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  1. Ex convict, i served five years in Georgia, i was a drug mule. I was on my way back to Finland when the passenger plane had to make an emergency landing to Chernarus, it went bad, we crashed near this small village called "Guglov" i was the only survivor, i made my way to the village to find some help, but there was no one there, all quiet, i was badly injured, luckily i had server in the Finnish defensive forces as a medic so i knew how to take care of myself, i spend maybe a week in that village, just scavenging all the houses and the nearby areas, one morning i woke up as usual, did my usual things then i heard some noises outside and i went to check it out, there was people, maybe hundred of them, just walking towards the village, i started to approach them since they were the first people i had seen since the crash, as i got closer i quickly noticed something strange about them, they were off somehow, gazed me like i was lunch meat, i started backing away from them and they started to run towards me, then i noticed the smell, and saw them up close, these people looked like they were dead, i quickly ran back to the village, got all the little stuff i had and left, i made my way to a place called black forest, it's good to be in the forest, i feel safer, i made a camp there, i guess this is home for now.