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  1. There is a server that won't be mentioned that has been building their map for over a year now... They have had numerous devs working on it and have only now started beta testing for stress and stuff. Crowd funding a project like this would not only be financially expensive but exhausting and VERY time consuming for the devs that would be hired. We would need to make sure they're familiar with building in DayZ and they would need to be able to custom mesh some stuff too. Not as simple as you would think, for sure.
  2. That thing topped out at almost 95km/hr The animations are wonky af and I wish I could look past it but I just can't. If they were better animations (both human and horse) I would love this mod. It's a no from me, Chief.
  3. Taryn

    Toilet Paper

    It's an RP item. Just because it doesn't go pew pew or heal you, or feed you doesn't mean it doesn't have a use. +1.
  4. That's what the airlock system PER ENTRANCE option is for.
  5. Yes, limit to an airlock at the very most. Tired of seeing impenetrable fortresses with 30 gates that hoard all the gear and never come out to RP.
  6. Your art just keeps improving every time you draw something. The effort is obvious. I love them.
  7. As far back as I can remember, i have not been on my own. I was born in America, somewhere in California or something. I don't know. Silver told me he saw it in my file. I used to belong to a medical corporation that was doing bad things to people. Now i'm free and it's nice. I had my own house one time, in Chernarus. That was before the bad men came and stole it away from me. One of my friends was shot and killed, and then my two other friends tried to steal me away but there was another man who tried to save me but he was really a bad man... I thought they were my friends, but they lied. I tried to tell them that I wasn't a slave or being held against my will but they didn't listen. The corporation that used to take care of be was destroyed by infected and now I can't go there, and I used to have a lot of friends but they're hiding now. Eventually, Silver made us run away and I didn't like being far away from my friends. I ran away from him to find Millie. Now, me and Millie and her friends are trying to find a new place to live. Animals Chocolate Fires Science Books The word "retard" People who are mean to other people People who lie People who hurt others Infected People who hurt animals Raincoats Silver! Millie! Dusk! Lexo! Q! Sammy! Ken! Enrich????? No one who is still alive.
  8. No one is proposing a rule to enforce perma...
  9. No one is proposing rules, or limits on characters. I mean if you're constantly making carbon copy characters then yes, it's considered badRP imho. It's not that hard to make a new character with a different personality. I have about 10 characters in my repertoire with more being added all the time. Are they similar? Yes. I have 4 doctors. Are they basically different version of my voice? Yes. BadRP also extends to saying shit like "You sound exactly like this girl i killed last month... come to think of it, you look like her too." If you make an attempt, no one can punish you for it. If they do, there're rules in place to stop that too.
  10. The argument here is not forcing perma, just encouraging it, so that stories can be progressed.
  11. 1: Forgetting that someone did bad things because they died is not realistic or applicable. This goes back to the whole collective amnesia thing. IRL when someone dies, their sins are not forgotten. They don't have their slate wiped clean and they certainly don't get up and continue walking around... 2: If that person is executed for their sins and then their slate is wiped clean what is stopping anyone from going on a murder spree and then being captured on purpose to have their sins wiped? Why wouldn't they just perma that character so they have a clean slate? You need to accept the consequences of your actions. (This brings us to the next quote...) First of all, if you "can't" play another character, then you should get out of your comfort zone and try an alt while you're playing your main in case something happens, that way you have a fall back for when you die IC. Saying "I can't play another character because i'm bad at all my other characters" is just another way of saying "I'm too attached to my current character and i don't want to PK because i don't want to try something new." You never know until you try and you're probably being far too critical of yourself... Anyone who tells you that your new character is bad, or you're playing it bad isn't someone you shouldn't really hang around anyway.
  12. What about in the case where an execution is witnessed by 20+ people? This happened a while back in 2018. Someone was executed (shot in the back of the head) in front of 20+ people. This person agreed to be executed and perma'd and then went back on it and decided they didn't want to Perma anymore. This person then went around Rping amnesia or whatever and everyone who witnessed it then had collective hysteria? Suddenly that person wasn't dead and we all saw something different? Or what about the fact that it makes no sense for someone to have an entire mag of 5.56 or 7.62 dumped into their body and then the next day see them simply limping around after their was a show of their death/execution. Your view is ideal at best, but not applicable in the sense of realism.
  13. Incentivise perma. Not sure how you would do it but I'm sure we could come up with something. Maybe item shop cool down being revoked so you can get back into RP faster?
  14. This always bothered me about antagonistic characters. They come, make demands, get in fire fights, lose and then nothing happens. They just repeat. Nothing ever changes. Nothing ever progresses. It's just the same shit over and over. After the bombing in Miroslavl, I PKed Taryn to drive storylines and progress my group and the lore behind what we had done. I played that character for a good 10 months solid or something like that. It changed SO MUCH for my group and the people in it. I made an alt and was able to come in and watch everything unfold. It was awesome. They did a great job RPing everything out. What kills me is that no conflicts can ever be resolved because no one wants to die or kill their characters. People should really drop their attachments of they can. Perma-death IG just like RL should be unexpected and world shattering. I don't think he's asking to force perma. He's saying we should encourage people to decide to do so on their own. Edit to add: people should think about it this way, if you're an antagonist and you and your men never die or get injured, you're killing RP for the simple fact that people will know they can never win. They can never stop you and can never solve any issues. It's dead end, and therefor they will avoid RP with you or logging on in general as was the case with a certain group of antagonists that won't be named.
  15. No one ERPs in general/local chat because of the stigma about it, and the fact that it's highly frowned upon. There are multiple pop-culture reports in the archives that show that it USED to happen but not anymore. The rule is there for a reason. As far as racism RP, it's realistic and a part of society as a whole. Racism will always be a thing in almost every society. It's just a matter of how blatant it is. The apocalypse is not a eutopia. Bad things are going to happen.
  16. Google OnePlus 6T... Space is there for me.
  17. God no. That's a good thing tho. Trust me.
  18. Most player kills and longest surviving character were never awards. I voted yes because I want to see people recognized like they used to be but I'm on the fence because of popularity voting. I actually brought this up with @Mexi and said I wish they would come back like 3 days ago.
  19. Taryn

