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  1. Its likely I will follow suit soon thanks for the mention though the years have been fun both with and against you. The ISOA vs The 501st is one of my fondest memories of this place but thats over now (maybe were just too old). Either way you have me on steam you can hit me up if you ever want to play BF1 or anything like that see ya around.
  2. Yes @Andrey offending someone is a rulebreak /Thread This is both 2017 and DayZRP the world is becoming more SJW everyday and so is this place. Should it be a rulebreak? not really but thats the world we live in now Suck it up/move on whatever you have to do because in the end you know full well that no amount of arguing or discussing the topic will change it because it falls on deaf ears. All you are going to achieve is drama, more points and a unnecessary headache for yourself. I know im probably the last person you expect to hear this from but honestly this place cant be saved anymore why fucking bother.
  3. Yeah I must say its pretty expensive for an EA game the servers cost less than the game funnily enough.
  4. So obviously this game is pretty hype right now and I reckon obviously a fair few of the people here play it. Me and a couple of guys bought our own server and we dont mind if people from this community wish to play on it because obviously playing on official or some random private hive isnt always amazing. I wont advertise it here because ya know its kinda against the rules. But if anyone wants to play hit me up with a poke or a PM and il give you the details. we dont really have any rules on it its just a light RP fuck about.
  5. I dont really know you at all and i don't normally pay any attention to this section of the forums normally. All I can is respect to you for being able to write all that down. I know full well that its not easy dealing with issues like those you mentioned and it takes a lot of courage to admit such things out loud especially to random people on the internet. Safe journeys to you out there Brother.
  6. Depends how high or how low you put them on the premium list really.
  7. Premium features = Money Pretty simple really I mean look at the amount of people that paid for bigger avatars
  8. That sounds a lot better than what we have now and im also glad that the soon to be Unjustified kills have variants to them (firefight, prior RP etc.) rather than just giving a standard punishment for unjustified kill as a whole. Speaking of rule changes I have asked this before and not got a real answer other than "make a suggestion thread" which obviously doesnt go down to well but If I were to rewrite the rules so they are simple and easier to read as well as making some minor adjustments would you allow me to forward them to you for discussion because to be honest some of them really do need a rewrite. Also can we bring back example of how these rules come into play in an actual situation like we used to have? They were extremely helpful for newcomers.
  9. Nope not over a report. For his lack of knowledge on a simple rule keep in mind this is one of the people that ENFORCES these rules and BANS people who do not follow them. So yeah people could potentially be banned for this guy not knowing his shit and that is a very big problem. The fact that he is in such a position in the first place with such a lack of knowledge is astonishing.
  10. Oh my.... thats it just Oh my..... WHO TEACHES THESE GMs???? this is such a basic and simple rule and you still fail to understand it. I dont know how a GM can show this much lack of knowledge, clear incompetence and inactivity and still be in staff. And people wonder why respect for the staff team has fallen so greatly this is ridiculous honestly. You get put in a role to do it and clearly you cant.
  11. Thats a fair point I hadnt considered that. I will admit I wouldn't give a shit either If I was immune to warning points.
  12. Evidently not if you're giving out information like that but like many things they probably don't apply for yourself right?
  13. Thats all it takes for an aggravated verdict these days? "sorry I panicked and killed him" what a disgusting crime better give him extra points for his heinous act. Honestly what the hell is wrong with you guys? He initiated and fucked up that is it cut and dry RDM where has all this bollocks about "oh didnt RP/bare minimum" bullshit come into play they never got to the RP part yet because of his mistake..... Now this is gonna come across as rude but whatever I don't care but who taught you guys how to GM/Admin? Half of the recent staff iv spoken to misquote rules as well as their verdicts and applying rules to reports changes every day this is actually ridiculous the level of incompetence is through the roof. Hopefully the return of @Dax and @Caesar can knock some sense into you guys because this is ridiculous honestly.
  14. My thoughts exactly I was under the impression that aggravated verdicts were for people who broke so many rules or broke a rule so badly that a standard punishment wasnt enough am I wrong? what was so aggravated about this? it was a standard RDM which he admitted to and its aggravated? I don't understand this staff team anymore. The servers are getting lower everyday and its stuff like that push many newcomers away.
  15. Valkerion


    Thats the line you're going with? You might want to rethink that makes you sound like some very famous dictator.
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