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  1. Kiwi6 does not let me upload files anymore? Anyone else having the same problem or is it in my end only?

    1. Malet


      Nah, I had the same issue. Give it a day or two. Last time they fixed it themself.

    2. Crim


      Yeah same 

    3. Artyom
  2. I maybe will seem kinda perfectionist here but here are my thoughts. Real nods do not make the high pitched noise. Too big FOV even for dual tube. Real ones also react to light way way more aggressively. Sides seem to be way too blurry too. Also, real nods really take away the depth of objects in full dark and this mod is not replicating that at all. I do like that they are not "too good" that some games make them to be but that mod needs more development to be even close to realistic. For reference here is a pic of my dog trough Gen 3 PVS-7
  3. Artyom

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    9/10 The colors are nice
  4. Farmer-BorisRP

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    your profiles is always top

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    1. Crim


      yeah? 😎

  6. Artyom

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    9/10 The .gif loops nicely
  7. Farmer-BorisRP

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    nice profile

  8. Artyom

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  9. 75% of the people leaving now will come back in like month 

    Mark my words

    1. Farmer-BorisRP


      I think your right

  10. Farmer-BorisRP

    • Farmer-BorisRP


    1. Artyom

      hello pls help take Idlib thankk 

    2. Farmer-BorisRP



      Il help

  11. Artyom

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    8/10 pretty solid
  12. Artyom


    VDV kit almost ready Kitlist:
  13. Want to play Arma 2 Dayz mod but you have no idea how it is installed? You have all of the needed installed but still getting errors when trying to join server? Here is guide how to properly setup Arma 2 Dayz mod. First of all download all of these from steam: -Arma 2 -Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead -Dayz mod (from steam too) Do not skip any of these parts. 1) Start up Arma 2. 2) When you get to the main menu, close the game. 3) When Arma 2 has closed, start up Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead. 4) Same thing, when you see the menu close the game. 5) Now start up Arma 2 Dayz mod. 6) Play! Why is this guide important or needed? Well, many people download all of the needed files but just start up Dayz mod first and never the others which will lead to problems like "cannot connect to server" or "DLC missing". Starting the games somehow configures the DLC files and such. Starting up and closing them is needed only on the first time after installing! So just start up Dayz mod every time you want to play it. You cannot play Dayz mod trough Operation Arrowhead launcher! Only trough Dayz mod launcher! If questions, ask them below.
  14. I'm back.


    Not for Standalone tho ))))



    1. Crim



    2. Artyom

      *plays for 2 days and quits again*