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  1. Its such a beautiful world, dont you think? Everything is so fragile but still so strong.. Everything breaks but why? Thats why I came here to Chernarus. I wanted to see everything that’s broken and I couldn’t be happier because now I cant leave nor be forced out.. I had a very troubled childhood because nobody understands me.. Maybe Im just different? Who knows? One day I saw a flyer about Chernarus and I knew this was the place I wanted to go so I did. I packed my bags and ran from my family and friends.. I broke out.. But now Im finally free! I can finally be happy! Here in Chernarus.. Emma lived in Norway her entire life with a very unstable family where there was a lot of abuse which may have caused her to be the way she is today. She got put in a mental asylum but managed to break out and was on a run for quite a while, across countries before she eventually got in contact with a gang who managed to get her to Chernarus for payment.
  2. Nadia's POV: I logged in, heard the people talking outside so I went out and see two of the police officers have two people cuffed and shortly after a man comes running up and sprays down the two officers and runs away. Its not really much since I had just logged in and had no idea of what was going on.
  3. Thats actually my footage and I had just logged in so there is like 20 min of me vibing. Can send full video to a staff member if needed.
  4. Where do I even start.. My name is Nadia Volkova, I grew up in Krasnodar with my mother and father. I would consider us to be a very loving family. I had everything I needed in my childhood to be successful and I’m very grateful for that. My father was a police officer whilst my mother preferred to be a housewife. I have always looked up to my dad because no matter how much he worked he always prioritized his family over anything and used all his free time on me and my mother. Sometimes I miss him… As a teenager, I went to quite a lot of parties alongside my friends. It was kinda a norm where I lived. At least till I turned 17 when the Moscow Red Square bombing happened and reality hit me. This is when I started to fully dedicate myself to follow in my dad’s footsteps. I was 18 when I joined the Police Academy and since it was a very male-dominated work environment, I had a hard time adapting to it. It was hardest at the start but there was one man who stood up for me and helped me push through with the education. He later became my partner but also a very dear friend of mine. I have always had a love for animals and especially horses which is why I started riding horses when I was quite young. I loved how graceful they were. That’s why when I finished my education at the age of 20, I applied for specialization in Riot Cavalry. At the age of 21, I was certified as a Cavalry Specialist. My partner and I stuck with each other through thick and thin. If there is somebody I have to thank, it’s him. I was close to giving up on my education several times but he pushed me forward. There were a few who looked down on me and said this wasn’t a job for a woman. I often thought they were right but here I am. Patrolling the streets in Krasnodar wasn’t always that peaceful. There were nights where drunk people started fighting on the streets and I’m not the strongest but luckily my partner always had my back. The worst thing about my work was to meet people with a rough background. It always made me feel sorry for them, it was difficult to keep it professional. I wanted to help everybody but sadly, I couldn’t help them all as much as I wanted. My favorite thing would have been to ride one of the horses down the street and having people, especially children come over just to talk and pet the horse. Speaking of horses.. Training horses to be well enough trained to handle the toughest and loudest environments can sometimes be the most difficult part of the job. I remember the time I was training a quite young horse and we were testing to see how well he handled firework, he panicked and threw me off, causing me to break my arm. I had to take a break from my normal work for a while but I didn’t have it in me to sit still for that long so I went back to work faster than what the doctors recommended. It was worth it. I believe I worked in Krasnodar for 5 years. In 2018, I was offered a job opportunity in Chernarus, which recently became a part of the Russian Federation. I accepted it because I wanted to challenge myself and perhaps start a new life somewhere else. Sadly my partner wasn’t that interested in going to Chernarus but he encouraged me to go and he said we would keep in contact. It was both scary and exciting but most of all I was happy to have some change. That was at least what I thought at the start. It turned out that this job would be even harder than I first thought. The conflicts and riots almost felt like an everyday thing for a while, but I’m not somebody who gives up. I remember my last letter to my partner was me just saying how much I missed having somebody by my side like him and that I didn’t feel that accepted here at first, but enough of that. I thought it wouldn’t get any worse but I was wrong. There was a virus that broke out, they called it The Frenzied Flu. It was not like anything I have seen before and it didn’t take long before everything seemed to collapse but here I was, ready to serve my country and help as many as I could.
