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  1. Firstly. You are not one all one individual, so yes, it does matter. Secondly. Why did you wait so long? For an answer from a broken person? You got what you wanted, entertainment, gear, etc. When you log into the server you are agreeing to the possibility of taking part in a long RP, if you simply killed me to "speed things along." then that's BadRP in of itself. And let me add, Gang members usually either want something from the person or have some kind of agenda against the individual. Your Agenda was my nationality that you loosely associated with PAU which I was not part of in the slightest and you could've easily gotten whatever you wanted. My words were: As in, it is not my intent to get anyone in trouble, my intent was to investigate this further and possibly understand why General did what he did. However after his lacklustre POV and the fact that you, a participant in the situation are protecting him rather than he himself. I do not really share the same feelings as I did when I first posted the report. The thing is, if your prey bores you now, why kill him? You could've just left as easily as he killed me. Again, rule 7.5 and relevant 5.2 And one of the major problems that I have with your "demand": So. If the goading were your demands how come you completely changed them? From the "Tell me to kill you." to the "Tell me 'no' if you want to live." you were not getting information from me, you were not getting anything from me but an answer that only you wanted. I understand that you more than likely intended them as demands, but I just wanted to keep mostly quiet after what happened due to the shock that I personally would be in. The only reason I said I do not fear you is because you kept asking over and over again so I thought I'd toss something out. Executing me for not answering a question after what I've been through, - being a sane individual unlike your group - is like executing a mute individual for not being able to SAY their reply. Obviously they wouldn't want to be executed, and since, and I've repeated this many a time, I didn't kill myself it is obvious what I wanted. Now that I have replied to your message, I would prefer not to turn this into a back and forth like some report threads turn into.
  2. There is no real need to talk this out with everyone involved. I may have not made myself clear and I apologize since it is my first ever report. My issue is mostly with Dima's execution of me, although he did have the killrights extended to him since you are in a group I do not see where he'd get the motivation to execute me outright like that. If you - Dimitri - shot me for not answering the question(although like I said I wasn't doing so out of spite, anger or an un-cooperative mindset simply my character wouldn't really respond to goading while in that shocked state) I wouldn't have written this report in the first place. I still stand by what I said: It didn't progress the RP at all as well, it just sorta ruined it. You could've easily pulled any gear off me you'd like, like you did while I was tied to the tree.
  3. I enjoyed @Ruan's RP. Very fascinating character and we role play similarly. I guess @Samti's RP was good too >_> Also cannot forget @Uldamenat the Green mountain campfire chicken roasting RP. Until we realised it was green mountain and drove away like vats out of hell on a truck he found. P.S. To: Samti, you know I love you
  4. Oh... *Slowly brushes away the corpse with a broom.* Uhhh. I'm grand like, how're you? ^~^"
  5. How did you know? I'm so proud of it. *Snaps another person's neck.* Thank you for noticing my art.
  6. Looked like an American flag from the thumbnail. Jesus.
  7. Firstly, I'd like to say thank you for providing the video evidence for this event. Secondly: Dimitri's goading did not seem at all like demands but simple taunting. If I did not kill myself with the pistol and asked you all to leave me be so I can bury the bodies, I think that is enough of an answer that no, I did not want to die at his hands. Before when you asked Gregory to to beat me up whilst tied to a tree, you made this obvious. When you wanted us to fight, you made this obvious. However, Dimitri's constant question, which he changed later on from "If you wish to die just tell me." to "If you do not want to die, say no." You wanted an answer from me that was already very obvious, so that did not seem like a demand to me. I apologies for the misunderstanding with that, however: 6.2 Demands during hostile situations must be made clear and unambiguous to all players. And also, I complied easily with two of - what seemed to me - your actual demands, the beating and the fist-fight. And I did not pose any threat to your squad, when I was just sitting on the ground doing absolutely nothing. 8.5.1 Hostages do not comply with your demands or pose a direct threat to you or your group. Was there any point to executing an already broken man? P.S. To add, from what I gathered from talking to Dima, was that he hated Russians. However, when I told him I was Ukrainian, he was surprised and mentioned that he had a friend in the army that was Ukrainian. So, I truly do not understand why he executed me - doing the Russian's job - when he had nothing really to do with the situation and wouldn't even have any motive in it. 7.5 Remember that kill rights are still subject to rule 5.2. You shouldn't use kill rights in situations where it doesn't make in-character sense as it can be seen as rule play. In other words, obtaining kill rights alone does not give you explicit permission to use them. Think about if using kill rights is viable in the current situation.
