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  1. Character sheet tagging

    Perhaps instead of using @ like you are tagging a forum members we Could use another symbol, like Tilde (~)?
  2. Character sheet tagging

    Only for premium members. I have HOF but for others it would be neat.
  3. Character sheet tagging

    Could we potentially have the ability to tag or link character sheets in our relationship and family entries on our character sheet? That would be Bueno.
  4. Natalya Wilkova

  5. o7

    I'm sure you'll come back better than ever. You always have my love. <3
  6. The Riptide Collective

    Roster Updated... Again... Welcome: @mark3390 @Jman14102
  7. Create the WORST group idea

    A group of kids who were in Chernarus as attendees at a renaissance fair when the whole ordeal started. They're all dressed in Knight shit from castles and run around ONLY with swords, talking in shitty old English accents.
  8. Create the WORST group idea

    Wanna join the Riptide? ayyyylamaow
  9. Create the WORST group idea

    I'm the only one in that group that ERPs. :I I have a terrible group idea... Any group that involves @Keira as a member.
  10. The Riptide Collective

    Roster Updated. Welcome: @Otter @Mhoku @murmuringnewt91
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    Don't mind me. I'll just leave this here for those thirty bitches. 


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      @Mexi Otter is a catch, I'll have you know. 

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      Bless this mess.

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      why thank you

      I was beginning to feel dehydrated

  11. Intense rp last night from my crew. Special shout to @WulfeGirl because she took my bullet like a champ. @Otter @Dew @Kvjavs @Erik and the other VDV, thank you for the laughs. @Coreena your new alias kills me. @CorbSlayer @Saintz @Jman14102 you guys are squad goals. <3 @neckrorazul - "ive defeated sharks in the water with boats that were tiny who were bigger than you" - Quint Shaw 2017