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    I see a lot of big mouthed people and not really anybody who has big enough balls to dm somebody to fix up in things.. Interesting.. 🤔

    1. Hunter



      Would you like some sugar and cream with your morning cup of OOC hate?

      I'm already a few mugs down and tired of the shit 

  2. CocoMii

    BadRp/Third person abuse/Invalid initiations

    Liah Sharma's POV: I was running around in Stary and I meet @RavenousRP and another guy, and they asked where people are and stuff so I told people were in Gorka. They asked what kind of people and Liah told what she has heard that they were pedophile and I should stay away but Liah eventually agreed to join them. I radioed @BrianM and he picked us up in the car and we went to Gorka. As we walked up to the compound, one of the guy were instantly aiming his gun at @RavenousRP but he eventually lowered his gun and they had a long talk. @RavenousRP initiated on the compound and I put my hands up and tried to back away and then somebody shot at me while I was backing away with my hands up, so I then put my hands down and ran to the wall and took out my gun to protect myself. @RavenousRP killed one guy with a sniper and he came up again to the compound and I helped him over and he killed the rest. I dont see anything wrong what was done here and I think this is a unvalid report. You guys were told to put your hands up and didnt do it and then shot somebody with their hands up.
  3. CocoMii

    Child RP

    I mean.. I think some people should really give it a go themselves! Somebody already act like a child even though they play adult characters! I will still stand by my statement that people should send a msg to the person they have a problem with and not start shit publicly
  4. CocoMii

    De Commandant is looking for eh lova... (Open Frequency)

    *Samara presses down the PTT* "A little girl? You should be careful who you are talking to.. Being disrespectful to a lady like myself is never a good thing, boy.. Im not hiding behind a radio and I'm not afraid to prove you wrong.. Do me a favor and stay at that little island of yours. I think every female around would appreciate that since you dont seem to know how to handle one.." *She rolls her eyes and releases the PTT*
  5. CocoMii

    De Commandant is looking for eh lova... (Open Frequency)

    *Samara raises an eyebrow and presses down the PTT* "I guess this is a way of finding love..? How about just find somebody and get to know them like everybody else?" *She glances at the sun for a moment before she turns her attention back to her radio* "Its an honor to become your.. Lady..? I would maybe say its more of a honor for you if you even manage to find a lady.." *She chuckles softly before she releases the PTT*
  6. Who am I? That's a good question, isn't it? But in a time like this, does it really matter? The dead are walking around and if you ask me, we are just the same. We walk around without a goal, we are just animals. We have lost everything that ones made us different, that made us human. We kill and do everything to survive. Funny isn't it? Once we were creating amazing things in this world and we had all the power but as soon as something goes against us we lose everything. Every grip of humanity we had. We are just animals now, who survives without any real goal to make things for the better. So that's who I am, just somebody who tries to survive. But what makes me different from anybody else? I have no boundaries and if I'm gonna be honest, I enjoy how things are. The things I once cared about are gone, there is nothing left and nothing can stop me from doing what I want. My memory of my past is just a distant memory now, like a dream that never was. How I got here? Who am I? I got here by a plain, what else.. I didn't swim here or some stupid shit... My reason for coming here is something I'm gonna take to my grave.
  7. CocoMii

    Child RP

    I would only say that if somebody has a problem with a character, child or not then write directly to the person who plays the character. Maybe you will be surprised about the reasoning behind it. Usually people has a lot of depth within a character and believe it or not, it actually takes time to understand some characters. If you dont want to take the time to get to know a character and is wondering about something then send them a msg.. Ez pz! Prepared for all the incoming dm's!
  8. CocoMii

    S1: Novaya Petrovka Industrial Unreasonable Hostage Demands & Invalid Kill (roleplayed)

    Liah's POV: Me and @BrianM had been hanging out inside the wolf pack camp for a long time and like Brian said, we were being protected since we are children IC. Jaysh Allah came and had a long talk with @Phoenyxx and @Hunter, they didnt quite agree on things and Jaysh Allah went away for a while and came back and went away for a while and eventually they initiated through a megaphone so me and @BrianM put our hands up and they started telling us to get out with our hands up but since we were just there as guests i guess, we didnt have the code for the codelock so we couldnt. Time went by and a granade came through the hatch and killed me, @BrianM and @Hunter.
  9. CocoMii

    Seeking Dr. Shock and/or Leah Kovar

    *Liah's voice shakes and she sounds scared as she speaks into the radio* "N-no.. Bad.. M-mom.. Dad is with the shadows.. STAY AWAY!" *Liah sobs slightly and mumbles before she releases the PTT*
  10. CocoMii

