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  2. Pre-Infection Timeline 30/12/1985 - Radek is born in Novigrad hospital, to his parents Andria Komarov and Nikolai Komarov. 01/09/1988 - Radek begins to go to school in Novigrad Kindergarden, leading the live of an average slavic child 01/09/1997 - Radek goes to secondary school at the age of 12 14/08/2001 - Radek gets his final grades, and has failed them all. He has no qualifications and no ability to gain a stable career. He decided to persue a career in the CDF instead of going to college. 23/09/2004 - Radek completes basic training in the CDF, and is posted at Tisy military base in South Zagoria. 18/11/2008 - The Chernaurussian civil war begins, and Radek fights against the CHDZK and the Russian military. 19/07/2009 - The civil war is won with the help of NATO. Russia is pushed out and the CHDZK is destroyed. 03/04/2017 - Radek is posted in Chernogorsk following the recent troubles, and is tasked with maintaining stability and security in the region 07/08/2017 - The outbreak begins, and Radek is in Chernogorsk. 08/08/2017 - Radek is relocated to Severograd to fight with the Russians in the newly sparked war with them. There is bloody fighting and many CDF and Russian personnel are killed. Radek's squad is wiped out and he is overrun by Russians. He decides to flee south and follows the road toward Gorka. He leaves before the attack from the infected, possibly saving his life. The infection Radek heads south to Gorka, and he then finds his bearings. He meets up with a reinforcement squad of CDF members and they make their way to the north east airfield, where they set up camp and await further instruction. By the time night falls they recieve no word, other than the occasinal demonic scream echoing through the dark and foggy night. They recieve word over radio to regroup at Berizino where they were tasked to evacuate civilians across the coast toward Novigrad. They made their way down and it was chaos. Riots were sparked and the civilians wanted nothing to do with the CDF. They decide as a group to scrap the idea of sticking to the orders given to them, and they go rogue. They head toward Svetlojarsk, and then further north west into the woodlands of the countryside. They set up camp once more and by the time they finish, night has fallen once again. They hold their rifles tight as they hear the ongoing chaos across the valley in Novodmitrovsk. The infection is spreading across south zagoria, causing absolute anarchy. Chernaurus is falling apart, and Radek and his squad are sat in a forest. After they start hearing less chaos and gunshots in Novo, they decide to head over the valley and take a look into the city. They scout the city from the mountain but only to see people idly walking around. They make their way down and aren't met by any gunfire. They enter the city, not knowing what they're about to get into. They approach what they think is a person, before it runs at the squad whilst growling. It was an infected. The monster grabs onto one of Radek's squadmates, biting into his neck and causing blood to gush out. They watch in horror as the infected mauls the man, before opening fire onto the zombie and killing it. This sparks a deafening roar across the city. The city was once again awoken, and the infected came running out toward Radek's squad. They ran into the goverment building where they held their ground, firing at the infected until their ammo supply depleted. They were trapped in the top of the building with only a stretch of rope, and few men left alive. They decided to make take a risk. Radek grabbed a peice of metal and bent it into a makeshift grappling hook. They tied it to the rope and threw it across the street, hooking it to the adjacent buildings. They ziplined across, firstly Dimitrij, then Radek, then Yuri, and finally Ivan. Ivan was much heavier than the rest, and when ziplining, the rope came loose from the oppesite building and sent him falling onto the horde of infected. If the fall didn't kill him, the flesh eaters would. There were only three men left alive. They got back onto street level and made their way out of the city, and south toward Chernogorsk. They made their way down the coastal highway, coming across infected and remnants of the civilian population from time to time. They got to Kamyshovo, where they were met with gunfire from civlian weaponry. People weren't happy. Dimitri and Yuri were both shot, Radek was the last remaining soldier. He powered through with his final magazine of ammo, and managed to finish off the bandit forces that ambushed them. Radek was alone, and without anyone. He headed north towards Tisy, hoping to find more remnants of the CDF. He stops by at an abandoned NATO checkpoint, and finds a new weapon with some ammunition, an M4A1 assault rifle as well as some new clothing. He comes across a group of Zelenamoriya near Lopatino, and decides to tag along with them due to having nobody, and also due to them being the only people that havn't been hostile to him.
