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  1. Nothing beats some alone time in the forest in a tent! Skål! 😃

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    Anybody interested in norse mythology? And maybe would want to try out something in RP? If so, contact me! 👀

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      I wanna roleplay as Níðhöggr just to see how many times I can offend someone by mispronouncing it

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      Fuck both of you tbh.. 🤣 I want serious answers you weirdoos!

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  • The earth was made from Ymir's flesh and the oceans from his blood. The gods made the Hills out of his bones, and the trees from his hair, and the sky dome is his skull. They used his eyebrows to build the mountain wall, Midgaard, as a safeguard for men; and out of his brain they shaped the welling dark clouds.. That’s was the start of the earth but not how my life came to be. My life started peacefully in a beautiful place I called home for a long time. That's not the case anymore. This is my home now, this place filled with the dead walking around. I have often asked myself; “Is this Ragnarok?” I’m well aware that's not the case, at least not yet.. Not till Heimdall blows in his horn.. I grew up in Norway with both of my parents. They strongly believed in the old gods. So strongly that every story I have heard had something to do with the old gods. Everyday was filled with that. My mother, Astrid was something they call a völva. I always looked up to my mother and maybe one day become like her. Little did I know that it was mostly a curse than anything. I know that now because as I grew older I started showing signs of the same “talents” my mother had. So now I'm wandering around in this place I call home, waiting.. I don't know what I’m waiting for, maybe for the sound of Heimdall’s horn? I’m letting myself live between the realms, between life and death, waiting. But I’m not alone, far from it. I came here with a good friend of mine, and with the gods by my side. I don't know what the norns have planned for me, all I know is that I’m here for a reason. Maybe the gods have a plan for me? Or do they have a plan for my friend and just need me to stay by his side and guide him? It was summer, the warmest summer in a long time. The crops were growing fast this summer and the animals were dancing around of happiness. The planning for the yearly festival were long done, now all we had to do was wait. Funny isn't it? All the waiting we have to do in life. Seems to be so much time wasted but we never change. The first people who came to the festival were people we have seen plenty of times before. But there were someone missing this year, Harald. He usually went here every year but not this year. Nobody could ever beat Harald in a drinking game, that's what I always noticed each year about him. People said he was fearless, maybe they were right.. I remember my dad greeting them with mead, they were always so happy. I wasn't a big fan of the festivals. Most of the people would stay away from me.. My mother used to tell me that it was because I was a völva, and they usually feared and admired people like me and my mother. But after everybody arrived, somebody new came.. Somebody I have never laid my eyes on before. His name was Bjorn, a man with long dark blond hair and wide shoulders. I stayed away from most of the people like always, and surprisingly enough, Bjorn came over to me and talked with me.. I remember all the thoughts that went through my head that exact moment; “Why? Why aren't you scared of me like everybody else? Could you be Rig?”. I was both scared and intrigued but mostly filled with curiosity. I quickly found out that he was quite new into all this and maybe that's why he dared to go up to me like that? Everybody knew that a völva holds a great mystical power compared to others, and mostly people stayed away just because of that. But they also knew that if they ever needed help, it's a völva they would go to, even Odin the all father once did that.. I talked with Bjorn for a long time that day, even throughout the night. I would even say we got a little bit close, but not too close.. I knew what danger that could bring if that happen, so I always kept some distance and I still do. One day everything changed, I got a vision. There was a country in my vision, and with the vision came a horrible feeling. I decided to tell Bjorn about this and I have never seen anybody more intrigued by curiosity than he was that day. We talked about it for hours and he wanted us to go. It didn't matter what I said, he wanted to go no matter what. Eventually I agreed on it. Maybe he didn't quite believe in my vision and wanted to see it for himself? Not many days after we went to Chernarus and exactly eight days from my vision, I started feeling something else. I decided to call Harald and tell him about my vision and the horrible feeling I had, now that I think about it, that was both the stupidest and smartest thing I could had ever done.. I remember standing on a cliff side over a city with Bjorn and we watched as all the chaos broke loose. I remember looking over at Bjorn, I don’t think I can ever forget the look on his face. We stood there watching for what felt like hours, before I eventually turned towards the forest and went into the dark forest with Bjorn by my side. I could tell by the silence that he was questioning a lot at the time, I know he wanted to ask me a lot of questions but he never did. I knew by then that this is where the gods wanted us to be. But for what reason? I don’t know, I know better than to question the will of the gods. Maybe.. Hopefully I will know the reason soon enough. It doesn't matter anyways, the length of my life and the day of my death were fated long ago.. Injuries: - Scars: - - Loving - Caring - Calm - Optimistic - Closed - Nature - Animals - Children - Helping people - The color blue - Animal abuse - Politics - Disrespectful people - Drugs - Guns - A walking stick with feathers and carvings - Herbs - Mortar and pestle - Tiny glass bottles with elixirs - A talisman necklace (Stone with carvings) - Armring
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    James Blacks Story

    Sorry, not sorry?
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    Cocomii's bad attempts

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    Cocomii's bad attempts

    Uugh.. I need to try and make something that is not so edgy.. I really do..
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    Wow the amount of guns!

    I will come for you next ingame.. Dont test me !
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    Wow the amount of guns!

    Woow! Rude!
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    Potius Cras

    I just wish your men actually roleplayed with me and not wait several minutes before they actually said a few words once in a while. My character was the nicest to your men. I hope it will be better next time! Try stay IC more about things and not OOC comms because it makes things more interesting for everybody!
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    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    6/10 simple and fits the name!
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    Guess who the next person to post below you will be.

    Wrong! BrianM
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    Sorry (Open Frequancy)

    *Emma laughs to herself before she presses down the PTT* "What are you doing, doctor? You can't hurt innocent people like this.." *She chuckles softly to herself* "If the mean doctor is hurting you then you can always come to me and play games. I will keep you safe.. Forever.." *Emma smirks as she releases the PTT*
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    The Asylum [Open Recruitment]

    Like I said on discord, the name puppet comes from IC reasons and no I wont tell you the reason. You have to find out IC. I wont throw away hours of rp just to stop using something like so little like a word. Give us an IC reason. Confront us IC. Thank you for your feedback.
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    Oh Hey, I'm awake!

    Welcome! See ya ingame!
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