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  1. Vladimir yeltsin

    S1: BadRP in Vybor - 6/23/2017 Approx 20:00

    Look i agree that it was unnecessary to break character, but we all make mistakes. But I also feel that you must look at it from our perspective, we had just been robbed for all of our stuff. Stuff that we had spend hours on getting, and we were desperate to get new stuff. We also didn't know if he had any friends in or around vybor, so we had to act fast. And when you have to do it quick, there really isn't alot of time to really go deep with the RP. As i also said in my last post, I can see where he is coming from, but i just feel like he isn't looking at it from our perspective. And about being told to shut up, that happens all the time. I have been told to shut up every time I've been taken hostage.
  2. Vladimir yeltsin

    S1: BadRP in Vybor - 6/23/2017 Approx 20:00

    @TheMatt924 so what you are basicaly saying, is that a robbery has to be 30 mins long, or at least take a long time to be okay to do? you can't just do a quick and easy hold up on a guy on the street and go through his stuff, then when there is no "dank gear" to take, let the man go free? or have i misunderstood you? personally i would not "demand" that every robbery has to take a long time, i mean when you rob someone you have to be quick. espacially when you are only to guys without ammo for the one gun the group has. i totaly get where you are coming from, but i still feel that this should not be a BadRP case. but of course you are entitled to have your own oppinion on this :-)
  3. Vladimir yeltsin

    S1: BadRP in Vybor - 6/23/2017 Approx 20:00

    well you did't specifficaly ask for mine did you? but sure i can give you mine i you want :-) Ca. 30 mins before the encounter with @TheMatt924, me and @Donny were robbed in stary, so we did not have that much stuff. we then went to VMC to look for new weopons, but we did not find any. therefor we headed to vybor to look for guns there, or people that were vounrable to an easy robbery. when we entered stary we saw @TheMatt924 fighting som zombies, and thought that he would be an easy target for a quck robbery. @Donny then takes the lead in the robbery whilst i run around vybor looking for possible friends, and just loot in general. after some time of me not finding any loot, or persons i decide to run back to were the robbery was takeing place. but when i reach my destination, i only see mr. west. i then proceed to ask him where my friend went, but right as i ask the question i spot him. we then head west toward lopatino.
  4. Vladimir yeltsin

    S1: BadRP in Vybor - 6/23/2017 Approx 20:00

    @TheMatt924 is correct i am the vladimir in question. and i do not have any video evidence of the robbery, because my shadowplay was broken after the last driver update, and i forgot to activate it again. i have now tho.
  5. damn, thanks for the answer tho :-)
  6. damn, same with the profile song then?
  7. i do not see it, i only see edit profile in the top right :-)
  8. Hello guys :-) i have seen some users on the forum, who have profile banners. how do you add one?
  9. hello :-) Earlier today i made a whitelist aplication, it has not been reviewed yet. how long does it usually take for a whitelist request to be reviewed? thanks in advance