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"It is the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness"

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  1. MrSalty


    I got crazy thoughts that stay on my mind
    I promise I’m fine
    I’m doing alright
    And I’m back again

  2. MrSalty

    Newly Whitelisted

  3. MrSalty


    Just finished la casa de papel season 3 

    another great season 

  4. MrSalty

    Chernarus IRL

    that would be amazing
  5. MrSalty

    Sleeping Bags

    they do still spawn or group found one yesterday and i don't mind having the small tents back
  6. MrSalty


    Hi Welcome
  7. MrSalty

    BeanZ WAR

  8. MrSalty

    Cars appreciation thread

    Yeah i know that but insurance the gasoline road tax are so expensive here
  9. MrSalty

    Cars appreciation thread

    I wish i could buy cars like that here in the netherlands absolute beautiful cars you have
  10. MrSalty

    Nice to meet'cha!

    Hi Welcome always good to see another fellow countryman
  11. MrSalty

    Hello Chat

    Hi Welcome
  12. MrSalty

    About to start my DayzRP journey.

    Hi welcome
  13. MrSalty

    im new to dayz

    Hi welcome
  14. MrSalty

    Hey I'm That_Guy (New)

    Hi Welcome
  15. MrSalty

    What do you listen to ?

  16. MrSalty

    The War (Open Frequency)

    *Jake presses the PTT on the radio on his backpack you can hear him laughing* This is going to be fun Just a new enemy *Release the PTT*
  17. MrSalty

    New Official Group Rule Suggestion

    No Its fine how it is now no need for chance
  18. MrSalty

    Longer Battery Life

    i personally think it's fine like this that's why i voted no
  19. MrSalty

    I am new and saying hello.

    Hi welcome
  20. MrSalty

    Babies, yay or nay?

    No Like said above people are not mature enough for this
  21. MrSalty

    The Quarantined (Open Recruitment)

    Had a great interaction with some of you guys at the toys camp 2 days ago
  22. MrSalty

    Why is everyone going to server 2?

    So what's to problem with that if they want to switch they switch and if your group/you want to Rp with them you can switch to doesn't have to be permanently
  23. MrSalty

    S1 for US and S2 for EU

    Don't think it's necessary I'm for the EU and my ping is fine and I like to play with all players not only EU players
  24. MrSalty

    Why is everyone going to server 2?

    Really don't see a problem with switching if they want to follow they can so
  25. MrSalty

    3rd Server Set in America?

    like said above It sounds like s bad idea to me
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