It brought whole new and interesting dynamics to the roleplay and kind of made the RP feel like an RPG in that there were "safe" zones and no-go zones. I haven't played in a long time but last time I played it just felt boring. It felt like before the lore wipe, bandit groups, getting robbed all the time etc. Now that its summer and I have more time to RP I want to get back into it but I know it will be hard to at this point. I'd welcome another lore wipe when .63 drops
  4. Combatsmithen

    DayZRP Throwback Thread

    I know this isn't that old, remember this?
  5. Combatsmithen

    DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    Obviously there is more RP if there is a standoff. But I'm saying that if you are with a friend and its a 2v2 situation and both of the guys come over to you to take you away, and your friend is in a nearby building with a clear advantage. He can't just open fire and save your ass?
  6. Combatsmithen

    DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    I like all the changes except the below. I feel like that hurts us average guys who don't have the full dedication to join/create a group, especially considering the process is long. Two friends whos characters are linked by their backstory and play together and for people who are friends IRL this seems like a BS rule that they can't work together and share kill rights. I've always said this. If RP is solid, RP is solid. I'm not a hostile guy but if I play with only one or two other people and can't create a group this basically messes with a whole dynamic. You MAY NOT share kill rights with other players unless both of you are in the same official, approved group. If you are not in an official group - you are now on your own.
  7. Except the fact that ya know a lot of people are part of groups and the amount of people I have to find to make one, as well as the time, talent and dedication to play, manage, and make graphical stuff. I want to make a group with the crew of the submarine I came from. But I don't have the time to make an official group page, as well as the friends who all already have their characters and do not want to change
  8. Ah. Didn't catch that one. Damn. At least I got lifetime donor out of it. But now at least people wont be calling me a shill or some shit for putting DayZRP.com in my name. We have tons of new people coming in, just nobody getting in game. We need an interesting dynamic, and we lost that when the VDV, CDF, and UN left. We need at least 2 permanent lore groups to keep things interesting. After they left it became the same old stuff as before the lore wipe, everyone out for hostile RP and robberies
  9. So I've been using the promotion system.I have DayZRP.com in my name on steam and it has been working fine. But then all of a sudden it stopped working and for the past 2 days I've been stuck at 9 points.
  10. Can't play. Tried deleting battleye folder, uninstalling battleye, verifying files and reinstalling. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and nothing is working. HELP! Happened on PUBG but deleting battleye and verifying fixed it there. edit: nvm fixed it
  11. Its all nice and quality RP like 20% of the time. The rest is just being robbed by every wannabe badass bandit group and/or killed. Enjoy. It has its moments but a lot of the time I feel its a PVP fest. PVP and robberies are cheap excitement for a short time. Long-term RP and fights culminating in an epic battle or a buildup of hostilities between two groups over the course of the day ending with a leader of a group getting assassinated initiating a firefight is much more entertaining.
  12. Captain Smith grew up in rural New Hampshire and grew to have an interest in submarines after seeing them sail in and out of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard as a boy when he visited the coast. He became utterly obsessed and when he was 18 he went into the Navy to become an officer. Smith rose to the rank of Captain and was granted command of Ohio Class SSBN-732 USS Alaska. Before he attained command of his first vessel, he had a son who like father, went into the Navy. His son became an enlisted and served as part of the Green Sea fleet during the crisis, but he lost contact with him shortly after everything went south. At the time, Captain Smith and his crew were homeported with their ship for replenishment and repairs to the reactors. By the time the USS Alaska had completed reactor repairs it had been 3 months since Smith had last heard from his son. Due to the increasing severity of the outbreak in the U.S. Smith decided to take matters into his own hands and sail out to sea with the Alaska. Upon meeting with the senior officers of the vessel, they all agreed that they would end up trapped in the U.S. after the complete breakdown of the government because the enlisted crew members would run off back to their families. The next night, the captain called over the intercom that they were under orders from the fleet Admiral to sail out. Of course this was a lie. That same night the naval base came under attack from a massive unstoppable horde of the undead. Manning their stations they sneakily slipped out of the harbor and into the Atlantic. They sailed from port to port gathering food and supplies for two months before going to the Green Sea on orders from Captain Smith. Captain Smith's cover was to investigate ground zero but in reality he wanted to see if he could find his son. Sonar picked up a lone contact. The contact faded and they did not see it for at least a half hour, but this time it fired a torpedo! "CONN, SONAR TORPEDO IN THE WATER!" Called out the Sonarman. "FULL LEFT RUDDER AHEAD FLANK!" Yelled the Captain. "Submarine classified as Victor III sir!" the Sonarman said. "Fire tube 3 MOSS bearing 97! drop noisemakers and snapshot tube 4 down the bearing of that Victor!" the captain said to fire control. "Shoot tubes 3 and 4 aye" Replied fire control. "The Victor let out another 2 torpedos sir!" Said the Sonarman, becoming even more panicked. At this point the Captain was very worried, three torpedos closing fast, the chances of evading were slim. The MOSS decoyed the first torpedo and the second torpedo was decoyed by the noisemakers, the third torpedo missed but came back around for another go. It struck the bow of the submarine, sending shockwaves throughout the sub. "XO Status report!" Yelled the Captain! "Torpedo room hit! We have to seal it!" Replied the XO frantically. "Sir we have hit the Victor he is breaking up" reported Sonar "Captain we are decreasing in depth rapidly" Said dive control "Full rise on the planes blow ballast!" Barked Captain Smith The submarine lurched upwards and rose to 150 feet of depth but it was not enough. The submarine had taken on too much water and started to sink again. Striking the bottom at 500 feet several compartments sprung leaks and the Captain ordered "Abandon Ship!". The crew raced to escape the doomed submarine and little by little they went out of the escape hatches. 90% of the crew did not make it, being sealed in flooded compartments. The Captain had to make a choice, die with the crew or escape with the small amount of crew and officers that did make it out to lead them on the surface. He chose the latter. Drifting at sea for two weeks, much of the crew died. Leaving him, the XO, one Seaman, and one Petty Officer Third Class. They washed up on the shore of Chernarus, surviving together. (until I can get friends to fulfill the role of the other 3 then I will be alone)
  13. Ah. I didn't go far enough along in the checkout, I had to put in my information and the option was available on the second step Yeah I didn't go to the second step because I figured I wouldn't need to input information if all I was going to do was use credit on my account
  14. I have turned the points into 5 Euros as soon as I got 500 points. It says I have 5 Euros of account credit. If you could show me a screenshot of your checkout screen that might help
  15. I don't see anywhere on the checkout screen where I can select to use account credit.