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  1. Hey, how are you? My name is Aki. I'm a 24 years old (close to 25) young man. It's gonna be my first experience role-playing in english (but I started 6 or 7 years ago) , a language and community huge different from mine (I'm from Spain). I'm excited to role-play with other types of mindsets. See you in the field .
  2. much less resembled the stories that the elders of the area told me. In Nyheim, a school was formed so that young people would have something to do, learn basic notions, try to have a normal life. Do you know the story of the boy with no interest in anything, sitting at the back desk who spends hours, months and years looking at the wall? That boy who when he returns home sits on the bed to read, who doesn’t go out to play, who isolates himself in a cluster of letters and stories released at a stroke on a handful of sheets. That's me. So null was my ambition, that I approved of scraping, total
  3. Thats enought for me. Thanks, I'm going to try and enjoy the experience Have a good day, @Realize
  4. Hi @Realize, Ty for ur words! Yes, I understand and agree, but I would like to know if my English have to be as good as if it were my native language (I would try my best). I don't want to annoy the role-play experience of other players.
  5. Hello everybody, I'm here because I have a question about which language I have to speak IG. I've read all the posts (maybe), but haven't found anything on this. I'm from Spain and roleplaying for years, but I want to try another experience to improve my English. The fact is, English is not my main language, so sometimes, maybe, I wouldn't know how to explain me. Obv, I'm not bad as fuck, but the question is: can I rol even when my english isn't the best or It must be perfect? Ty!
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