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  1. Erik Smith

    Erik is a toughened hunter that was even more reinforced by his fathers death and brother & mothers dissapearance just before the outbreak... He used to hunt with his father and make a living off of it, no longer is it that simple.. he now protects the people close to him and if they get hurt, others will be open to a world of pain.. he heard about a group of Chernarussians that were roaming Chernarus, hes hoping to unite the Americans with the chernarussians so he wont lose anymore men ! Hes looking to build up and create another family and a home for them, at the same time take in everybody and keep everyone safe.
  2. The Community

    So today was my first proper time sitting down for about 5 or 6 hours to chill and play some dayzrp, and i can absolutely say i hadent had so much fun in ages ! The people were very friendly, the stories that they came up with were often fascinating and over all the community is very very positive and i nice place to just chill out and play with lots of other players ! this is my first post so i dont really know what to write, but oh well Awesome community and i cant wait to meet more of you guys !!!!