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  1. Are you kidding me... I spent over 40 minutes writing a back story and doing the questions needed to join whitelist, read the rules multiple times, and get rejected because of something so little... I forgot to mention the distance in which it was from chenarus, and also mistakenly said Russia and chenarus is the same thing... come on... and also got declined because I apparently didn't include why I came to chenarus. which I did. like damn... you guys make it pretty difficult to join a community... I understand if there was no effort in the process of joining the whitelist, but for someone like me to actually write an indepth bio, as well as reading all rules, top to bottom, which resulted in me passing the first time, when I submitted my form. its horrid.... you could've easily passed me, and then mentioned to re edit that thing. rather than decline me because you didn't read everything I put, or misunderstood on certain things. its disappointing. I really wanted to join this community, and for me to be declined for such reasons is a joke...