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  1. Chapter 1 - All I could ever dream of Emma grew up in Helsinki with her parents, Astrid Jordan and Aslak Morottaja. Emma was a very joyful and lively child with creative imagination, and therefore picked up drawing as a hobby at a very young age and continued to do so as she grew up. Her parents encouraged her creative side and her mom often took her to different art classes but also encouraged her more educational side and always made sure she had her head deep within the books. She was always fascinated by her father’s work and willingness to help others, so at a very young age, she started chasing her dreams to make a difference in the world. Her love and fascination for animals lead her to start a path to become a veterinarian at the age of 15. She was determined and wanted to make her parents proud which causes her to not really have that much time for friends and other activities, except drawing. Years went by and she stayed just as determined with her head buried in books but shortly after she turned 20, her parents wanted to go on a vacation to Chernarus and after a few arguments she decided to join despite she still being in school at the time. Chapter 2 - Dreams shattering Years went by and she stayed just as determined with her head buried in books but shortly after she turned 20, her parents wanted to go on a vacation to Chernarus and after a few arguments she decided to join despite she still being in school at the time. She knew they were going on a vacation and the goal was to relax and explore but she still brought some of her books from school alongside her sketchbook and pencils. The few weeks they were in Chernarus she used every chance she got to study and every once in awhile drew things that inspired her. They were about to go back to Finnland but they got denied access when they came to the airport. They were stranded in a foreign country, no way of leaving anytime soon.
  2. Interesting RP today to say the least! @Tysdal, @BlueBullet very interesting to meet both of you! Great RP! RIP Hunda though.. Very very sad moments.. But everybody gotta eat right? Sorry, not sorry! @Comrade Icy Thank you for joining me scaring people away! It was fun but you need to get better at chasing after people.. Tsk tsk.. Having me do all the hard work! Great RP though!
  3. Happy Norwegian independence day for all my fellow Norwegains!

     Advanced issue found

    Also another day to celebrate we are better than Sweden and Danmark! But I guess we still have our common grounds which makes us better than the rest, am I right..? 





    1. Inferno


      I prefer denmark, ain't that right @Duke😉

    2. Watchman


    3. Duke


      Damn right

  4. When the hecko did you resurface 🤔

    1. Ratatosk



  5. Oh mighty dayz gods, please give us a taste of the new lore!


    1. Hunter


      Please mistah... I haven a smidgen to eat in s'ven days...

    2. Inferno


      Nyet, no lore for you

    3. Ratatosk


      What sacrifice has to be done..? I will do it! 

    4. Hofer


      Not even @Inferno knows 😄

  6. 1255418391_AngryCatto2.png.02aacc5ce9790b9c79850c5bc74668f3.png

    What fuck?

    1. Ratatosk



    2. Hunter



    3. Hunter



      It bed time now.

    4. Ratatosk



  7. Liar liar pants on fire.. You haven't spoken to me about it, bish..
  8. *Vanessa listens closely to the radio and thinks for a moment before pressing down the PTT* "Out of curiosity, I guess..” “Im curious if somebody out there has the same hope as me. Im starting to doubt it after things I have seen.” “People killing, stealing and only thinking about themselves.” “If only we all worked together maybe my hopes and dreams would come true..” “But.. Most people seem to want to keep things as they are, sadly..” “Perhaps I’m in need of more hope. Hope in humanity.. Hope in the future..” “May I ask what your hopes and dreams are, sir?” *She releases the PTT*
  9. *Vanessa presses down the PTT* "Hope is all we have left, isn't it? What else do we have if we don't have hope?" "Hope can be plenty. Doesn't matter if its big or small. Hoping you will survive one more day, or simply just hope the world we live in one day will be somewhat what it once was." "I believe that everybody has hope about something, maybe even..." *She suddenly stops with a slight nervous stutter before speaking once again with a lower tone* "Maybe even with not that good in mind.. Be careful and take care.." *She sighs deeply before she releases the PTT*
  10. *Vanessa presses down the PTT* "If anybody would like some food then head to the pond by Kab." *She pauses for a second* "Oh! And dont forget to bring good mood and smiles. And as always, dont forget to take care of each other and take care!" *She releases the PTT*
  11. *Vanessa places down the last crate before pressing down the PTT* "There is now more food in the store in Kab." *She pauses for a moment as she takes a swig from her canteen* "Enjoy and take care people! Remember to share and take care of each other." *She releases the PTT*
  12. If plan A fails, remember you have 25 letters left!

    Unless you are an awesome Norwegian.. Then you have 28!


    1. Inferno


      Isn’t norwaygian a made up language though?

    2. Ratatosk


      Isn't every language a made up language? 


    3. Inferno


      No just the Scandinavian ones, except Swedish cause Swedish is cooooooool

    4. IsaiahCortez


      Wow. I'll Finnish you all

    5. Ducky





    6. Honeybee
  13. *Erica burst out of laughter before speaking down in her radio with a mocking tone* "I have CJ right here if you want him! I think we are at that fancy little camp we once raided with David's men.. Or.." *She pauses with a smirk on her face as she once again speaks into the radio* "Or maybe we are were we meet you last, Ermak.. Or maybe in between those places.. Have fun getting people to help you guys.." *She chuckles and releases the PTT*
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