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  1. Maliik (mall-eek)grew up in the rough neighborhood of Wayne, Michigan, which is west of Detroit. He generally hung out with a bad group of kids and those kids got him into drugs, primarily cocaine and weed. He mooched off the supply of his friends until his friends said he has to buy his own. So he went to his drug dealer and bought an ounce of weed. Problem was, he didn't have all the money on hand so he gave his dealer what he had and he would give his dealer the rest later. Maliik had a younger brother who was 12 at the time. His younger brother was named Shawn and Shawn was not having a good time at school. Shawn spent his days getting picked on and not fitting in. Maliik and Shawn had an amazing relationship because Maliik was Shawn’s only friend, and brother. Maliik went to school and a month passed and he did not have the money. His dealer said he would regret it if he didn't pay. Maliik never got the money. A full 6 months passed without Maliik coming up with the money. One night, while Maliik was asleep, he was awoken to the screams of his mother. He ran into her bedroom to find his dealer with a knife in his hand, and his mom on the ground, bleeding. Maliik's eyes, filled with regret and despair, met his mothers before the life drained out of them. His dealer then shoved Maliik on the ground and tied his arms up and put duct tape over his mouth. His dealer’s buddy showed up with a gun and grabbed Maliik from behind while pointing the gun at his head. They all slowly walked into Shawn’s room. Maliik, just now realizing what is going on, starts to retaliate, resulting in a blow to the head, knocking him to the ground. The last thing he remembered that night was him watching his brother being choked to death. Maliik woke up in a basement, tied to a pole. His dealer left him down there feeding him dirt and extra dog food. 3 months later and many escape attempts(which he did not make it farther than the door leading out of the basement) he decided to try again. He took his long fingernails and spent hours trying to cut the rope he was tied with. Many of his fingernails fell off during the process but 12 hours later he finally cut loose. He knew that everyone was out of the house so he started to find hollow spots in the walls, and ceiling. When he found one, he bashed it open. It led to the outside. He was in the middle of nowhere, no cars to be seen, no houses to be seen, no trees to be seen. He went to the road and started walking. He fell to the ground a few times because he was not used to walking. While he was on the road he saw a car coming. He went in front of it and started calling for help. The car stopped. His dealer got out of the drivers seat. Maliik, panicked, started to “run” the other way. His dealer easily caught up and knocked him out. He woke up back in the basement with an unknown man waiting in a seat adjacent to him. The man got up and told him that he can't be having Maliik trying to escape. The man grabbed a sledgehammer from around the corner and bashed Maliik’s left foot. Now he couldn't escape even if he tried. He was stuck there for 2 years until he finally escaped. With his scarred foot, he limped most of the time. He knew he had to leave the country so he found an airport and flew to an unknown place called Chernarus.
  2. Hello everyone!! I just got accepted into the community and I am more than excited to start roleplaying with everyone! I was tired of the constant KoS on regular DayZ servers and love a good RP interaction. Ill see you all IC!
  3. Shnoke

    Ban Appeal

    Aiko, The account I used 3 years ago on this website should be pickleperson as for the RP name or steam account name I had used back then I cant quite remember. My current steam account name is Mr. Krabs. I hope that helps. Thanks.
  4. Shnoke

    Ban Appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): I don't know how to access the source of the punishment. Basically about 3 years ago my account was blacklisted due to white list denial. Why the verdict is not fair: I think that the final decision of blacklisting my steam account for failing to have a sufficient application is completely understandable. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: My steam account was blacklisted about 3 years ago and I have grown to be more mature and handling of situations. I feel that if I am given one more chance at an application I will not come to be a disappointment to the community. Over 3 years, a lot has happened and I know that I have grown up and become more mature. Also, my first time applying 3 years ago, I was accepted, but I had failed to post a verification post within a month, so my white list was removed. I understand that I may only appeal punishments that took place within the last 30 days and I apologize for breaking that rule. I would immensely enjoy playing with this community. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to have one more shot at applying to be a part of the DayZRP Community. What could you have done better?: 3 years ago, I could have posted my verification post.