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  1. Corey Pond

    Childhood Corey was born in Gwent, Wales in 1992, and had a fairly good childhood, He lived in a small village called Abertillery and also went to school there. In school, he kept his head down and worked hard, as he wanted to get good results in order for him to have the future career that he wanted, to be an RAF Pilot. He left primary school in 2001 and studied IT, Geography and DT, and the rest of the core subjects, getting good grades in all. in 2006, at the age of 16, he applied for a position in the RAF, as a pilot. RAF Training After doing tests for fitness, and aptitude, Corey went on to start training in the RAF pilot school. He went through a lot of training, doing things like G-Force tests, and sitting in a class learning about how a plane, or helicopter works. In 2010, he did his first flight in a Eurofighter Typhoon, and later graduated flight school in 2012 Action in the RAF Corey saw lots of action as a pilot, taking part in bombing runs over Syria, Iraq and Takistan, and also seeing some action in the Chernaurussian civil war, having tasks to bomb CHDZK positions. Corey saved an entire platoon of CDF and US troops, who where being pinned down by the CHDZK, by performing gun runs on the CHDZK positions and giving the troops an opportunity to evacuate. Due to this, Corey was promoted to the rank of Flight Lieutenant. In 2014, Corey also trained to fly a CH-47 Chinook. Start of The Infection Corey was tasked to perform bombing runs on large populations of the infected, in places like Chernogorsk, and Severograd. After the infection got out of control, he was tasked to evacuate people inland, by helicopter, using the CH-47 to land in populated areas and help civilians get out. This proved to be a success. After the evacuation, Corey was tasked to provide aid via airdrops to various populated towns such as Severograd, Lopatino and Noviya Petrovka, One day, when providing aid to Lopatino, his helicopter was struck by bullets, disabling the engine and sending him crashing down near the Tisy military base.
  2. .63 Experimental

    After watching the .63 livestream today, I heard the devs talking about giving server owners the option to use the .63 Experimental Build when it released, so will the server be using it? This is a question more aimed at Rolle, due to being the server owner and the one making the decision.
  3. VOTE NOW - Screenshot of The Month Contest - Home

    I took a great screenshot tonight but sadly im too late Heres the link anyway
  4. Erik Tarnowski

    Erik was born in Krakow, Poland in 1990, and lived a fairly clean and happy life. He came from a middle class background, living in an apartment in the Krowodrza suburb, With His mother who was called Kornelia Tarnowski, and his father Adrian Tarnowski. In 1996, His younger brother Fredrik was Born. In early 2000's, Erik started to grow up more, turning into a teenager and in 2008, and adult. His younger brother Fredrik looked up to him, although Erik never usually saw him as he was often out with his friends drinking, smoking, or playing football. Erik met his future wife, Ana Rajkowski in a night club in Krakow old town, a week before his 18th birthday, Erik and Ana would be together until June 15th 2017. Adulthood Before The Infection Erik and Ana would buy a house in the polish countryside in 2010, and marry in 2011, in the Wawel Cathedral in Krakow, and would have a honeymoon in the Chernaurussian countryside, and 9 months later, have a Daughter called Hanna. Erik and Ana fell in love with Chernaurus, and decided to gain citizenship and buy a house in Elektrozavodsk, Erik worked in the Chernogorsk Hotel and a receptionist, and earned a good pay check. Start Of The Infection on July 7th, 2017, Erik was at home watching TV, when an unexpected message showed up "This is your emergency alert system, the government of Chernaurus has issued a contagious disease warning, please stay indoors and lock all doors and windows, All citizens in the town of Severograd, evacuate immediately. Disease symptoms; internal bleeding, increased aggression, desire to eat human flesh. Disease will be contracted if contact is made with a hosts body fluids. If you know someone who may be infected, notify authorities." Erik was stunned, He called his wife and told her to keep the child safe, Erik looked out the window of his house, and a convoy of BTR's, Armed Soldiers and Transport Vehicles were driving past his house. Erik locked his door, closed all of his blinds and watched the news for further info... After 2 days of sitting watching the news, Satellite connection was lost. Erik and his family would often hear gunfire and bombing runs and would often be checked on my members of the CDF. After a week had passed, members of NATO ordered Erik and his family to evacuate from Elektro, as there would be an infestation of infected. Erik grabbed his Mosin Nagant rifle, and him and his family ran to the woods. Erik and his family found a small village which appeared to be deserted, so they decided to find shelter there. Erik told Ana and Hanna to stay inside a house, and he went around the village to find food and water, as they had been travelling for days and hadn't eaten or drank in hours, as they had ran out of food. Suddenly, Erik heard screaming and he dashed towards it. It was Ana and Hanna. He walked in and found his daughter dead, and his wife being eaten alive by a zombie. He shot the zombie and did what he could to help Ana, but after a few minutes she died from blood loss. Erik was distraught, He sat next to Ana and Hanna's corpses for about 2 hours, and he picked up his Mosin and went onto his knees. He put the barrel of the gun in his mouth, looked at his wife and daughter and pulled the trigger, the gun clicked, and the round didn't go off. Erik threw the rifle on the ground and changed his mind about killing himself. Surviving In The Wilderness Erik is a good man, and has only killed one person since the start of the infection, a man that attacked his cabin and tried to kill him. For most of the infection, Erik has lived off of the land in a wood cabin in the middle of the Chernaurus woods, doing things like farming and hunting to survive, despite previously living in a city and having little knowledge of survival. Now and again, Erik decides to go out and look for ammunition for his mosin, but other than that, stays fairly disconnected with other people in Chernaurus. Nowadays, Erik often feels lonely, due to him not having anyone around, so he decides to leave his life in the woods, and goes back to Elektro. Erik's Story Continues...
  5. Do I need to use the character I put down in my application, because he seems a bit lame
  6. Yeah I'm alright, just a bit bored right now I gotta be honest
  7. Would you say the borat thing is a bit of a stolen meme, considering there is already a borat on the server?
  8. I'm the true Kazakhstani king, my steam name is legit Borat Sagdiyev
  9. My old steam profile picture used to be Guy Fieri