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  1. Taryn

    I guess...

    I played for 5 weeks, put in my appeal and was denied, but then i had to stop playing because of school. Now i need to play another 60 days consistent? Edit: Fixed it. My brain is dumb.
  2. *A click is heard, followed by a young Lady's voice. She sounds nervous, and a bit shy.* H-hello. My name is P. I-... I'm alone and that's okay. I just like having friends... I just want to meet people so that there is someone to talk to. It gets lonely, here... *There's a pause and it sounds like she's shuffling something along cement, then it stops.* Is there anyone out there who doesn't hate girls, or people my age? I can take care of myself and carry my weight. I know how to grow plants of all kinds. I have a green thumb... and i'm really good at finding things... I like to find stuff and give it away. Please... let's be friends... *The radio stops transmitting.*
  3. All I ask is that people give us a chance to show you the RP we intend for this group and the people we encounter. Please don't be cynical, just yet.
  4. Nani?! Definitely not a meme. We're legitimately playing this.
  5. Just here for an anime expo... WIP
  6. Taryn

    I guess...

    Omai wa shindaeru...
  7. Taryn

    I guess...

    With a lot of my friends coming back, I suppose I can give it another shot. I only have a month of active play time left on my final... Why not?
  8. Taryn

    oh no

    Oh lord. That would definitely stir things up a bit...
  9. Penelope was born and raised in the West coast of the US, somewhere. Truth be told, she isn't entirely sure where. Penelope only remember moving from home to home, foster family to foster family. Before the outbreak, she never had a stable or nurturing family to call her own and found herself wondering what she could have done to deserve this life. There were night spent sleeping on police station benches, or in the custody of protective services. After a long while of waiting, Penelope was supposed to be adopted to a nice European couple based out of Prague in Czechia. In transit to meet the family, she spent a long time on video conferences with them, learning about them and about their lives. She had actually found herself being hopeful for her future as they promised to send her to schools dedicated to wayward girls, and promised to fund everything. They had already made her room comfortable for her and showed her videos of the decorating process, asking her opinions as they went. As she made the journey to meet them, lock-downs were wide spread across Europe, and Penelope found herself stranded at a hotel along until they could find a way to get her from her transit flight in Paris to Prague. Finally boarding the plane under special license as a minor without guidance, she landed in Prague only to find everything in disarray. Again she was housed in a hotel until everything fell apart and local law enforcement was militarized. Penelope was set to take a bus from her hotel to meet her parents but the route was rerouted. Everyone on the bus banded together, a large majority of them unable to even speak to Penny and relying on translation to communicate. They vowed to keep her safe as she cried, terrified. The group found themselves wandering as far down as Indo-Europe until eventually they were separated. Now Penelope is alone.
  10. Taryn

    Hello Again

    Oh, Admin Randle. That would be good... time for the resurgence, I think?
  11. Taryn

    Hello Again

    ? Might have to give this another shot too then... welcome back, i suppose.
  12. More useful words/phrases: Orders: Go = Jít (yeet) Don't go = nechod (ne-Hohd) Quiet (aggressive) = Ticho (teeHo) Follow me = následuj mě (Nahs-leh-duey myeh) Follow them = následuj je (Nahs-leh-duey yeh) Questions: Where? = Kde? (k'deh) Who? = Kdo? (k'doh) When? = Když (K'dyzh) Why? = Nuže (Noo-zjeh) What? = Co (Tso) How? = Jak (yahk) Misc: I know/Understand = vím (veehm) Apologies (Formal) = Omluvy (Ohm-looveh) I love you = Miluji tě (meh-loo-ee teh)
  13. Anarchy, as a mind set, is bound to be prevalent while the government is busy trying to regain control. Anarchists will see this as an opportunity to overthrow and seize control (Or lack there of) for their benefit. Some might even resort to terrorism for that fact. Inciting chaos is the number one agency of Anarchists. It's not unheard of 8 days in or even 3.
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