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  1. Taryn

    Newbs unable to find roleplay.

    There is IC reason for people to be where they are, and its not just Stary Yar. Spawns arent going to change, they're ALWAYS on the coast. Apple trees are easy to find and grant hydration and energy. If you're dying because of starvation or dehydration, might I suggest googling Dayz Apple Trees so you know what to look for? No offense but the community isn't going to change how it works for you because you keep dying and dont want to run to Stary Yar.
  2. Taryn

    I have a question about hostage demands..

    I would say without video and circumstance its hard to make a call on whether its valid or not because there are other factors to take into account.
  3. Taryn

    I have a question about hostage demands..

    Ah, if you're not in an official group then you still count as a rescue party. Imho, demanding you dont shoot or They kill Boris is Valid if they know you're there for him. They were trying to find you, They took you, you didnt comply, they killed You and then killed Boris? Is that right? Edit: to make clear, you would have to initiate on them, since You aren't in a group... I'm certain you were aware, though.
  4. Taryn

    I have a question about hostage demands..

    I believe, because you did not comply and fired on them they gain execution rights on Boris via group shared kill rights. If you had complied, then no, they wouldnt gain execution rights.
  5. Taryn

    Nordic Battlegroup (OPEN RECRUITMENT)

    /Unarchived as requested by OP. Welcome Back! Please update the thread.
  6. Taryn

    Staff level system

    Interesting concept... I suppose seniority being visible isnt a bad thing... Edit: I just noticed Rolle is a 4 star Admin. Lol
  7. Taryn

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @CaliforniaRP and whoever the other guy was... @Kain and @Lori... I'm sorry you had to go through that... And as always, my entire Riptide family. @UncleB, i'm sorry for outing you to @-Chow- and @TheEvilFlea
  8. Taryn

    • Taryn
    • Mexi

    I'm so proud of (and in love with) You. 


    1. Mexi


      ty bb, love you too xox

  9. Taryn

    who and why

    /Moved to Off Topic
  10. Taryn

    who and why

    How... Maybe they stood on the train and just aimed down... but you think the proximity wouldn't allow for it... da fuq.
  11. Taryn


    Ten year old white kids walking around my neighborhood blasting trap music, talking about "fuck my mom. She doesnt know I smoke weed. I'll fight her. She's a bitch."

    I'll see you in the police logs, kiddo. I hope you like Juvie when mom and dad cant save you. We'll see how long you're still thinking the way you are now. 

    1. Anthony_Kriss


      hah, stinky adults

      fuck money, get weed, smoke bitches.


    2. Honeybee


      beat them up and steal their lunch money
      then give that lunch money to me
      trust me, it's the only way

    3. Taryn


      We must re-educate them.

    4. Anthony_Kriss


      you cant re teach an epic gamer like those kids 

  12. Taryn

    The Riptide Collective

    Thank you very much for the feedback. We miss having Dolores around. I always wanted that feel of dire tension because I like the idea of struggle and not a constant feel of "its a video game so everything is okay" and thats what makes my friends the best. They do their best to sell the apocalyptic feels. Hope to see you visit us soon. ❤
  13. Taryn

    DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    /Merged @Anthony_Kriss please check the forums for your thread ideas that may already exist before posting new ones. Thank you!
  14. Taryn

    The Riptide Collective

    Goals Updated.
  15. Taryn

    Free Wolves Militia (Recruitment open)

    /archived due to insufficient membership. Please message a mod+ to try again. o7