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  1. Anarchy, as a mind set, is bound to be prevalent while the government is busy trying to regain control. Anarchists will see this as an opportunity to overthrow and seize control (Or lack there of) for their benefit. Some might even resort to terrorism for that fact. Inciting chaos is the number one agency of Anarchists. It's not unheard of 8 days in or even 3.

  2. 22 minutes ago, Hofer said:

    How about you guys wait until you see what we have in store for you in terms of changes, tweaks and content this time. Trust me. It's worth the wait and we have covered so much ground already 🙂

    Basically what i said. No sense in making a poll for it without the details of the wipe announced imho

  3. 9 hours ago, Ryan Shepherd said:

    -snip snap-

    You can actually eat much more than your hunger meter shows. I think it's something like 3 fats from red hunger to fill the meter plus a few steaks? Basically just eat until the upset stomach thing shows up, then sprint around so you don't throw up until that goes away. Now you'll be full for 3 full days of play (Real time) without the need to eat. 

  4. I don't think the time frame has been officially announced and if that's the case, they will adjust the loot table accordingly. I don't think this poll was really necessary at the moment.

  5. Did you spawn these doors in offline mode? When you spawn items in offline mode, their features are different than online mode. Something that previously was not bulletproof might be in offline when it isn't on a live server. Likewise something that previous had a collision map will suddenly make you able to pass through it (Stairs and platforms sometimes break).

    Also, there will be rules put in place for the doors themselves as to avoid using 3 doors to make a wall, or something like that. 

    I can appreciate you pointing out the abusable aspects of the mod, as it helps staff to prepare for it in live server use.

    Also, the point of MoreDoors is to make it so you can't horde. There are only a few select houses that can be secured with these doors that will allow for a small tent. Others will not fit them. That's not to say people won't hoard barrels or cabinets instead. People always find a way to hoard. At least this way it will be harder.

  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 

    Why the verdict is not fair: I believe the verdict was fair. I'm not sure what the "other things" was pertaining to, but as far as talking poorly about one of the owners, I admit that I did do that. I said something quite rude and hurtful about Jim to some people in another discord and understand why I was Perma-banned for it.

    Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: My actions don't really require an explanation or anything that can justify it at all. In the time I was gone from DayZRP I had been doing my best to avoid drama and joined in a conversation that others had started. I made a joke about Jim, with others in the chat. Someone screen-shotted it and shared it with Jim. Six months later when I tried to return to DayZRP I was banned after posting a status that simply said "Hi" and a comment to some people who were welcoming me back, asking how they had been and nothing else. Eventually, I was given a chance to come back and be a part of  the community and have found a renewed sense of passion for RP here. I missed my friends and the stories I created here that I can't recreate elsewhere. I have been doing my best to avoid toxicity and the people who are negative or like to talk shit and feel I have done a decent enough job. I would like to point out that prior to this ban I had no warnings for prior infractions aside from one report verdict that was given to me based on a rule changed about a month prior which was aggravated for multiple infractions back in 2017 but have not offended or received any points since then. Aside from that I have served on the staff in two ranks, contributed lore and forum discussions and have done my best to help fellow community members in need. 

    What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I'm asking to be removed from Final Warning, and allowed to remain in the community as a free woman.

    What could you have done better?: I could have not insulted the former owner, and kept my opinions and jokes to myself.

  7. 4 hours ago, SmeV said:


    Well if a faction enforces peace in an area they control, id say its a relative safe zone. Of course people can break this peace, but it would be within RP for guards to suppress violence. Of course set safe zones enforced by mods or plugins would be ridiculous. However, perhaps I can take your word on it being fine prior to base building, or even better, because I wouldn't know.

    Sorry but I know from experience that the player enforced safezone is IMPOSSIBLE and will never work specifically because people will make it their goal to Target you on purpose. Your walls don't protect you. They protect gear.  You won't sway 80% of the people who have played here over a year because they've seen hat to is like without bases. Bring me back to barrels in bushes and bases being for meeting spots only. 1.0 killed DayZ.  Facts. 

  8. 32 minutes ago, SmeV said:


    This doesn't exist regardless. There's no such thing as a safe zone. Bases promote hoarding which promoted avoidance of RP, cliquey internal RP or hostile dismissal because people are afraid of being robbed of their precious gear. 

    Bases are coming down. Moor Doors is going up. 

    You'll be fine. We lived like this for 4 years before base building came along. We had traders. We had guns. We had hubs and frankly the quality of RP was three times better than any RP I've had while base building has been a thing. 

    #MakeRPGreatAgain #DownWithBaseBuilding


  9. 1 hour ago, ScouseViking said:

    And the groups that are now STUCK on a dead server?

    This just doesn't make sense, we shouldn't be encouraging people to needlessly make new characters that they probably wont even care about it when it's already a easy situation to fix.

    If everyone "stuck on a dead server" got on the server... Guess what? It wouldn't be dead anymore. 

    Keep it the way it is. 

  10. There's a soft sort of laugh and then a Chernarussian voice comes over the radio.

    "Hate to be the one to shit on your parade but communist countries fell too, and this originated here, in Chernarus, not the western countries where Capitalism reigns... I feel like you're looking for reasons at this point."

  11. 13 hours ago, Truemonkh said:

    Okay, thanks very much for the info.

    How about painting the floor with a different texture if for example I wish to make a driveway, is that possible? 

    You would need to go into the pbo of the item you want to texture, extract the .paa, save it as a png, texture, save and repack it as a .paa, code the item to call for that texture Instead of the default in the mission file or make a mod that would allow for this. It's not that easy and it's pretty confusing for the first few times. 

    Edit: also it won't work on this server unless you give the assets and code you made to Rolle and then it belongs to him and DayZRP. 

    Edit again: @Roland, you can but you have to do it with Terrain Builder/Bulldozer and it must be implemented as a custom map. It's hard to learn but it's second nature once you do. 

  12. 16 minutes ago, Sloth680 said:

    Does that mean i lost my livonia character?

    Because Ive been on both. I think. 

    You can only have one active map per character. You can't have the same character on two different maps. 

    If you choose Livonia as your characters location it will not let you change it again (at least for now) and you will have to play there until it is unlocked for everyone. 

  13. Used to have a g19 with a silencer for infected. 1 headshot and they would die. Now it takes 2 shots per infected. Pretty pointless. 

    Buff pistol dmg and lower higher caliber spawn rates. 


  14. 24 minutes ago, DerrickStorm said:

    The glow around your character appears due to "Brighter nights" settings. Darker nights are just the good old normal nights from what I remember, I do miss them alot.

    I hope so. I hate that glow. It's pretty obnoxious. 

  15. 4 minutes ago, Ducky said:

    Currently night vision and lights are entirely useless and unnecessary, as the nights are bright enough to navigate without them. 


    Gone are the days of actually being able to sneak up on people in the cover of darkness. 


    So ill +1  this thread, and hopefully the big man changes the nights. 

    Any way to disable that weird glow everyone has on them? I can't see other people's glow but i can see mine. It's like carrying a weird invisible ambient light.

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