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  1. Early Days Adam Richards was born in Newquay, Cornwall in 1991, and had a fairly normal life as a child, growing up in a working class family and having a fairly good and happy lifestyle. He didn't really do much in school, not getting very good grades, meaning it would be hard to find a job in later years Joining The Army Due to it being hard to find employment, and partly due to the war in Afghanistan, he decided to join the British Army. He started basic training in 2008, at the age of 17, It lasted 26 weeks (6 months). Once he turned 18, he finished his basic training, and was sent off to Afghanistan and was posted in the Helmand Province, the most dangerous place on earth at the time. Helmand Once Adam was in Afghanistan, he was sent to his post, and on the way, the convoy of new recruits was attacked by the Taliban, many of the recruits where killed, but Adam survived. He managed to kill 2 Taliban fighters, and that was on his first day in Afghanistan. He was shot in the Chest and the arm, and was shipped straight back to the airbase, to get medical treatment. A few weeks later, after recovering and spending some time on the main base, he was sent into Helmand once again, this time not being attacked by the Taliban. Over the years of serving there, he witnessed many horrible things, such as his friends being shot, or blown up right in front of him. Private Military Contracting After serving in Afghanistan for 4 tours, and racking up a high number of kills, He stayed home for 2 months, not planning on ever going to Afghanistan again, but one day, he had a call. The caller asked him if he was interested in a job, he said yes, and was invited to an interview for a job working for Aegis Defence Services, a British private military contractor. He went to the interview, and got the job, he would be getting payed to do contract work in the middle east, going to places like Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. The Chernaurussian Contract Adam was tasked to go into Chernaurus, and help some rich guy escape. Him and his squad went In by boat, docking 5km east of Miroslavl', a coastal city about 10km away from Chernogorsk, where the client lived, they walked down the coastal highway, and met the client just outside of Chernogorsk. On the way back, they where attacked by bandits near Balota. Everyone in the squad was killed, except for Adam. He headed back to the boat in order to Evacuate, but the boat was stolen.
  2. Due to me being inactive on the server, I would like to cancel my Sponsor subscription, but I cant find any option to do so. I will most probably renew it once .63 stable comes out
  3. EFT is based 30 years in the future, so the group would not have to be tied with Tarkov
  4. I have been thinking of making a group that is based off of the USEC PMC from the game Escape From Tarkov, which is pretty much a militarised group that goes into places like Chernaurus, or in EFT, the city of Tarkov. I think this is a good group idea, but I'm worried about things such as copyright infringement, due to the group being from another game. So before I begin making it, I just wanted to make sure it would be alright to do so.
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  6. *Erik Is startled after hearing the broadcast* "That's the voice of one of my good friends, who has never spoken a word since I've met him, I have to find him soon, I think he's in trouble".
  7. After watching the .63 livestream today, I heard the devs talking about giving server owners the option to use the .63 Experimental Build when it released, so will the server be using it? This is a question more aimed at Rolle, due to being the server owner and the one making the decision.
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    I took a great screenshot tonight but sadly im too late Heres the link anyway
  9. Introduction Erik was born in Krakow, Poland in 1990, and lived a fairly clean and happy life. He came from a middle class background, living in an apartment in the Krowodrza suburb, With His mother who was called Kornelia Tarnowski, and his father Adrian Tarnowski. In 1996, His younger brother Fredrik was Born. In early 2000's, Erik started to grow up more, turning into a teenager and in 2008, and adult. His younger brother Fredrik looked up to him, although Erik never usually saw him as he was often out with his friends drinking, smoking, or playing football. Erik met his future wife, Ana Rajkowski in a night club in Krakow old town, a week before his 18th birthday, Erik and Ana would be together until June 15th 2017. Adulthood Before The Infection Erik and Ana would buy a house in the polish countryside in 2010, and marry in 2011, in the Wawel Cathedral in Krakow, and would have a honeymoon in the Chernaurussian countryside, and 9 months later, have a Daughter called Hanna. Erik and Ana fell in love with Chernaurus, and decided to gain citizenship and buy a house in Elektrozavodsk, Erik worked in the Chernogorsk Hotel as a receptionist, and earned a good pay check. Start Of The Infection on July 7th, 2017, Erik was at home watching TV, when an unexpected message showed up "This is your emergency alert system, the government of Chernaurus has issued a contagious disease warning, please stay indoors and lock all doors and windows, All citizens in the town of Severograd, evacuate immediately. Disease symptoms; internal bleeding, increased aggression, desire to eat human flesh. Disease will be contracted if contact is made with a hosts body fluids. If you know someone who may be infected, notify authorities." Erik was stunned, He called his wife and told her to keep the child safe, Erik looked out the window of his house, and a convoy of BTR's, Armed Soldiers and Transport Vehicles were driving past his house. Erik locked his door, closed all of his blinds and watched the news for further info... After 2 days of sitting watching the news, Satellite connection was lost. Erik and his family would often hear gunfire and bombing runs and would often be checked on my members of the CDF. After a week had passed, members of NATO ordered Erik and his family to evacuate from Elektro, as there would be an infestation of infected. Erik grabbed his Mosin Nagant rifle, and him and his family ran to the woods. Erik and his family found a small village which appeared to be deserted, so they decided to find shelter there. Erik told Ana and Hanna to stay inside a house, and he went around the village to find food and water, as they had been travelling for days and hadn't eaten or drank in hours, as they had ran out of food. Suddenly, Erik heard screaming and he dashed towards it. It was Ana and Hanna. He walked in and found his daughter dead, and his wife being eaten alive by a zombie. He shot the zombie and did what he could to help Ana, but after a few minutes she died from blood loss. Erik was distraught, He sat next to Ana and Hanna's corpses for about 2 hours, and he picked up his Mosin and went onto his knees. He put the barrel of the gun in his mouth, looked at his wife and daughter and pulled the trigger, the gun clicked, and the round didn't go off. Erik threw the rifle on the ground and changed his mind about killing himself. Surviving In The Wilderness Erik is a good man, and has only killed one person since the start of the infection, a man that attacked his cabin and tried to kill him. For most of the infection, Erik has lived off of the land in a wood cabin in the middle of the Chernaurus woods, doing things like farming and hunting to survive, despite previously living in a city and having little knowledge of survival. Now and again, Erik decides to go out and look for ammunition for his mosin, but other than that, stays fairly disconnected with other people in Chernaurus. Nowadays, Erik often feels lonely, due to him not having anyone around, so he decides to leave his life in the woods, and goes back to Elektro. Leaving The Cabin Day 1: Erik joined the group known as Res Publica, a group simply dedicated to getting by and having a good quality of life. Day 2: Erik now lives under the rule of Anarchy, in the town of Lopatino Day 3: Erik checks out the prison island with four of his friends Day 4: Erik's group gains a seat within the Lopatino council, and helps the Anarchists in their war against socialism Day 5: Erik works as a spy for the socialists, but is compromised after running into Boris while with socialists. Although Erik was masked, he was still identified. Day 6: Erik is captured by the Anarchists, but plays the grey man and gets out of interrogation alive Day 7: Erik is hidden away by the socialists, until the heat dies down. ... Day 14: Erik leaved the woods and goes back into society. Day 15: Erik leaves Chernaurus for a short time, heading into Novigrad
  10. Do I need to use the character I put down in my application, because he seems a bit lame
  11. Yeah I'm alright, just a bit bored right now I gotta be honest