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  1. Listening Sabaton with 1.25 speed is indeed weird but somehow good experience. 

  2. 20170809151128_1.thumb.jpg.4dd9ace0d36e412bc5465f3ad340459e.jpg

    1. Gustavsmith



    2. artyom_


      Dayz is turning into S.T.A.L.K.E.R  : O

  3. Ancient Chinese status update

  4. Airsofting

    I bet you dont have BMP-1 in your events : )
  5. DayZRP Community Memes

  6. DayZRP Community Memes

  7. UN/WHO - Media Thread

    UN testing new anti gravitation technology developed by WHO -Chapaevsk 2017 (recolorized)- NEAF NEAF NEAF Stalking @Razareth from wc
  8. Severe FPS issues around Myshkino tents

    When i went there today I was stuck in 3fps for 5 mins. I then restarted the game and i got solid 13fps and got out. Edit: I also had the same graphic glitch as @Mikhail Federov
  9. VDV Quarantine zone?

    First I thought that this should not be allowed but then I started thinking all the new RP paths that this opens. 1. People can start being real s.t.a.l.k.e.r.s when there is constant fear of getting caught. People sneak into Chernobyl all the time so whats the problem sneaking into 10km x 10km area with max 20 guards? 2. Brings elektro-cherno-balota-kamenka chain back to being high traffic areas. 3. Revolt/guerilla/resistance groups will be established 4. more and more....
  10. Hmmm, to me its kinda problem because it pauses the RP for some seconds wich could lead to death. Guess I'll chance my freelook from alt to somewhere else. I consider this question to be answered.
  11. Nah, Im not clicking them both by accident. But I do have freelook in left alt so could that have something to do with it?
  12. So , as tittle says, when I press enter the games sometimes goes to windowed mode. It doesn't happen everytime when i press enter tho. This is rather annoying when doing text RP because when it occurs I need to go to video settings and chance it back to fullscreen from there. Any idea why does this happen and how to fix?
  13. Real life picture Thread

    Being passenger in BMP is like being on old rollercoaster without seeing anything Had to blur out faces because we had weird look
  14. Lmao s2 is full and s1 has low pop



    1. GreekGodx


      usually is like that around this time.

      S2 is a US server, which leads for better ping and stability for us NA lads

    2. Chewy


      Could also be due to the fact that S1 -has- been having some technical issues as of recent. But what do I know, that might be fixed by now