  5. Lily was born on January 21st, 1997. She grew up in Kirkenes, Norway with her mother and father. Growing up Lily had a rough childhood, she grew up with a physically and mentally abusive father and a mother that would ignore her father's abusive actions. Growing up she would always get into fights and get into trouble at school. The schools would inform her parents of what she did and what they thought was going on. However, instead of trying to help their daughter, they would neglect what the school said and ignore any advice that was given to them. Because of her problems, she was always judged at school and never really made any friends. This only led to her problems becoming worse and worse over time. She was also terrified of clowns growing up. One day she went into her family's basement which her father told her to never do. She looked around and found a mask that resembled a clown face. She hid the mask in the basement in a secret spot that she would go to when her father would come home drunk. She coped with her fear of clowns and her issues at school as she grew up by befriending the mask that she hid in the basement. Whenever her father would come home drunk or angry she would hide with the mask and would speak to the mask to take her mind off the yelling she would hear upstairs from her father. She was quickly able to get over her fear of clowns because of the mask, and slowly over time it actually became a comfort for her to have the mask. It would bring her peace and it would make her feel protected from her fears. Over time she would start to talk more and more to the mask. By the time she was a teenager in high school, she would even start having full-on conversations with the mask. As if it was speaking back to her. She also had a collection of dolls that she was obsessed with growing up. She would enjoy tearing them apart piece by piece. Doing so would make her feel like she was in control for once. It gave her the feeling of being on top instead of being the one abused. She had one doll that she had taken a liking too, It was a doll with puppet strings attached to it. This doll was her favorite and she would never take it apart or destroy it in any way. One night her father came home from a night of drinking and when he went inside he saw Lily playing with her puppet doll in the living room, he was very angry and quickly began to scream at her. He would end up taking her favorite doll from her and saying that she needed to grow up and make some friends. He would then smack her before taking the doll with him as he stormed off to his room. Lily broke down from this, causing her to cry and start to panic. She would start talking to the mask in order to calm herself down and to figure out what to do. The mask would tell her horrible things, stuff to do to make her father be out of her life. Explaining how much happier she would be without him in the picture. Telling her that she should burn down the house with her family inside. To ease her pain so she wouldn't have to suffer at their hand anymore. Lily would smile in joy at the thought of not having to deal with the abuse from her family anymore and would agree with the mask’s advice. Little did Lily know that her mother was listening to her conversation she was having with the mask from around the corner. Her mother would panic and immediately would go upstairs to tell her father about what she heard. The next morning Lily would wake up earlier than usual and on her way to head downstairs she would overhear a discussion between her parents. She would hear her mother asking her father what they should do with her. That she is insane and that she is a lost cause. She would listen as tears ran down her face. She would hear her father say with a stern tone that she should be admitted to the nearest mental hospital so they don't have to deal with their burden of a daughter anymore. This cause Lily to start crying and she would run upstairs to her room before crying to the mask and panicking at the thought of being locked away with doctors. Lily knew she only had one option, she had to leave and get as far away as possible from her parents. At the time she was 17 when she first ran away from home. She ended up crossing the border into Russia and hiding there for a few months. Making sure to lay low as she knew her family would try to find her. She would slowly adapt to her life in Russia. For the next 6 years in Russia she would have to steal for her food and things she needed to survive. This would cause her to get into a lot of trouble with the Russian authorities. She would continue to be on the run and ended up finding a nice isolated cabin in Russia close to the border of Chernarus. The cabin was already occupied by a family that lived there. But the mask told her what she had to do.. She had to take care of the family in order for her to survive. She needed the cabin for shelter. The mask told her what she needed to do. So in the middle of the night, she would sneak into the cabin and grab a knife from the kitchen. She would kill and mutilate the family inside of the cabin. Listening to every detail the mask told her to do. She left the bodies in the cabin as she stayed there and lived off their supplies. Eventually, the people that lived in the cabin would be reported missing and this caused the Russian authorities to check out the cabin in order to make sure they were okay. They were horrified as they entered the cabin and saw the corpses of the entire family mutilated and strung up like puppets. They would see Lily sitting in the cabin with the mask while having a discussion with it. They quickly would apprehend her and take her into custody. Lily had no form of identification so they had no way of telling where she was from. However, after a medical examination, she would be deemed unfit for a prison system and would be recommended to a mental asylum in northern Chernarus until they could find out where she came from. Once she was examined she was ready for transport. It was a long cold ride in the back of a van over the Chernarussian border. At the border, the driver was informed by soldiers to be careful because victims of the Frenzy Flu were around and they were having really bad symptoms. They continued on their way only to be stopped halfway through their trip by a group of people infected with the frenzy flu. They would swarm at the vehicle. Some begging for help and some too far gone to even speak. This would cause a lot of commotion and end up breaking into the van. In all the commotion Lily managed to get out of the back of the van and run into the woods. Sprinting until she couldn't go anymore before resting upon a tree in the cold. It was just her and her mask..
  6. Chapter 1 - All I could ever dream of Emma grew up in Helsinki with her parents, Astrid Jordan and Aslak Morottaja. Emma was a very joyful and lively child with creative imagination, and therefore picked up drawing as a hobby at a very young age and continued to do so as she grew up. Her parents encouraged her creative side and her mom often took her to different art classes but also encouraged her more educational side and always made sure she had her head deep within the books. She was always fascinated by her father’s work and willingness to help others, so at a very young age, she started chasing her dreams to make a difference in the world. Her love and fascination for animals lead her to start a path to become a veterinarian at the age of 15. She was determined and wanted to make her parents proud which causes her to not really have that much time for friends and other activities, except drawing. Years went by and she stayed just as determined with her head buried in books but shortly after she turned 20, her parents wanted to go on a vacation to Chernarus and after a few arguments she decided to join despite she still being in school at the time. Chapter 2 - Dreams shattering Years went by and she stayed just as determined with her head buried in books but shortly after she turned 20, her parents wanted to go on a vacation to Chernarus and after a few arguments she decided to join despite she still being in school at the time. She knew they were going on a vacation and the goal was to relax and explore but she still brought some of her books from school alongside her sketchbook and pencils. The few weeks they were in Chernarus she used every chance she got to study and every once in awhile drew things that inspired her. They were about to go back to Finnland but they got denied access when they came to the airport. They were stranded in a foreign country, no way of leaving anytime soon.
  7. Interesting RP today to say the least! @Tysdal, @BlueBullet very interesting to meet both of you! Great RP! RIP Hunda though.. Very very sad moments.. But everybody gotta eat right? ? Sorry, not sorry! @Comrade Icy Thank you for joining me scaring people away! It was fun but you need to get better at chasing after people.. Tsk tsk.. Having me do all the hard work! Great RP though!
  8. Happy Norwegian independence day for all my fellow Norwegains!

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