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"Here to bring back your childhood fears"

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  1. Artyom


    Воздушно-десантные войска России
  2. Artyom

    Dayz randomly freezes

    Try this:
  3. CocoMii

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    I demand you taking this horrible pic away from this site! Thank you!


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      Don't make me get Mummipappa!

  4. Independence day.

    Glory to veterans.

    Never forget the fallen. 

    Aiheeseen liittyvä kuva

  5. 2000 Artyom was born in the battle ravaged Grozny during the Russian invasion to Chechnya. His father Shamil was fighting for the Chechen Republic during the invasion and died to Russian rocket barrage at the Shali town part. Artyoms mother hid in their houses basement with newborn Artyom during the bombings. 2014 Artyom was raised by his mother in the Argun city part. He attended school and became quite skillful using machines. Artyom got a job from local factory. The factory was producing sheet metal for construction yards. Even though Artyom was muslim, he did not have radical thoughts like some other Chechen teens had. For Artyom religion had gotten his dad killed. 2017 Infection. Grozny and the whole Chechnya was in chaos. Artyoms mother died when Russian jet crashed into their house when Artyom was at work. All of Arguns men created an "militia" force with the help of local security forces. Artyom joined to them. It did not take a long time for the "militia" to break down. Artyom was alone, again. He hid in the ruins of his old house for month before stepping out. When Artyom finally stepped into the day light, he saw what his mother had seen in 2000. The whole Grozny looked like warzone, again. Since Grozny was now nothing, he decided to start his journey to Sochi which was an large city at the coast of the Green sea. Sochi had nothing either. Dead people, more dead people. Now instead of going to Novorossiysk he headed to south Zagoria. No one, not even Artyom himself knows why he decided to travel to different country with very different people but there he was. WIP
  6. Ok this is epic


    1. Major


      lol they won't

      That's what the fuckers get for literally sailing a tugboat and two warships into Russian territorial waters. 

    2. groovy tony

      groovy tony

      i thought they were already at war what happened to that

  7. Artyom

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    9/10 pretty aesthetic
  8. Artyom

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

  9. Dayz Memory issues temporary solution Some community members have reported that the latest update has caused a lot of memory issues so here is my temporary solution for these issues. These problems will be resolved by Dayz devs at some point. The issues people have been facing are freezing and stuttering. I had this very same issue in "Escape from Tarkov" game. All memory issues were resolved for me by Koshy Johns memory cleaner app. Now you might be reading "memory cleaner" and thinking about some old program that just hogged more Ram usage than it was cleaning. This is not the case with this memory cleaner. For me (and many other Tarkov players) this program works flawlessly. How to: 1) Download the app 2) Install it 3) Open it When the app opens it should look like this: 4) Head to options Checkmark these two options 5) Done Have the program open when playing Dayz and it will do its job. You can also use this program for other things. Example my laptop only has 6gb ram and suffers when I open even one chrome tab. But when memory cleaner is on I can have up to 10 chrome tabs open.
  10. Kiwi6 does not let me upload files anymore? Anyone else having the same problem or is it in my end only?

    1. Malet


      Nah, I had the same issue. Give it a day or two. Last time they fixed it themself.

    2. Crim


      Yeah same 

    3. Artyom
  11. I maybe will seem kinda perfectionist here but here are my thoughts. Real nods do not make the high pitched noise. Too big FOV even for dual tube. Real ones also react to light way way more aggressively. Sides seem to be way too blurry too. Also, real nods really take away the depth of objects in full dark and this mod is not replicating that at all. I do like that they are not "too good" that some games make them to be but that mod needs more development to be even close to realistic. For reference here is a pic of my dog trough Gen 3 PVS-7
  12. Artyom

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    9/10 The colors are nice
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    your profiles is always top

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      yeah? ?

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