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  1. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

  2. We made our accounts. Exactly a year apart. Just realized that.

  3. Quarantine Status Update. [Open freq.]

    *Braxton Pushes the Transmitter* Why the hell would the VDV try and force out the UN! The UN is trying to find a cure for this virus and aid civilians! How could they do this! *Braxton Releases the transmitter in a fit of rage*
  4. Too early for bandit groups?

    For example. MS-13 only took my SKS and Glock and sent me on my way, while beating and killing my friend with a lug wrench for (allegedly, who knows if the claim was fabricated) wearing a red bandana (I have never seen him wear a red bandana, don't even know if he had one). It was good RP and I enjoyed it because they weren't like bandit groups that make you drop your stuff for the sake of dropping your stuff and tell you not to come back even though they didn't even take the stuff and it just despawns.
  5. Night time on the server

    I enjoy night time for about an hour or two. but after that it becomes annoying.
  6. VDV Quarantine zone?

    Guerilla warfare man. become the embodiment of the Viet Cong if you want
  7. @Law o7 Had some good RP with MS-13 yesterday. taking our shit and killing one friend. Happened literally 100 meters away from UN base too. @Chief UN gotta step up their game, put patrols out there or something. Gotta patrol Krasnostav. Also east down the road to the south of the airfield, and continuing on that road up to the blunt rocks-black lake area. P.S. MS-13 maid is hilarious
  8. Too early for bandit groups?

  9. Too early for bandit groups?

    I know, I sometimes think the same thing depending on the mental state of my character at the time and the situation he is in. But the admins don't care about that, they only care that you broke the rules. There was a situation pre-lore wipe, where 3 great friends were captured and forced to fight each other, it was solid RP and they refused to fight each other, so they rushed their captors with a knife and died. They ended up getting banned for NVFL, the rules are in place for a good reason, to prevent frustration on the captors part from one or two of them being sprayed down every time they tell someone to put their hands up. But it also limits quality RP from people who actually are good RP'ers. As long as they permed their characters after that incident I would not see a problem with them rushing them with knives. Being how close their friendship was. Anyway, this is kind of de-railing this thread.
  10. DayZRP Lore - Focus Friendly

    I like how its bigger and stands out. My eyes aren't bad and I can read the smaller text no problem. But reading the larger bright colored text is much easier and allows me to focus on the story more. I'm not even ADHD or ADD
  11. Too early for bandit groups?

    Look out for NVFL bans though.
  12. Afternoon!

  13. OG Party Bus

  14. I want to set a character song

    Oh. Well that sucks for me
  15. I want to set a character song

    How do I set a character song? I want to edit my existing character page but I see no option to even change my name like we used to have (not that I want to change my name), also have no option to add a character song.