  8. Server and location: US 2 - I think Bashnya around North of the North-Western edge of the Airfield. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Approximate start: 22:00 Executed at: 22:48. Your in game name: Mikhail Weiss. Names of allies involved: Greg Manson. Name of suspect/s: Dima Vestrovich, other present Rat Pack members. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A. Detailed description of the events: I was travelling together with “Old Man Gregory”(Ruan) to Novy. When we passed the Airfield and moved down the hill where we came upon a house. We decided to search it whilst we collected a few apples. Then a group approached us coming from the Airfield. There were around five of them: A Russian wearing a Payday mask and ghillie hood, Chernarussian named Dima(General), a man who called himself a Chemist, A Mexican(?) named Francisco wearing a payday mask and two more individuals that were mostly in the background. After a while of campfire RP, where I set up a fire to cook some chicken for them whilst Gregory played on his guitar to lighten the mood. My character bonded slightly with Dima over the loss of his father. Then, when the fire died out and the campfire RP came to an end, the individuals surrounded us and started attempting to give us narcotics, we declined. They became more and more hostile as the Russian began to gesture that they should do something to me because my character is from Ukraine. So after a while of gesturing I was tied up to a tree by Gregory after which he proceeded to beat me - through emotes - at the hostage taker’s request. However, due to the fact that they found the beating boring they untied me and requested that we begin fighting each other. Sadly however I murdered Gregory in the fistfight, I assume after breaking his arm that I accidentally punched it again killing him. After that my character broke down and grabbed his Glock and placed it to my head. During this the Mexican character - Francisco - kept telling me not to kill myself. This is when the first issue happened, the hostage takers told me that if I did not kill myself that Francisco would die. I was really torn between the choices but in the end I decided to not kill myself since I was sure they wouldn’t kill their buddy. But they shot him and then proceeded to state that I killed the two men. After asking to leave me be - my character being heavily traumatised - so I could bury the two bodies. The Russian said that I did not deserve to burry them and the group proceeded to cut up the bodies and stack them in the outhouse to burn with a torch. While this was happening my character was just blank, but the Russian kept telling me that my life was in my hands, that he could end it easily if I just asked. After a while of me not answering to this question due to the trauma, I spoke up saying that I had already answered him. By this point he had begun asking a different question which was basically along the lines of “Say no if you want to live.” None of this was really a problem until Dima came back, since he thought the Russian was going to execute me, he wanted to join in. He first suggested that he would beat me to death with the chicken I cooked for him. But after a while of silence he just shot me in the head even though he wasn’t really part of the Russian’s goading. P.S. I would like to say in advance that I do not want to necessarily get anyone into trouble, I just prefer good, constructive RP that actually has a reason and builds character. I do not see the point in executing an already broken man or trying to get to him by cutting up the bodies. I do not mind losing gear and equipment, but losing an opportunity to do something truly interesting is just unnecessary.
  9. Let the records show, that I regretted nothing.
  10. Thank the Big Beans in the sky for multi-quoting! Thank you so much for both of your warm welcomes! And Shane. I hope I won't be bothering you too much with support stuff. Would be a crying Sha(n)me.
  11. Hello! Thank you for the warm welcome. You gonna be my buddy...? >:3
  12. Oh no. But I know the meta of this land. The most powerful weapon in my novice arsenal. The power to get out of your grasp in retaliation! *F11* (Thanks a bunch for the welcome by the way.)
  13. Nope nope. Not even whitelisted at this point in time. And thank you very much! I just think it's kinda eh because all it really tells us is the character's backstory, as counterintuitive as that sounds. It's boring unless you really want to get to know Mikhail and his frail mind - reinforced with bookforts >:0! Hopefully I'll have some time after the exams to properly flesh this all out, want to do some more work on Yalta being overrun and his stalking through the destroyed streets. I'd love to incorporate the Aerial Tramway in Yalta as well... Think it would be an interesting set-piece.
  14. But I'm not a STALKER Crimrade D: We must Cheeki Breeki together. Please don't kick the slav out of the fun, he wishes to join in.