    S1: Invalid Kill (on sight) Vyshnoye

    Lilith's POV: Me and Brian were sitting having a talk and all of the sudden a guy came in and after very little rp or warning he shot Brian as soon as he got out of the sitting animation. I put up my hands and it ended with having a long talk before eventually @Inferno453 came and he tried to make him surrender but he didnt and Inferno ended up killing him. Evidence: Starts at 02.23.00 and ends at 02.43.36
  11. More story will be added so its not complete! Liah grew up in a troubled family with her mom and dad who always were fighting and there was often very violent. It got so bad that her mom decided to take Liah with her to another country without her father's knowledge. Liah and her mother went to chernarus in hope that he will never find them there but unluckily he eventually did. It was a rainy night when her father came to where they had lived for a while and her mother reacted quickly and hid Liah so her father couldn't find her. That night her mother had suffered serious injuries and didn't make it and Liah was left there all alone. Liah stayed in the little house in the forest for a very long time alone, surviving on the food they had stored up. After quite some time her food in the house would run low and she started going around in the area to find anything she could eat. Scars/Injuries: - The Leviathan Cross carved into her left shoulder blade
  12. CocoMii

    S1 : Rule play in Mogilevka - 2019-06-29, 21:00

    Lilith's POV: First off I would like to mention that we are not at all a PVP hungry group and I think several members of this community can say that I myself avoid PVP as much as I can. Calling us "trash roleplayers" is not a way to go about things in reports. We went to Mogi and it started friendly but then some hostilities happend. @BrianM called over some "allies" and some shooting happend. I dont remember who shoot who but you can look at the twitch video that @BrianM posted. In the situation I was mostly in was the one who who was the only one left and I kept on telling him he cant claim land he doesnt own and stuff like that. I then continued asking him how he ended up here and he simply just said he woke up in the forest and decided to build a camp? I continues questioning him because it didnt make sense for my character and kept on saying he was lying. I decided after a while that I will take him a little bit away and threaten him and he decided he wanted to make a deal with me and I agreed on it so we went back with him and left Mogi.
  13. CocoMii

    Cannibal hunting ground (Open frequency)

    *Lilith smirks before she presses the PTT* "Why I did that? Let us say it's a friendly warning." *She chuckles* "Either you come or you stay away. I recommend somebody like you stay away. Dont stick your nose where it doesn't belong." *She releases the PTT*
  14. CocoMii

    Cannibal hunting ground (Open frequency)

    *Lilith brings her radio up to her face and nods at the man in front of her before she presses down the PTT* “This is a time to stand up for each other and help each other no matter what. But that's not the case, is it? We have been thrown away and chased like monsters. And for what reason? Because we have done things people see as wrong, just to survive. Everybody has done things to survive so why hunt people like animals for choosing life over death? But if its monsters you want..” *She cracks her neck and smirks* “Monsters is what you will get.. We have chosen… Let's some sort of a hunting ground. Come to Vyshnoye and let's play a little hunting game.. I know a lot of friendly cannibals who wouldn’t mind somebody coming to the feast.” *Lilith chuckles softly before she releases the PTT*
  15. CocoMii

    Help he is coming (open frequency)

    *Vanessa raises an eyebrow before bringing her radio up to her face and presses down the PTT* "I might be able to help you.. Meet up with me and we can discuss this further." *She sighs and looks around herself* "And for your father.. He should be more careful.." *Vanessa tightens the bandage, grunting in pain slightly before she releases the PTT*
  16. "So they continued asking him, he lifted up himself and said unto them: He that is without sin among you, let him first cast the stone at her" Dear dad You build yourself up so high just to tear me down.. I'm so tired of you telling me how to live and what I should not be. I guess I was never meant to be your little angel. You preach about your lord and savior and how he is always watching, well I hope he is watching and see what I have become. You can just sit up on your high throne alongside with your god, dad. You say you hurt me for my own sake and continue to justify it with what you believe in. You always said I will end up in hell for all of my sins, maybe he was right.. But who says I can't enjoy my time in this hell? There are no rules in hell, no boundaries.. You always said that God is there and you always prayed to him for guidance and help.. Kind of ironic that your god wasn’t there to save you don't you think..? My one regret is that I didn't ask you how it felt.. How it felt when I drove my knife inside of you. How did it feel knowing your little angel took the one thing you held dearest to yourself, your life.. I know how I felt, I remember it all too well. The rush, the power when you took your last breath. I already then knew that this wasn’t the last time.. I'm chasing the same rush and now.. Now nothing can stop me… On the run You are now six feet underground and people are starting to question it. I put one of the most beautiful black dresses I had and I put on an act that I was completely heartbroken that you are no longer here. I knew that this was the time to find a new place to continue my journey. A new chapter, a new beginning. I packed my bags and took the money my dad left me with. My mom knew what I had done, I could see it in her eyes. It’s funny how you can read people by just looking in their eyes. I traveled to many different places and ended up in Chernarus. Was it meant to be or was I just unlucky..? The dead are walking around and it seems like this place has become a place of sin, greed, and hate.. Everybody does whatever they please.. I can't help but wonder though, is this my hell or my paradise..? Injuries: - - Scars: - - - - - - - Religion - Rules - Politics - Relationship: None Friends: Enemies: - -
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    Well, that was it for Jessica! RIP!

