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  1. “I used to only survive before but it seems like the roles have finally changed. I can finally live while others are surviving. Now I feel freer than ever and my head has never been this clear. It feels like I can finally breathe again after so many years locked within myself.” Tia didn’t really work because of her condition and her entire life was in one way struggling. She came to Chernarus since she tried to run away from her previous life but unluckily for her, she is now here with the dead walking around and lack of morals and laws. She can finally be free to do whatever she wants without anybody trying to prevent her from being herself.
  2. CocoMii


    If plan A fails, remember you have 25 letters left!

    Unless you are an awesome Norwegian.. Then you have 28!


    1. Inferno


      Isn’t norwaygian a made up language though?

    2. CocoMii


      Isn't every language a made up language? 


    3. Inferno


      No just the Scandinavian ones, except Swedish cause Swedish is cooooooool

    4. Isaiah Rinkasonn

      Isaiah Rinkasonn

      Wow. I'll Finnish you all

    5. Ducky





    6. Honeybee


      jaevla norsk

  3. Who am I? That's a good question, isn't it? But in a time like this, does it really matter? The dead are walking around and if you ask me, we are just the same. We walk around without a goal, we are just animals. We have lost everything that ones made us different, that made us human. We kill and do everything to survive. Funny isn't it? Once we were creating amazing things in this world and we had all the power but as soon as something goes against us we lose everything. Every grip of humanity we had. We are just animals now, who survives without any real goal to make things for the better. So that's who I am, just somebody who tries to survive. But what makes me different from anybody else? I have no boundaries and if I'm gonna be honest, I enjoy how things are. The things I once cared about are gone, there is nothing left. My memory of my past is just a distant memory now, like a dream that never was. How I got here? Who am I? I got here by a plain, what else.. I didn't swim here or some stupid shit... My reason for coming here is something I'm gonna take to my grave.
  4. SoonTM Injuries: - - Scars: - - Cheerful - In her own little world - Naive - Peaceful Likes: - Nature - Animals - Drawing - Dislikes: - Weapons - Animal cruelty - Littering - Close friends: - Friends: - Enemies: - - -
  5. CocoMii

    David Mack [Open Broadcast]

    *Erica burst out of laughter before speaking down in her radio with a mocking tone* "I have CJ right here if you want him! I think we are at that fancy little camp we once raided with David's men.. Or.." *She pauses with a smirk on her face as she once again speaks into the radio* "Or maybe we are were we meet you last, Ermak.. Or maybe in between those places.. Have fun getting people to help you guys.." *She chuckles and releases the PTT*
  6. CocoMii


    @King 2019: "Of course I know what a coyote look like! I have seen Lion King!" 


    1. Phoenix




      Just a joke don't cream yourself 🙂 


    2. Hunter


      @Phoenix fuckin lmao

  7. Here we go! About time, CJ! Took you long enough! Jk.. Dont hate me..
  • coolman23

    • coolman23
    • CocoMii

    I actually love this profile song

  • CocoMii

    • CocoMii
    • Ducky

    Only because of your name.. You need this

    1. Ducky


      Thanks, I hate it.


      Please send me more.

    2. CocoMii


      Hahaha good! ❤️

  • CocoMii

    Warren Lowe

    *Erica raises an eyebrow as she listens in to the radio and glances over at CJ before she presses down the PTT* “So.. Who captured you and made you say this..?” *She shakes her head and sighs* “Get your ass to our location.. You know where we are..” *She releases the PTT*
  • CocoMii

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Thanks to everybody for the amazing roleplay today! I have had so much fun! And a special thank you and sorry to @LilGrug for being so unlucky and meeting my character when she completely lost it! You were awesome!
  • CocoMii

    Who's watching who?

  • CocoMii

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Very interesting day with RP! Was suppose to sleep for hours ago but what can you do when people come and have a "friendly" talk It was fun though! Really enjoyed! @bghost96 You better learn how to keep your mouth shut! @King Not everything is about all the shiny shiny! @C-J Always leaving before the grand finale! Also thanks to the Runners as always! And cant forget Legion and OREL! (P.S sorry for all the shit talk OREL.. We are nice people, I swear.. )
  • Alkis

    • Alkis
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    ~Has been promoted to Twink Paladin. Congratulations.~


    - Signed. -

    The Twink King

    1. CocoMii


      Promoted? Im the elf queen! I cant be a elf paladin! 👀ieLtFSi.gif.1d0b1d89da77406cfcd7cc2daf0e1293.gif

    2. CocoMii


      Wtf happen to that reply.. Oh well.. 🤷‍♀️

    3. Alkis


      That's why you are a Paladin of the Twink Kingdom and the elf queen. Just more titles to add


    4. Azu


      what the fuck

  • CocoMii

    The Runners [Selective Recruitment]

    Looks good! Good rp'ers within this group. Keep it up and good luck!
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