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  1. Mike Collins Born: County Cork Ireland Mother Father: Dead Early Life: Lived on a farm in rural Ireland and grew up hunting shooting and in nature. Educated to a High School Standard Adult Life: at the turn of 17 mike joined the IDF as a new recruit and was quickly noticed after his performance while on placement in Syria and Iraq as "peacekeeper" ... He was then chosen to go through the training to become a member of the Irish Army Ranger Wing Irelands elite fighting force.. he was involved in countless counter piracy operations along with some black ops preformed for the European Union. 8 years of service his contract was up and he decided to go out on his own as a P.M.C and was hired by the A.C.S as a Squad Leader for Team alpha... The money was good and the job didnt sound to abd so he signed up .... Little did he know what he was getting into ....................................................................
  2. Azreal is an Irish traveling gun for Hire (He gained a large amount of military experience within the Irish Defence Force in which he was a Part of the Army Ranger Wing a highly trained speical Operations Unit), he was recently hired by the Kurdish to fight in the Syrian civil war and against the Turkish. When the outbreak took place he was traveling home with a stop over in Cherno where he is now stuck like the rest of the population. With no family or loved ones he is driven by the while to survive and come out on top in his current situation.........................................................................................
  3. Yes it was quite interesting alright...... @lukzo2024 is say to you bring it
  4. Corpsman

    S1: Sosnovka | RDM, NVFL, Ruleplay, Bad RP | 11/06/2017 | 17.45

    POV- Tadhg Dignan Me and Brandon are at a camp just north after just leaving the camp at the dam when one of the group from the dam informs us that there are some dodgy look fellows around the camp and to be careful.. as this conversation unfolds we hear a large amount of shots from the dam direction so we begin to investigate. Me and Brandon move up to a pile of rocks when Suddenly snipers shots ring out from behind us and we spot an enemy across the pond opening fire and getting taken out ... We heard over the radio no mention of hostile action being taken or an intianation taking place... As for the situation with the tents and the ownership of the settlement it was pretty obvious that someone was living there and using the justification of we waiting for 4 hours to see if it was occupied is void when those four hours are during the night when we all log off....oh and by the way a rebel force from Ukraine would not be professionally trained as a military force...... Another thing that I'd like to say outside of the situation is to flash it doesn't matter if they were nice uniforms or talk with a lordy tune there is no need for the ooc attack on a personal preference of character it's just childish and downright dickish
  5. Hello there fine Gentlemen/ladies i have join the RP ranks... Hope to see you in game