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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I believe that I did not do a false report because I thought that the person that held me up had no reason to do so and only wanted my gear. He did not RP and let me go to some other guys that eventually did RP quite a bit. I was quite mad over the incident but then calmed down and let it go and wanted the report closed. I do understand I did do NVFL and I can see why I was banned for that, but I think 7 days for simply that is a little too much, especially because it is my first offense. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I believe the NVFL part is valid because I clearly did break the rules on that, but the false report part was handled a little poorly in the conversations between me and the admin that banned me. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to reduce the ban time for the false report part because I believe that it was not a false report at all, even though I wanted it closed after I calmed down. What could you have done better?: Obviously I need to read the rules again and maybe join a faction/group so I can get the feel of how RP works on this server. I could also participate in the mentor programme, as that would have prevented this.
  2. I am somewhat involved in this situation because I told Dankus that some guy was racist on the server and sounded a lot like Connor, but wasn't him. Sorry about that. @Jade Sorry about that not being on the exact topic, but I made a mistake telling Dankus that I thought Connor was the racist I heard of in another situation. My bad.
  3. I deleted the previous footage of what happened before that, which they just held me up and made me go to the shed. I stopped recording at the end of the footage that is posted because they were letting me go, and they did. So this is all I have. Again, I said that I am over what happened and want to cancel the report and close it. If any of the hostage takers have what happened then they can share it because I do not have any more footage.
  4. I feel like I'm over the whole incident that went down in Stary yesterday. I uploaded the rest of the footage but now I kind of just don't care and want to move on with the server. Please close the report. I uploaded the rest in case it is still needed to be un-temp banned.
  5. Can the admins close this report? I'm over the whole incident and would like to move on. Rest of footage if still needed for unban -
  6. https://youtu.be/iFwH0FePWc4 The rest of the footage. As you can see, never did they explain the Fuel RP thing as they said they did (lying about it)
  7. I wasn't given RP at all by you and you were the one holding me up, so you should have. Read my previous post again.
  8. If someone is holding someone up, they should RP it out according to the rules. Even when I asked for a reason, he just said "we want your shit". Yeah that isn't RP. You guys didn't join in until we got to the shed and then he stayed far back. Also thank Chabu for making the situation slightly more fun. You guys were decent throughout the interaction.
  9. Oh, you were the guy with the AUG I think yeah you helped me with the fire aswell, and RPed quite a bit, but Fenton just said "thanks for donating to our cause" and barely RPed at all. I thought Fenton was just taking my guns for the hell of it and said "donating" as an excuse to take them. He didn't RP that much at all.
  10. Flash, I can't remember who you are? If you were the Ukranian guy with the thick accent, then sure. You did RP quite a bit. However the guy that told me to put his hands up in the field said that it "was for a greater cause" and didn't explain anything else other than I was donating. I'm just mad because that guy only wanted my guns and couldn't give a crap about RP. It was a short robbery with him taking my backpack before you started RPing with me, while the other guy left. I can admit the whole fire thing was fun, but I can't stand that guy going around taking people's stuff and not roleplaying at all. Edit: Would it be also a good idea to join a group that way I can get into the feel with how server RP plays out? Still rendering footage
  11. I can read the rules again, but the people that held me up were fail RPing and taking my stuff for no other reason than "donating to the cause" They helped me make a fire simply because I asked them to and then they left with my stuff. Edit: I'm uploading the rest of the footage for you guys to see I'm telling the truth and that they never explained this "fuel RP" thing.
  12. You said you would kill me if I didn't leave so I felt threatned because I wasn't going to leave. And I was only shooting at the person that told me to do so.