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  1. Dante was born in Milano, Italy and was in the Mafia business since the Age of 12. He lived in New York for a Seven years and was apart of the Tucano Mafia. He later moved back to Italy . When he came back from the US he got back to his original mafia the "Manarello". He and his family controlled large parts of Milano and had the police on their side. They got away with drug trafficking, illegal weapon import and more. Tony and his men later decided to rob the biggest bank in Milano and got away with €25,000,000. He later was sent Along with his brother Tony to kill a member of a Chernarussian cartel so the flew to South Zagoria. They lived in a hotel in central Chernogorsk and planned Their days out on how to kill the traitor. They later finished their plans and confirmed their kill on the Chernarussian cartel member. They later got stuck in the horrible infection and are now living with the rest of their Manarello members.
  2. *Mercer picks up his radio and proceeds with pressing the PTT* we will accept any type of assistance , so far we have no idea as to where the disease was generated from and by who,our objective is to help people and defeat the disease not make it more powerful *Mercer releases the PTT*
  3. *Mercer picks up his radio and proceeds with pressing the PTT* "My name is Alexander Mercer " " i work for the CBRN in Cooperation with Doctor Vladislav Zaystev and four other reaserchers" "We Are currently operating on a Cure to the know Virus that brought the world to its knees" "if you hearing this, then we need your help" "if you have any information on the virus we request of you to inform us ASAP" "we consider every piece of information Valuable data" "for hostility reasons we cannot disclose our research labs location" "but we are availble for you to contact at any time" "Please help us , To help humanity" "OVER , AND OUT" *Mercer releases the PTT*
  4. shout out to @xSaBre great twisted Character Role play in Petrovka as well as his man eating Friend @OhThatGuy27 , had lots of laughs "OOC" with you guys ill be sure to come visit you again . ill be coming for more samples my Friends.
  5. not much to say ! on my way to meet up with the team members where we were trying to build a base! then we were told they initiated on them , once we got there we got shot at , no one talked to me i just went prone and got killed there . We didn't shoot or threaten anyone, we just got shot at right away, we didn't even aim at them as u can see on the video
  6. I Don't have much information about the RDM that happened to @ornberg but we did get taken Hostages along with a few other random people by The House on the Vybor Farm right next to Vybor Industrial , so i have no clue if it was them Who took him down or not
  7. Server and location: S1 EU Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 11/06/2018 19:15 Your in game name: Alex Mercer Names of allies involved: ornberg Name of suspect/s: unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: we were in the northwest airfield , we met this guy we talked to him for a bit but when he leaves he just walks backwards slowly starring at us , then he pushed back towards us sneaking and then we went right to him in prison my friend said "why are u being so fucking suspicious w, why are you following us" then he leaves the building closes the door as soon as i open the door he shot me dead
  8. I am always available , if u need me to be present for another questioning of some sort , for now i believe the Kill was Justified ,but if further Investigations are to occur just let me know and ill gladly help out.
  9. We Talked it Out on teamspeak with the one who killed me , i request that this Case would be closed
  10. Server and location: S1 Eu -North West airfield at Tents City Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): approximately 23:20 Your in game name: Alex Mercer Names of allies involved: NON Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Non Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Non Detailed description of the events: Mainly what happened was that i met some people on the Northern barracks outside of the Airfield and then i set off with one of them on the way back to the tents of Airfield , then this guy with a Spanish accent came up to us and i offered him some food he said he wouldn't mind having any when i dropped him a can of Tactical Bacon he looked at it and then aimed his Weapon at us and told us to put our hands up, immediately started shooting the other guy i ran off for about 10 seconds and took cover while he was shooting , then i fired at him and took him back , afterwards i looked for a medic to try to save the guy who was with me but it was too late, 5 minutes later i went to the tents in Airfield and i heard someone saying "hello" so i said "hi" back, i asked him how is he doing , he replies "Good!Good!" then he opens fire at me right away.
  11. Alex Mercer , a 34 years Old CIA agent ,Born in New jersey NewArk 28/09/1984 , Single without any family member , for he was a lone child and lost both his parents due to a Car Crash at the Age of 12 . after the Accident he became a solitary man didn't like interaction with other that much served in Iraq at the age of 20 and he pulled off a crazy stunt while taking down a terrorist group caused him to get a Dishonorable Discharge but his actions did not go unnoticed for 2 years after he was recruited by the CIA to work undercover , with no Relations with anyone and no family he fit right in , most Was working Under cover to take down a Russian Crime Organisation trying to weaponize the Virus ,when his cover demanded him to play the Role of a Convict being transported to Pyatak Prison in Ognenny Ostrov in Vologda Region , to be later used as a test Subject . during transport somehow the infection reached one of the Guards on the Ship and it spread across most of the passengers being behind bars in a solitary cell no one reached him and he was free of the virus with a few others in his same situation but with no crew to sail the Ship it ended up crashing on Chernarus Shore and there Alex Finds himself in an Alien environment .With the Goal he set off with still in his mine , to stop the Cryptic Organisation from weaponizing the Virus and break mankind to Extinction for the pursuit of Money and Power, he has no contact to his superiors or any other Partners, but his previously learned skills and Instincts to use for his Survival in this Apocalyptic land .
  12. bghost96


    i got this one which i need to be whitelisted : http://steamcommunity.com/id/BGHOST96/ and i also have this one here : http://steamcommunity.com/id/Icerde/ is this what u need?
  13. bghost96


    I have That Account And This One : http://steamcommunity.com/id/Icerde/ but this one doesnt have DayZ
  14. bghost96


    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: the Vac Ban is Already Older Than 365 Days Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: http://steamcommunity.com/id/BGHOST96/ What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Get Whitelisted What could you have done better?: i Got Convicted By Overwatch on Counter-Strike Global Offensive , I had a rank Of Global Elite and i got reported so many times they got me into an OverWatch session and other players apparently thought i was cheating but its all in the past now i got a new account
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