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  8. The story of USEC... USEC was established in 1999 following the merge of two separate PMC companies, KerniSEC and Safe Sea. KerniSEC was previously founded by Brian Kernighan, a rich businessman and someone who has no involvement within the military, unlike the founder of their counterpart, Safe Sea. KerniSEC conducted a variety of security operations in places such as South America and the Middle East Their counterpart, Safe Sea was founded by John Berger, an ex British Royal Marines Colonel. The name 'Safe Sea' refers to the operations they conduct; anti piracy. Later on, KerniSEC and Safe Sea come to an agreement. According to rumors, it was Ronald Hunt who persuaded John Berger that the company needs to move on to the new, international level, and set up the talks about merging with KerniSEC. In any case, the negotiations were successful, leading to establishment of the USEC in 1999. Upon establishment, the company conducted a mix of security operations, such as cargo protection, anti-piracy, VIP security, or extractions of HVT's. This went on for a while, until the outbreak in Chernaurus came in 2017. USEC conducted a variety of operations across Chernaurus, primarily extracting government officials from the city of Novigrad. All was going to plan due to the high amount of equipment and planning going into the operations. They were receiving Chernaurussian state funds, and the company was profiting by hundreds of millions. December 2018 USEC South Zagorian Operation In August 2018, a call for help came via radio. It was a Chernaurussian sounding voice. It claimed to be a Richard Gvozdno, the mayor of Chernogorsk, and he needed help to get out of Chernaurus and into society once again. He offered USEC a sum of 500,000,000 RUB, which is a equivalent to £5,900,000. It was a dangerous operation, but a well paying one too. A squad of five mercenaries were picked, SPC. Adam Richards being the squad leader. Each of the squad members where to be payed £1,000,000 each, and the extra £900,000 going to the USEC itself. The plan being to insert via boat near Chernogorsk, and to pick up the HVT near the outskirts, and to extract him from the region. But things are likely to go wrong due to the high population in the region... Group SMART Criteria S - USEC aims to escape from Chernaurus by any means necessary, the primary goal is to get in contact with the outer world with a working long range radio, and to organise for extraction M - The way that the squad may escape from Chernaurus is by gaining contact with the rest of USEC, and to gain extraction via boat or helicopter A - The squad will work together as a team to survive in Chernaurus, and to eventually extract R - Realistically, they wont be able to escape due to the circumstances, but its always worthy trying... T - Getting a long range radio will be easy, but managing to extract will be a challenge. OOC This group only plans to be a small-sized group based off of the USEC PMC in Escape From Tarkov, containing the approximately five PMC's. New characters with backstories detailing their USEC employment will need to be created in order to join, and recruitment will be OOC'ly. The group will use a variety of militarized tactics and equipment when traversing though Chernaurus due to its nature, but will still not be hostile toward people they meet. The story behind the squad in future tense is that they get stuck in Chernaurus, and are forced to survive like everyone else. The uniform is as follows: -Black tactical shirt or beige t-shirt -USMC pants. -Any vests, hats, backpacks or masks are allowed, except for ones containing bright colours, a pink hat for example. If you're interested in joining, this is our discord- https://discord.gg/DBTqtQ2 Group roster - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MgdZnb4Xo2t5MfhoJ_2nrLYiakaFQQlEyf7_4rG8GYA/edit?usp=sharing
  9. Early Days Adam Richards was born in Newquay, Cornwall in 1991, and had a fairly normal life as a child, growing up in a working class family and having a fairly good and happy lifestyle. He didn't really do much in school, not getting very good grades, meaning it would be hard to find a job in later years Joining The Army Due to it being hard to find employment, and partly due to the war in Afghanistan, he decided to join the British Army. He started basic training in 2008, at the age of 17, It lasted 26 weeks (6 months). Once he turned 18, he finished his basic training, and was sent off to Afghanistan and was posted in the Helmand Province, the most dangerous place on earth at the time. Helmand Once Adam was in Afghanistan, he was sent to his post, and on the way, the convoy of new recruits was attacked by the Taliban, many of the recruits where killed, but Adam survived. He managed to kill 2 Taliban fighters, and that was on his first day in Afghanistan. He was shot in the Chest and the arm, and was shipped straight back to the airbase, to get medical treatment. A few weeks later, after recovering and spending some time on the main base, he was sent into Helmand once again, this time not being attacked by the Taliban. Over the years of serving there, he witnessed many horrible things, such as his friends being shot, or blown up right in front of him. Private Military Contracting After serving in Afghanistan for 4 tours, and racking up a high number of kills, He stayed home for 2 months, not planning on ever going to Afghanistan again, but one day, he had a call. The caller asked him if he was interested in a job, he said yes, and was invited to an interview for a job working for Aegis Defence Services, a British private military contractor. He went to the interview, and got the job, he would be getting payed to do contract work in the middle east, going to places like Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. The Chernaurussian Contract Adam was tasked to go into Chernaurus, and help some rich guy escape. Him and his squad went In by boat, docking 5km east of Miroslavl', a coastal city about 10km away from Chernogorsk, where the client lived, they walked down the coastal highway, and met the client just outside of Chernogorsk. On the way back, they where attacked by bandits near Balota. Everyone in the squad was killed, except for Adam. He headed back to the boat in order to Evacuate, but the boat was stolen.
  10. Due to me being inactive on the server, I would like to cancel my Sponsor subscription, but I cant find any option to do so. I will most probably renew it once .63 stable comes out
  11. EFT is based 30 years in the future, so the group would not have to be tied with Tarkov
  12. I have been thinking of making a group that is based off of the USEC PMC from the game Escape From Tarkov, which is pretty much a militarised group that goes into places like Chernaurus, or in EFT, the city of Tarkov. I think this is a good group idea, but I'm worried about things such as copyright infringement, due to the group being from another game. So before I begin making it, I just wanted to make sure it would be alright to do so.
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  14. *Erik Is startled after hearing the broadcast* "That's the voice of one of my good friends, who has never spoken a word since I've met him, I have to find him soon, I think he's in trouble".
  15. After watching the .63 livestream today, I heard the devs talking about giving server owners the option to use the .63 Experimental Build when it released, so will the server be using it? This is a question more aimed at Rolle, due to being the server owner and the one making the decision.