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  1. 15 minutes ago, Brayces said:

    Welcome back, Taryn! :O!

    Riptide 3.0, when? 😄

    Potentially, soon-ish. Really considering it. B said he would give me the thread. 

  2. 6 minutes ago, WongRP said:

    Other new person?


    Hope you enjoy the RP, if you struggle with anything please visit the guides section or talk to Community Helpers

    Thanks, sweetheart. I appreciate your suggestion. 🙂

  3. 26 minutes ago, JimRP said:

    Hello, welcome back Taryn!

    Thanks Jim. Nice to see you again. 

    34 minutes ago, WongRP said:

    Welcome to the community newcomer.

    Hello, Other new person. How are you enjoying the community so far?

    1 hour ago, Harvard said:

    Ano, ano! Welcome back sestra!

    Ano anooooooo.

  4. 6 hours ago, BorisRP said:



    Hello taryn welcome taryn

    Oh wow, i feel blessed. 

    Hello, Boris. Long time no see Boris.

  5. 1 minute ago, UncleB said:

    @Malthis 🤔 Hmmm; I dunno, I'm a busy man IRL but, Borris does have a sister, and a trusted second LT ( @groovy chow). Seems like a good time for the old owner to come back only as a new spirit; isn't that about right T? @Taryn 

    Many things would have to change, but it might be feasible. 🤔

  6. On 8/11/2018 at 1:44 PM, DerrickStorm said:

    So... I've already managed to get myself stuck under a house. I've tried the tips from this topic but they don't seem to work (I'm under the green house with a rocky foundation and few steps leading up). I've tried closing the game window, disconecting internet etc while running. Is there any other possible solution for this bug?

    Foe the future, if this happens try this:

    Go to the thinnest wall. 

    Have a friend drive a vehicle close enough that you can access it's inventory. 

    While in it's inventory, right click the vehicle and select >get into (vehicle) as passenger

    Voila. You're not dead, and you're free. 

  7. Screenshot_20180813-031331.thumb.png.69e952f10d373f2f3c49e23b92096638.png

    I'm dead. 

    But for serious, I think for minor rule breaks, we should consider allowing people to return, as long as their history isn't ridiculous. 

    As far as the old rules, I haven't seen them. I haven't played them. The current rules need some tweaking but I don't think they're inherently bad (except for blocking hostile RP in some ways). I think we should find a nice middle ground. 

  8. 1 hour ago, JimRP said:


    It's hard to fix issues when that person says "take it to admins" or "stop pming me" every time you try, and then when you take it to admins you don't get any PMs back after waiting days or even a full week. I tried to resolve the issues and wasn't successful. 

    And @Roland I can't lie. Being passed over twice for GM hurt, but not once was I told why or given feedback as to what was needed to be changed. After a while I had already accepted I was never going to be promoted but never knew what the issue was. I got tired of waiting and tired of drama, snarky comments, and apparently eyeroll and mentions about how much people dislike me to other staff members. 

    I loved staff. LOVED it. I worked my ass off because I loved it. I suppose it just didn't love me back.

    Also, if the admins actually care to know more about why I left, please ask me in private. I would hate to make some one look bad, especially not myself. 

  9. Just now, Dark Knight said:

    You did good Taryn, but in my honest opinion you shouldn't have quit. You were a good Mod from what I've seen, and you should give a fuck if people don't listen or talk to you about their issues. You were a member of the staff team for a reason, someone thought you could bring something valuable to the table. But alas it is ultimately your decision, and if you feel the need to resign then take away that you've done a great job.

    You're right, but it was holding me back from progressing and I was feeling out of place and unwanted. 

    I'll be fine, i swear it. Thank you for your feedback though.

  10. I have Steel series Arctis 5. I love them because they are noise cancelling and really comfy. They also have a dial that changes sound focus between chat and game sound so you can turn down either side. The sound quality is amazing and the customization for the LED lighting is really nice too. They have a new set up currently called Arctis 7. Honestly worth the buy. 

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