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  1. Hans Potterman

    Born in 23-jan-1980 in Wolfsburg Germany Hans was very young his parents were killed in a car crash and Hans was put up into foster care and never spoke much. after many years on Hans 18th birthday he is released from foster care and he joins the German army. Four year pass and Hans feels like he would like to start a life once he returned to Wolfsburg Hans was employed as a local gamekeeper his life was going in he right direction. But in late 2016 Hans was called back into the German army for re-training and was later deployed in Chernogorsk in July 2017 as part of a joint military effort to contain a virus of unknown origin, unfortunately the effort was for nothing and by the 24th the virus had spread world wide, within days it was every man for themselves some people formed fractions and groups while others had to fend for themselves with all the chaos going on Hans had decided to explore Chernarus and try and find the secret behind the virus .