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  1. Johnny_Pherell

    Encampment [Open Frequency]

    *Johnny picks up the radio and hits the PTT* "sigh" After a long journey to Zelenogorsk, I have finally arrived. Let me know when and where exactly you need me. As for my brother we got separated on the way here, but im sure he'll be fine us soldiers dont tend to die easy. Anyways, i'm here and ready to rumble! Johnny out! *Johnny sets down his radio and continues to organize his bag as he waits for a response*
  2. Johnny_Pherell

    Encampment [Open Frequency]

    *Johnny after a welcoming reuinion with his brother presses the PTT* Very well me and my brother will head that way, looking forward to meeting everyone and help taking a step in the right direction. +Lets go of the PTT and starts talking to his brother again*
  3. Johnny_Pherell

    Encampment [Open Frequency]

    *Johnny hearing this as he searches for his brother makes a decision and presses the PTT* I'm always willing to help make this storm a little bit easier to weather for some other people. And im sure my brother feels the same way, we got separated but im sure after hearing this we will meet again and make things better for those who wish it! Give me the details and ill make my way to where i need to be! *Takes his hand of the PTT and sighs a little bit and whispers to himself, I may very well see my brother again*
  4. @Species Yes if you dont mid grabbing that IP, it would be greatly appreciated
  5. Im not sure if the servers are down or if its something wrong on my end? the website doesnt even show the servers on the homepage and I cant find them in the actual Dayz Client. I have checked the forums for maybe an update from the upper's but nothing! so i figured i might ask here. Thanks. ~Johnny