    King's Ridge

    Fat TRIAL right across my eyes. Lol Love it.
  20. Wasn't my choice last time but I'll try.
  21. Ah, Alan. Nice to see you too
  22. Taryn

    King's Ridge

    Happy to be here.
  23. Avaniya was born and raised in Prague. She was one of five children but the only girl. The second youngest of her pack, she often would be picked on by her older siblings. Eventually when the older three left, leaving her with her younger sibling, Niya found peace in the quiet. Now a young teen, she spent most of her time reading and reflecting in her room. Her parents weren't rich but they were well enough off that they were able to give her what she asked for, usually. Though asking for things was a rare occurrence. She often times was more than satisfied with her current possessions and the things she asked for tended to be minuscule. When the time came to ask for something big, like help with University tuition, her parents were more than willing an excited to help. She would be the first to attend and then eventually graduate University in her family. Greater than that was the gift of pride she gave them; she would go on to study medicine and become a doctor in internal medicine. She mostly specialized in Gastro-intestinal medicine but she was sufficient in other fields before she decided to focus herself. As time went on, she served her residency and eventually worked closely with the local hospital as an on call surgeon. She moved into her own apartment and started to get settled in about a year before the outbreak happened. In the panic, she and her family tried to escape with an evacuation team set up in Prague. They made it out and eventually crossed borders into Switzerland. A camp was set up and refugees became settled with the UN. After some time, people were leaving to find and set up other settlements to try and rebuild, much to the distaste of the UN, but they couldn't stop them from leaving. Niya's family was one of the few that made the journey to Miroslavl. Unfortunately, they were also there when the bombing happened. Niya's mother and father were within the blast radius. Her father was killed on impact but her mother suffered incredible damage and died a few days later, leaving Niya alone with her younger sibling. Shortly after, the Miroslavl camp was shut down, and all remaining refugees were left to find somewhere else to go. Niya's younger sibling separated from her when they came across a camp nearby in Turkey, which Niya did not trust nor wish to remain. Now, she works to find a new home for herself where she can feel safe and build a new life.
  24. Okay, i'm back again for the third time. The second time I ran into a major hiccup and it didn't end well... I'm downloading everything again and i'll be back in game soon to find new RP. Hello, again, again.
  25. Taryn


    Potentially, soon-ish. Really considering it. B said he would give me the thread.
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