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  1. Played the Stand Alone for five hours on different servers with a few friends. Is it me or is the 'normal' DayZ player just completely unaware of his/her environment? Bandits attempting to initiate contact make themselves super obvious. People attempting to be friendly have obvious friends openly circling your position, giving themselves away. Everyone sucks at shooting on normal servers (I wouldn't try a zig-zag melee rush on any bandit on our server, you'd get cut down in the open). Everyone on normal servers panic when you open a can of violence on their asses. Hopefully we can get a whitelist on DayZ RP servers soon, normal mode is too easy! (Looks like a DayZ RPer opening up in a normal server)
  2. How to properly rob someone and another in your group responding appropriately (Real Life RP). Think this was taken before the outbreak, but you notice the robbers initiate/challenge properly. Just doesn't end well for them. http://youtu.be/NlE2KonNNZ8
  3. Khan Marley and Shooter Marley - Good times, great oldies. Bandits chased us through the east coast. Met up with another bro who joined us minutes afterwards. Went a-pillaging NE Airfield. Got some good gear. Got into a confrontation with other players and I got shot in the face gloriously (I went to Valhalla so it's cool). So had a car chase, almost got robbed. Best time I've had in awhile. Don't ever be afraid to RP or go into big cities, if your backed into a corner and wanna make a stand would your character go down like a pussy? Maybe..but make some noise anyway!.
  4. Met up with Khan and Shooter, had a fucking blast, literally five minutes after making the post about not being afraid to RP. Go into the big towns! Have fun!
  5. I think that people feel like if they get robbed/RP or do any-type of cool interaction with anyone they'll lose their backpack full of corn or that kick ass canteen that they found 10 seconds before you encountered them.
  6. And having to apply one more time (This is the third time this week). Didn't run into this many problems when applying and getting accepted before I left, especially as a donor. Weird.
  7. The Pizza war cry was awesome, not watching someone get hosed! Heh. Thanks for all of the positive responses, now just waiting to get my GUID reset and I had re-apply (I guess they updated the game alot) via whitelist.
  8. Nope, just took abunch of fire. Saw a fire-team of Marines waste a guy caught in some wire though. Afterwards they yelled 'Lets go get some pizza HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT!' they all cheered. Pretty awesome.
  9. Can I get a reset for my GUID? //Gijs: You've been here for over a year. Why do you need a reset? Please PM me.
  10. Got hit by IDF (In-direct Fire) more then fight. 105 and 107 old school russian rockets are a bitch, didn't lose a limb or anything. Really glad to see all of the new updates. Going to get my mercenary type reputation up, I love RPing with everyone in this game.
  11. I was pretty active before I left on this server. I just got back, hope to see alot of new faces on the server.
  12. Pretty awesome background! The multiple languages should add some pretty good RP. Cya in-game!
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