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      but... the potential of maximum chaos

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    That feeling when your Internet takes a shit when you are streaming... Aaargh!!

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      Just get better????

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      Get gud nerd.

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      Yeah what buddy said 

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    @BrianM and @Voodoo is drunk on twitch! They have to drink each time somebody says something about cannibals! Come and bully them! 😄 


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      Yikes some low level gang shit happening 

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      We are not drunk, what are you talking about..


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      I was pissed, still am I need sleep


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      I do not drink alcohol, I am a good boy

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    Thank you for helping me with the stupid twitch stream issue I had! You are actually useful sometimes! Pets on the head!

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    S2: VMC BadRP

    Katarina's POV: Me and @BrianM ran around on our new characters and we went to VMC and there we meet one of the guys and spoke a few words with him before one guy peeked from the corner from one of the buildings and said: "This is a robbery. Put your hands up" so that's what we all did. He then told us to strip completely naked and ofc we refused at first but he started threatening us and telling us that he would shot us if we didn't do as he said, so once we were all undressed he told us to go into one of the containers and there we stayed till they were doing and they then told us to count to 45 or something and they ran for the hills.
  22. CocoMii

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @BrianM @Voodoo @Inferno453 @Firemoiselle We doing it, peepz! Thank you everybody for the great rp today! It was so much fun! You know who you are..
  23. Two thousand, one hundred and ninety-one days.. Or is it more now..? I have lost count for a long time ago but I think that's pretty close. That's how long I have been in this place, with the same people that took me so long ago from my parents. My memory is scattered but I remember the day me and my parents went to Russia on vacation... I remember the journal I got in my fourteen's birthday and that now I can write down everything on my mind and everything I experience, but I was never really good at that.. Not until now at least. Now I'm writing to remember everything and never forget who I am, or maybe I have already forgotten who I am..? Who knows.. Anyways, back on topic! I was fourteen when we went to Russia on a vacation. I was really looking forward to it and all the new things I was gonna see.. Little did I know that it would change my life completely. We were going home one night and I ran a little bit away from my parents as I usually did.. That's when they found me.. I didn't know who they were or what they wanted. I just remember them taking me into a car and drove off. I try to forget that night but the fear I felt was too strong. I wanted to go back to my parents, but they wouldn't let me.. I never saw them again. I quickly realized this was my new life, they made that really clear for me.. They drove for hours with me in the backseat before we eventually stopped and they dragged me out of the car and into a building, down into the basement... I didn't know where I was, it was too dark to see anything. I only knew that we were far away from everything because I could hear it as we drove off-road for a very long time. I don't remember much details anymore, all I remember is the fear and the pain I went through. After a very long time, I was sure I was about to go crazy but that was before I realized the masked people were only there to keep me company and help me. I thought it was really strange that the people who took me here never seemed to see the masked people, like ever.. Maybe the masked people were hiding from them? The people who took me weren't that bad when I think about it. As I grew older I started somewhat caring about them and that's why it was such a shame that they just disappeared one day. The day they disappeared I actually managed to get out of the house on my own. The feeling was quite freeing actually. I could finally breathe in the fresh air, all by myself. I traveled for a long time before I actually reached a small town. There was not really any people around. But very quickly I realized something was wrong, some sick people were walking around.. Once they laid their eyes on me they ran towards me and growled at me and that's when I realized the masked people were right all along. This world is not real, at least not what we thought was real.. This is a new world, a world I can do whatever I want and nobody can stop me.. Let the fun begin... Injuries: - - Scars: - - - Playful - Manipulative - Honest - Loyal - Impulsive - Surprises - Singing/humming - - Politics - Rules - Religion - Relationship: None Friends: Enemies: - A journal -
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