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  1. Farmer-BorisRP

    • Farmer-BorisRP


    1. Artyom

      hello pls help take Idlib thankk 

    2. Farmer-BorisRP



      Il help

  2. Artyom

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    8/10 pretty solid
  3. Artyom


    VDV kit almost ready Kitlist:
  4. Want to play Arma 2 Dayz mod but you have no idea how it is installed? You have all of the needed installed but still getting errors when trying to join server? Here is guide how to properly setup Arma 2 Dayz mod. First of all download all of these from steam: -Arma 2 -Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead -Dayz mod (from steam too) Do not skip any of these parts. 1) Start up Arma 2. 2) When you get to the main menu, close the game. 3) When Arma 2 has closed, start up Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead. 4) Same thing, when you see the menu close the game. 5) Now start up Arma 2 Dayz mod. 6) Play! Why is this guide important or needed? Well, many people download all of the needed files but just start up Dayz mod first and never the others which will lead to problems like "cannot connect to server" or "DLC missing". Starting the games somehow configures the DLC files and such. Starting up and closing them is needed only on the first time after installing! So just start up Dayz mod every time you want to play it. You cannot play Dayz mod trough Operation Arrowhead launcher! Only trough Dayz mod launcher! If questions, ask them below.
  5. I'm back.


    Not for Standalone tho ))))



    1. Crim



    2. Artyom

      *plays for 2 days and quits again*

  6. Wish granted but everyone is wearing black clothes, black alice packs and carrying kitted m4 and Svd with them I wish Dayz would get modding in this moment.
  7. Wish granted but the only thing you can ever draw/paint is perfect Finnish flag I wish I had more money to spend on my stupid hobbies.
  8. Artyom

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    8/10 I dig the background
  9. Crim

    • Crim

    Splinter Cell was great

    1. Artyom

      "go green" but non-vegan version

  10. Its now been year and 10 days from last Dayz patch

    1. Crim


      Yep. It really is a joke. They're just useless 

    2. DeaconRP

      Hey Artyom, we get it - you want to make fun content for people to read, and you don't pay much attention to who you hurt in the process. Rest assured though, some facts are missing:

      - we bought an entire new studio to help with DayZ development in 2014, there is over 60 fulltime people on DayZ

      - we're still hiring, but it's just freaking hard man, and at some point, "more people" is not the solution

      - we're developing our new engine alongside DayZ

      - that's why it's a bit hard to realistically predict dates and timelines (yup, you guessed it: it's probably even harder than hiring)

      - no matter what you think, we did not run away with the money, we will get DayZ out of Early Access and keep supporting the game Anyways, have fun with your channel. We'll just leave this here to provide some balance to the Universe 🙂

    3. Eagle



    4. DeaconRP

      Thats the actual response the devs gave on a youtube video lmfao. (minus the Artyom part for giggles)

    5. Eagle



    6. Crim


      Lol @DeaconRP you're drunk go home 

    7. OskuRP


      @DeaconRP making me think for a second that he is some undercover Bohemia Interactive spy on dayzrp... 

  11. Insurgency is free now in steam for 48h. Get it now and you can keep it forever. 


    1. gElmo


      This appears to be true.

    2. OskuRP


      Venäläisiä sotilaita profiilissa...

      disappointed no way GIF by Fox Searchlight

    3. Artyom

      @OskuRP Itsenäisiä vapaustaistelijoita 👀

  12. Artyom

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    7/10 nice background
  13. Artyom


    It is not only discord, snapchat is down too for me and my friends atleast.
  14. dimitri

    • dimitri


    Come back 😞❤️ 

    We need our Pekka

    1. Artyom

      Im not starting up TS ever again 


      It hurts my eyes to look at it