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"It is the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness"

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  1. I got crazy thoughts that stay on my mind
    I promise I’m fine
    I’m doing alright
    And I’m back again

  2. Just finished la casa de papel season 3 

    another great season 

  3. MrSalty

    Chernarus IRL

    that would be amazing
  4. they do still spawn or group found one yesterday and i don't mind having the small tents back
  5. Yeah i know that but insurance the gasoline road tax are so expensive here
  6. I wish i could buy cars like that here in the netherlands absolute beautiful cars you have
  7. Hi Welcome always good to see another fellow countryman
  8. *Jake presses the PTT on the radio on his backpack you can hear him laughing* This is going to be fun Just a new enemy *Release the PTT*
  9. No Its fine how it is now no need for chance
  10. i personally think it's fine like this that's why i voted no
  11. No Like said above people are not mature enough for this
  12. Had a great interaction with some of you guys at the toys camp 2 days ago
  13. So what's to problem with that if they want to switch they switch and if your group/you want to Rp with them you can switch to doesn't have to be permanently
  14. Don't think it's necessary I'm for the EU and my ping is fine and I like to play with all players not only EU players
  15. Really don't see a problem with switching if they want to follow they can so
  16. like said above It sounds like s bad idea to me
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