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  1. Burning ice, biting flame; that is how life began.. That’s how life began in Asatru beliefs at least but that’s far from how my life began. I grew up on a small farm in Norway with my family. Since I was a little girl I have always been told about the old gods and goddesses. When the lighting spread across the sky, I was always told it was Thor striking his anvil with Mjolnir. Whenever we were planting new seeds, we prayed and sacrificed to Freya for a good harvest to come. I had two brothers who were older than me, and I think that is the reason why I always was such a quick learner because I
  2. Its such a beautiful world, dont you think? Everything is so fragile but still so strong.. Everything breaks but why? Thats why I came here to Chernarus. I wanted to see everything that’s broken and I couldn’t be happier because now I cant leave nor be forced out.. I had a very troubled childhood because nobody understands me.. Maybe Im just different? Who knows? One day I saw a flyer about Chernarus and I knew this was the place I wanted to go so I did. I packed my bags and ran from my family and friends.. I broke out.. But now Im finally free! I can finally be happy! Here in Chernarus..
  3. Nadia's POV: I logged in, heard the people talking outside so I went out and see two of the police officers have two people cuffed and shortly after a man comes running up and sprays down the two officers and runs away. Its not really much since I had just logged in and had no idea of what was going on.
  4. Thats actually my footage and I had just logged in so there is like 20 min of me vibing. Can send full video to a staff member if needed.
  5. Where do I even start.. My name is Nadia Volkova, I grew up in Krasnodar with my mother and father. I would consider us to be a very loving family. I had everything I needed in my childhood to be successful and I’m very grateful for that. My father was a police officer whilst my mother preferred to be a housewife. I have always looked up to my dad because no matter how much he worked he always prioritized his family over anything and used all his free time on me and my mother. Sometimes I miss him… As a teenager, I went to quite a lot of parties alongside my friends. It was kinda a norm
  6. Lily was born on January 21st, 1997. She grew up in Kirkenes, Norway with her mother and father. Growing up Lily had a rough childhood, she grew up with a physically and mentally abusive father and a mother that would ignore her father's abusive actions. Growing up she would always get into fights and get into trouble at school. The schools would inform her parents of what she did and what they thought was going on. However, instead of trying to help their daughter, they would neglect what the school said and ignore any advice that was given to them. Because of her problems, she was always jud
  7. Chapter 1 - All I could ever dream of Emma grew up in Helsinki with her parents, Astrid Jordan and Aslak Morottaja. Emma was a very joyful and lively child with creative imagination, and therefore picked up drawing as a hobby at a very young age and continued to do so as she grew up. Her parents encouraged her creative side and her mom often took her to different art classes but also encouraged her more educational side and always made sure she had her head deep within the books. She was always fascinated by her father’s work and willingness to help others, so at a very young
  8. Interesting RP today to say the least! @Tysdal, @BlueBullet very interesting to meet both of you! Great RP! RIP Hunda though.. Very very sad moments.. But everybody gotta eat right? ? Sorry, not sorry! @Comrade Icy Thank you for joining me scaring people away! It was fun but you need to get better at chasing after people.. Tsk tsk.. Having me do all the hard work! Great RP though!
  9. Happy Norwegian independence day for all my fellow Norwegains!

     Advanced issue found

    Also another day to celebrate we are better than Sweden and Danmark! But I guess we still have our common grounds which makes us better than the rest, am I right..? 





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      I prefer denmark, ain't that right @Duke?

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      Damn right

  10. When the hecko did you resurface ?

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  11. Oh mighty dayz gods, please give us a taste of the new lore!


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      Please mistah... I haven a smidgen to eat in s'ven days...

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      Nyet, no lore for you

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      What sacrifice has to be done..? I will do it! 

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      Not even @Inferno knows ?

  12. 1255418391_AngryCatto2.png.02aacc5ce9790b9c79850c5bc74668f3.png

    What fuck?

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      It bed time now.

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  13. Liar liar pants on fire.. You haven't spoken to me about it, bish..
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